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70% Stock Market Crash Imminent - CIA Insider Warns

70% Stock Market Crash Imminent - CIA Insider Warns


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Dude, that's a freaking ad


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ignore at your own peril

"Blah,blah,blah"? Someone gives you information. Look at it, divulge what you can keep and what you need to research. They ask you to pay for their hard work and creative efforts and you down vote this?

Thank you for the post. I've listened to Jim Rickards in the KingWorldnews.com blog for years now, and he is on it.

Thank you!

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70% is about right.

Thats why they've run it up so high...so they could weather the fall.

It won't hurt those positioned right.

Who doesn't see this coming?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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BS. Anyone who tells you they

BS. Anyone who tells you they know with certainty what will happen with the stock market is a liar.

Blah blah blah...

Blah blah blah...

come on

i don't see the cia following the market

second the fbi investigates wall st crime,it'd be more believeable if it came from them

a market crash wil lbe spontaneous,,,, they can't predict that

bullshit advertisement

bullshit advertisement


Is this another infomercial? I couldn't watch past 10 seconds.

I didn't even last 5 seconds,

I didn't even last 5 seconds, lol. Of course it is an infomercial. When they don't have a time bar so that you cannot tell how long the video is, that is a tell tale sign. And believe me, these videos are long. And then, there is that extra dialog box that wants you to make sure that you want to leave this page, ha they are all the same.
So katsung47? The only question I have is; How much do they pay you for this?

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