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Community Race Video from University of Chicago - MSM & Universities Working Together ?

Hello Liberty Loving Friends !

I'd love to hear opinions about this:

I received an email from the Philosophy department at the University of Chicago urging people to come out for a "Community Video" to protest police brutality against "black men". If you can't go, they want you to tell your friends to go without you & even beg strangers on the street.

Police abuse against black men ?

I've been on this site and youtube long enough to see TONS of videos of police abuse and the majority of those cases involve white, asian, or hispanic men. We heard about the white guy in the wheelchair in Texas who was shot and killed. The white guy who wouldn't roll his window down completely got tazed.

No one wanted a community event for them.
Only for black men.

Here is a copy of the Email Blast they sent out & my response:
[I added bold commentary]

Hands Up. Don't Shoot!

Community Video to Protest Police Brutality Against Black Men

Speak out against Police Aggression targeting African-American Men and the Killing of Michael Brown. Join us in a Community photo and short video.

When: Friday, August 29th, 12 Noon. We will gather for 15 minutes.

Where: Midway Plaisance and Ellis Ave

Facebook event link:


I hope you will join us in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown and the protesters in Ferguson and in the hope that our action will encourage other communities to take action as well. Please email me with questions or comments to adeislauby@gmail.com.

Being situated in the heart of Chicago, split between the privileged University and Hyde Park communities and the not as privileged neighboring communities of Woodlawn, South Shore, and Washington Park, we have a wonderful opportunity to come together in solidarity across the racial divide. We will make a wonderful collage of people affirming the core values of fairness, humanity, equality and optimism in our community and country. I look forward to seeing you there.

The killing of Michael Brown and the protests in Ferguson, Missouri have been a wake-up call for me about race and racism in America.[Wake up call? No. It was a lullaby to put you to SHLEEP by the MSM] I trust I'm not alone. Until recently, I was unaware of just how unrelenting the pervasive and fatal inequality of our society is. As I learn more of the unending supply of stories and realities about race and inequality, the more frustrating the situation appears and the answer to the question "What can I myself, as one person, do about it?" seems to grow further and further away. People who grew up living these realities might be perplexed that today, many people like me (liberal, white, and well-educated) often sit on the side lines plagued by inaction. I hope that inaction stems from simply not knowing what to do and the futile hope that racism will peter out on its own. If that is the case, then there is a cure. Before people can actively change, they need to be aware, awakened and brought together.

Please spread the word. If you can't be there yourself, be there in spirit by encouraging your friends who can attend to do so. Come out and make a great use of your lunch break. Share this on Facebook, email your list hosts, tell your classmates, tell your aunts and uncles, tell strangers you meet on the sidewalk [Wanna be in a Community Race Video?]-they won't be strangers for long. If you are able to come 10 minutes early (11:50), that will be helpful in getting everyone in the picture by 12:05. Facebook event link:


Thank you,


So I wrote an email back to them with my 2 cents:
What say you?

I would like to let you know that I think this idea of a Race Video is unhelpful and misguided. Police abuse their authority on a regular basis, and if you do even a small amount of research on youtube you'll see countless videos proving that some human beings who are given special powers of authority - abuse that authority regardless of race.

In fact just about every recorded instance on youtube involves a caucasian or asian or latin victim of police abuse.

So why make this issue about "black men"?
Because the mainstream media said so?

Especially from a philosophy department - where you expect a more thoughtful approach to ideas - I'm very surprised at this. A race video for "black men" will do more to divide people than unite them.

We are all citizens and we all face police abuse.
THAT should be the issue.

An innocent, caucasian elderly man IN A WHEELCHAIR was recently shot and killed in Texas. A caucasian man in Arizona was shot and killed on his own property for the nonviolent charge of tax evasion -- far less threatening than the violent assault & robbery michael brown knowingly engaged in. During a traffic stop, a caucasian man didn't roll his window down all the way, so an officer broke his window and tazered him.

Why not orchestrate a march for those people against police abuse?

What you're doing is the opposite of helpful.
It's divisive.

Lastly: You referred to "African American." I'm just curious, do you extend the same description for European-Americans? Asian-Americans? Latin-Americans?

I want fair and equal treatment for all people under the law. We all do - don't we? So why pick a small group of people and stand up for only them ? It doesn't make sense, and it's not fair & equal. We ALL deserve to be stood up for against police abuse.


What say YOU, DP Community ?

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Excellent reply!

Excellent reply!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain