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Harry Reid's Alma Mater Removes His Name from Building

Southern Utah University has decided to do away with its Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center. Not the building itself, but the current Senate majority leader’s name on the building due to his unpopularity as well as unfulfilled promises in donations.

The St. George Spectrum reports that university president Scott Wyatt and local officials began receiving calls for Reid, a one-time SUU Thunderbird, to no longer have his name on the building. “We had people step up and pledge money towards removing his name. In five days I received pledges totaling $40,000 — in just five days,” said a city councilman in Cedar City, Utah, where the university is located, who took part in the meetings. Wyatt decided not to accept such pledges, however, saying he did not want to disrespect or offend the senator.


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Outdoor Engagement Center???

wha...? Engagement Center?
Is there an Inside Engagement Center as well?

What is it?
I'm thinking some grass, a tree or two, some benches...

Crazy Lefties!


America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

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What a disgrace he is!



TwelveOhOne's picture

Doesn't want to disrespect or offend "his lowness"?

I learned today that governments were formed from raiding bandit gangs.

The gangs, who disliked to work productively, would occasionally ride into town, steal a bunch of stuff, and ride back out.

All this riding became tiresome. "What if we set up shop right in their town?" And now, we have "government".

So, the thugs and the lowest-of-the-low became the rulers.

No wonder that they want to be called "your highness".

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they just took it off one building and put it on another. Sadly, they put his name up there in hopes that people who liked Reid would donate. Unfortunately NOBODY has donated to help out with any "Reid" projects. If everyone hates this guy, why do they keep re electing them? Of course that is a dumb question, in a country where only 11 percent of people approve of CONgress, yet re elect 95% of the critters. "It's not my CONgressman, it must be yours!"

Keep it straight

No, they did not put his name on another building. They are "thinking about" putting it somewhere else sometime in the future.

"If everyone hates this guy, why do they keep re electing them?" Yes, his arrogance makes him seem like a Hydra, with more than one head, but he is just one person, with a huge political machine behind him, very capable of buying votes and performing various other modes of "Hacking Democracy."

Try again..

"The school attached Reid’s name to the Outdoor Center expecting donations from Reid and his friends, The Specter reports, but those donations have not materialized.

Apparently torn between his desire for financial support from alumni and his desire for theoretical donations from Reid and his friends, Wyatt decided to remove his name from the Outdoor Center, but attach it to a new building — the Harry Reid Center."


Thank You

Thank you for putting a small smile on my face.