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What if the war hawks told us the projected costs of their wars?

What if Lyndon Johnson would have told the truth about the Viet Nam war? What if he had said that 60,000 Americans would be killed and 300,000 wounded? What if he had said that there is no way to win, we will have to stay there for 100 years like the french did? What if he had said that it would bankrupt the country so bad that we would have to abandon the gold standard and start printing money and the inflation rate would be 12% for several years in a row? Would the american people been in favor of the war then?

What if George W. Bush had told the truth about the Iraq war? What if he had said that they had nothing to do with 9/11 but Iv'e just been itchin to go to war with Iraq? What if he had said that 4000 Americans would be killed and 30,000 wounded? What if he had said that we have to either double the income tax or borrow 2 trillion dollars? Would the resolution for war have passed then?

I challenge Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham to present a projected cost in lives and dollars to defeat the islamic state.I challenge them to describe their long term strategy for how long we will have to occupy the region to keep them from coming back.I challenge them to present their plan to congress and to the American People and have a debate. Lets see how much support they get if they tell the truth for a change.

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Bush told us the cost of the Iraq War...

He said it'd cost roughly $50-60 Billion. Haha. What a joke. His personal fortune should be taken from him and given to the dead and wounded soldier's families.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

50 or 60 billion is probably

50 or 60 billion is probably what him and Cheney got in kickbacks from Halliburton.

Practical tools are to scarce

Practical tools are to scarce in the liberty movement, I appreciate your idea. I forget the exact number but I remember saying in a poker game once in maybe 2007 that we were spending more in one month of the Iraq more than we spend all year on finding a cure for cancer. Notice I didn't get into the libertarian philosophy debate of public funding for medical research and that I said 'cure for cancer' instead of cancer research. I try to pick my spots, leave my soapbox at home, and plant seeds in winnable minds, without them even knowing it.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Tum on.

Hey. We could send the world absolutely anything with our dollars. Our majority "the corporate elite" have spoken. The want more. They want to kill to get it. They want your property too. What is under your feet is valuable.

What if they told us which weapons manufacturers they held stock


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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They probably get their

They probably get their kickbacks under the table in cash.

This is not going to work. Been tried and failed.

They'll just say whatever it takes. Here's a video from 2003 where Joe Biden grills the neocons on how much their Iraq war will cost. Notice how the cost numbers they estimated in the billions turned out to be off by 1,000+%.


Thanks for the link. The

Thanks for the link. The video with Biden just proves what a bunch of liars these warmongers are. I hope Rand Paul can do an even better job of grilling them than Biden did and stop this war. If he can't stop it, maybe he can introduce an amendment to limit the funding to strictly what they request, and not give them an open ended budget.

Unfortunately once the dogs of war are let loose

Any attempt at moderation is painted (successfully so far) as defeatism. Or said in sexual terms, the worst thing you can do is pull out before you finish the job.

War Pig's is more the truth!

If you watched the Micheal Scheurer video

I think that was the point he was challenging on at the hearing..
they couldn't, wouldn't care less and kept shouting on about Israel
and cleverly, deceitfully pushed him into a neocon corner.

Impossible challenge

in a war where they have NO intention of defeating the Islamic state. They got more than 10 years of fear from al-cia-da, a group that's warm and fuzzy next to ISIL.

As a 'fear pill', ISIL couldn't have turned out any better. They scared the crap out of a lot of people with a fake video. What will they do after they take inventory of all that U.S. loot they got?

Just open the box and see

It would take a permanent

It would take a permanent occupation to keep IS at bay. After they set off a few bombs over here, our civil liberties would completely disappear forever.

Better yet, how about backing

Better yet, how about backing our dollar with gold. Would they still propose all this war if it were coming from a finite money supply, taking away dollars from any of their other thousand pet projects they never fund?

I doubt if the gold standard

I doubt if the gold standard is coming back any time soon, but just think if they said, we are not going to borrow the money. We are going to have to raise the tax rate to 50% for everyone to pay for this war.

Or, we are going to have a

Or, we are going to have a war bond, and you, citizen, are going to have to fund this war directly with your own money. You can't ask future generations to pick up the tab.

If this war happens they will

If this war happens they will probably just print more money. I am still hoping to stop this war by contacting our senators and saying hell no like we did last year when obama wanted to bomb syria. I dont think it was an accident that obama started this bombing when congress was on vacation.