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Obama Needs A War.. With.. Anything...

So... Looking at Obama's poll numbers - He's sinking fast!

And you have ISIS, who's STILL working on destabilizing the Earth's axis and the ONE still has NO PLAN!

AAAAHHHHH!! Let's all freak out.

He's not making the war mongers happy.

He's not making the doves happy.

He's not even making the looters happy, Obamacare aint free.

He's not making ANYONE HAPPY.

So I believe it's time for him to start bombing the hell out of someone. I wonder why we don't concoct some Aliens on the moon and start bombing the hell out of them? It's a new threat and ubber scary. They don't even wash those probes.

But, in all seriousness - well - some seriousness. Obama needs a war. He needs to start killing innocents, and soon, because well, just because he can. Or something. You know, a lot of America hates Iran for some reason. Why not kill them?

Who do you think Obama's going to bomb? Time for yer predictions.

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So I see Obama fired off some

So I see Obama fired off some drone missile in Somalia tonight.. right on cue.


Could turn Obama into Osiris

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

That would make him a dude playing a dude...

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

He has to play nice to pave

He has to play nice to pave the way for Hillary to argue that their limited, pointless theater wars they waged is better either than an all out war against the world, or doing nothing.

If he keeps screwing

with Putin in Ukraine, Putin will give him a good and well deserved ass kicking. The Russian military is pretty stout and taking them on in their own back yard would be a tough fight and Vlad will bring it if forced to do so.

There are no winners in war,

There are no winners in war, only worse losers.


No winners in war? Then why do countries wage so much of it? Believe me, there are some HUGE winners in war...you just are not one of them.


our military is geared up to fight goat herders in the dessert. They would get creamed if they fought a real army.