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Dimitri's heading for indictments, too! And, read the backstory of those in Ron Paul, Inc.
Dimitri's in very hot water!
Arrogant Rothfeld, & why you get all that spam from Rand, Ron & the C4L asking for dough. This gives an excellent back story of the campaign management.

I think Sorenson is just the beginning. He's not going to want to rot in prison, so he's going to sing like a bird. Found some recent goods on Dimitri when I was researching Fusaro, then I found this article on Rothfeld. I've taken political training from him & he's excellent, but not THAT excellent - to the tune of millions! The "Slate" article also give you the backstory on the Ron Paul, Inc. cast. Very interesting & it makes me feel like an even more foolish person for thinking anyone managed by these________ could win a presidential nomination....

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i read a bunch more of thelinks from the site we were directed to

why the H_LL is ron paul hiring many slimeballs and anybody associated with that right to work group,,, they are all criminals and cheating , manipulating lowlife's
this somewhat reinforced my view after the 2012 campaign that ron paul isn't perfect and has made some very bad hiring decisions and people he surrounds himself with

then again,,, being a recovewring drug addict myself ,,, i surrounded myself with many perople who were bad and poor choices for acquaintence's and company
and today i assoaiate with none of them

but i was a junkie,,, what's dr pauls' reason????


because he's a fallible human being. we know from the newsletters that his management skills leave a lot to be desired. it's a damn shame though that the snakes got in and sabotaged the campaign and ripped everyone off. wead seemed cool, but all the rest always came off to me like amateurs and sketchy at best.


while wead seems cool, and even i would like to go hang out with him and pick his brain and hear some cool stories

after the campaign ,,, with many new fans and readers of his blog, he tried to get people tied up into a MLM scam,,,because all MLM's are scams right??

and yeah he made loot, because with his name and notoriety , was near the top

he had ties to amway and now some new one
many called him on it and he tried to persuade, deny, cleanup, defend his MLM scam

so even he has some dubious points,,, although none of us are perfect

i agree he was one of the better choices but the more we learn i wonder how we didn't call bulsh-t earlier and put our foot down

Rothfeld gives me the creeps

Some animal part of my brain goes on alert when I see him talk and move.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

Rothfeld does know his subject when lecturing on

running a campaign. I took the training in St. Paul in 2008 that he ran & it was excellent. Only problem, why didn't it work for Ron Paul? We should have smoked the field in 2012. The dude got 7million in coin, so we should have done much better.

At the national convention, Rothfeld was also an ally of Morton Blackwell's in the Rules fight. He worked hard in Credentials. Rothfeld's a political animal & you need someone like that in a national campaign.

to each his own

If I ever attend something where he is found, I am bringing my ten foot pole.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu


I don't understand why Sorenson was a risk worth taking..

Disillusioned Contentment

It is always a most disappointing realization when one's hero, is surrounded by scallywags.

"They" the operatives inside politics, repeatedly told me during my decade of consulting and public opinion research, that "this is how it is, so deal wit it."

Such cynicism always left me feeling like the Kathy Bates character from "Primary Colors."

I really did try, tried mightily to rationalize that the message out weighed the graft, but in the end, it leaves you with a scum-like film that is stubbornly difficult to wash clean.

The potential for a wide berth of damage emanating from the Sorenson bribe, calls me to an immediate knee-jerk of avoiding the news altogether, however juvenile or impossible a task that would be.

And so it goes, this is why following 2012 it occurred to me that there is no white knight capable of reforming such a corrupt murderous system and its supporting gears, i.e. The Campaign. As such, it is my purview to ignore the system in its entirety and try my best to peacefully circumvent this god forsaken scheme of extorted "democracy."

Beyond all of this, I still

Beyond all of this, I still want to know what Ben Bernanke told Ron Paul. Did he threaten him? Did he say he would expose certain things that they knew? Did he just have a cup of coffee?


can you elaborate

or are you talking about the romney threat,,, where he would go full throttle with ads and dirt on dr paul if he didn't bow out

i never heard this bernanke thing,,, please explain

Bernanke held a private

Bernanke held a private meeting with Ron and Ron "shut up" after that meeting. News of the meeting happening was publicized at the time. Here's a link:

My take is that Ron is embarrassed

by all of this & would rather not talk about it or address it.

Dimitri was "advising" in Nevada during our state convention when the question came up about unbinding the delegates for national. We were a majority in the state convention & could have gotten rid of the binding, but we weren't "advised" to go forward with that.

Then, in Tampa, I was in the gallery & Dimitri was there, during the pre-convention fight in Credentials. Maine, Oklahome & Oregon were being challenged. The campaign furnished an attorney to Maine & Oregon. I asked Dimitri why not Oklahoma? He said they had a poor argument, & the campaign wouldn't support them? WTF? They'd leave a delegation of "us" to the wolves? Know what? Oklahoma defended themselves exceedingly well, led by a brilliant guy who roomed next door to us at that country club in one of their (not) "villas." The RP Inc. attorneys were milquetoast. I asked Dimitri why these attornies let themselves be put on the defensive immediately by opposing counsel. He said, they were "the best," but I couldn't see that at all. In the end, it didn't matter. Clarence Darrow could have defended us & lost. The "fix" was in to crown Romney & even Jesus Christ couldn't get that nomination from him.

But, what was really CRAPPY was that those delegates who were denied their rightfully elected seats at the convention, were not allowed the very nice perks the RP campaign gave to delegates at their convention shindigs. It was very low....I found a box of colored wristbands that delegates were given to get into RP VIP deals, when I was looking to charge my batteries. Of course, I took the box & handed out the wristbands to all our good people, regardless of whether they were delegates or not.

Good work

The campaign was pretty lame at the 2008 RNC too. Glad you were there to look out for the "little people."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thank you for your action.


Jefferson's picture


that dude in NOLA. He was a real dick. When I was discussing a conduit from the grassroots to HQ with JB, he butted in while looking down his nose and said "We don't need another blimp" (which I never even mentioned) like a condescending prick. I felt a brief urge to smack him in the head. Luckily I was able to bypass both of these clowns and comm. directly w/ RP via email.
I couldn't care less about what happens to either of them.

Both of them struck me as amateurs when I met them. JB, while somewhat nice and accommodating (even offering me some left over fries off of his plate and personal email), scoffed at my polite tactful question regarding the 1st SC debate (debacle) and said "debates aren't important, Iowa is the main focus."
Well, we got robbed in Iowa anyway, and the debate/media issues were handled poorly throughout the rest of the campaign. Still a bit dismayed from it all.


The strange turn of events towards the end of Campaign 2012 was disheartening and still remains a mystery to me.

Part of me also wishes that Dr. Ron fought back in the face of apparent fraud (ie. Iowa Caucus), but I suppose we may never know the full story.

In any case, my good wishes to the good Doctor

maybe everyone in the racket is totally corrupt

if you are in the political world, it's just a matter of what degree.

May be

It has been a long way around for me, from RP groupy to totally disillusioned to what I think is a more realistic attitude... the one you described.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.