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They missed the

filing deadline? Oops.

An impossible deadline to

An impossible deadline to meet.

What a


Mississippi GOP: We're Coming for True the Vote. They join Elijah Cummings, the IRS, ATF, OSHA, Eric Holder, and the President. True the Vote makes "a mockery of our legal system," says Mississippi GOP chairman Joe Nosef. Awful.




State Supreme Court it says. Don't

State Supreme Court it says. Don't know if that will get anywhere.

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Expected... but still

Expected... but still disappointing...

Beware the cult of "government"...

This should tell

us the GOP and Democrat Coporatist Collective has the system completely rigged, and there isn't any way we can change it before the whole system collapses. People began to question why Dr Paul never made challenges to the obvious fraud in the 2012 primaries, this the the reason, the system is rigged!

UGH!!!!!!!! Maybe he will run


Maybe he will run for Governor next year, and take down the Barber syndicate.


He was required to file the lawsuit within twenty days of the election?

Another law designed to guarantee a loss for underdogs.

How is anyone supposed to raise money, recruit volunteers, investigate the law, and conduct enough of an investigation in twenty days to have a viable lawsuit?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

This would explain

why the scum went on working as if there was no challange and the media never covered it, as if there was absolute confidence he would never get anywhere in this law suit.

Also known as the point.

Also known as the point.