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SIDEKIK: Concept App for Traffic Stops: Attorneys on Demand (video link)

New Concept App using Crowdfunding Campaign to develop concept.

Here's how it works: You encounter police in some capacity. You launch the app. You get an attorney on Video Call and the entire call is saved securely offsite for later use as Evidence.

Here is an Interesting Story from the comment section of the CopBlock page:

Potential Complaint about App:"...I've never seen or heard of someone being successfully defended from civil rights violations by their lawyer over the phone..."

"I have. In fact, the day after my partners ran the idea of Sidekik by a San Francisco defense attorney, the attorney received a panicked call from a client who was on probation and had just been pulled over by SFPD. Due to the previous day's conversation with my partners, the attorney decided to test the Sidekik concept and told his client to keep their call connected on speakerphone and leave the phone on the center console.

When the officer arrived he began to harass the attorney's client saying he was going to beat him and take him to jail, at which point the client spoke down to the phone and asked his attorney what to do. The officer asked who he was talking to, the client said "my attorney," and the officer replied with "well, everything looks in order here," and hurried back to his squad car and drove away. This is just one of many times in which an attorney on a phone has saved their client from having their rights violated. They are almost never reported, because the attorney stops the rights violations from happening in the first place."


(One of the creators writes...)
Potential Repercussions for Police Departments:
If enough people start using Sidekik then police departments across the country will be faced with a Maywood, CA situation. In early June of 2010 the City of Maywood received a notice that their insurance was being cancelled, primarily due to the number of complaints filed against the police department. When the city tried getting coverage from other insurers, no insurance company would cover them. Maywood councilman Felipe Aguirre said, “Nobody will insure us, not as long as we have the police department.”

Think of all the people who get harassed: checkpoints, BS traffic stops, people filming, people marching, people open carrying .... they'd all have IMMEDIATE representation by video & have it stored offsite as evidence.

One Question: How much would an app like this cost ? Attorneys cost a lot for a reason....

Watch the 2:23 video on the CopBlock Page - they deserve the traffic:

Support the Cause if You Care to:

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The Concept is Fantastic But The Information Is Slim

It looks good and I would really like to see something like this succeed.

The downside of this type of crowd funding is that there is no way to anticipate how good of a job these founders will do. Also, it does not seem possible to include humans in a subscription that sells for only $60 per year, even with the advertising model that they discuss.

In any case, I wish them luck. This type of business, which promotes liberty as a side benefit, can be a win/win for everyone.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

This is a trap- as soon as you get an attorney juridiction is

is granted to the courts by you.

Those of you who are going to play the lawyer game are giving away your own opportunity to shape law and deliver that ability directly to the very criminals who have destroyed the protections of law.

Stop appearing generally - appear specially. Challenge subject matter jurisdiction until the most supreme law is upheld- just powers of government are derived from consent of the governed.

The governed must invoke agency of government through a criminal accusation with all elements of a valid cause of action for any lawful work of justice to be performed. It is our decision when someone has crossed the line not theirs. They have to wait for our instructions and we must accept liability for our accusations against another.

If we uphold this concept in law then we remove ALL power from them and put lawful execution of power back into the people's hands through each accusers liability which is exactly where it lawfully belongs. BAR Attorneys will never do this because they will lose their BAR cards if they attempt to do so. They have a wrongful pecuniary advantage to keep the tyranny in place.

The BAR is the enemy of the Constitution and of common law because they are the soldiers who levy war on language and law to gain unjust power over the lives and property of others. Their object that evinces a design to reduce us to absolute despotism is personhood (propria persona) over the full liability natural man (sui juris) that is accomplished through their fraudulent deceptions of presuming you are their legal 'person' subject to their jurisdiction.

This app is a trap.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Note to downvoters

If you want to keep failing and losing all of your liberty then keep working with the BAR attorneys. They will make sure that you need to pay them to get 'justice' as a 'defendant' but they will be no help when you are the accuser of a criminal bureaucrat.

The courts are literally committing hundreds of felonies a day in urban areas and no justice for the 'courts' criminal extortion machine. Everybody acts like committing felonies all day long is normal because they are 'infractions' or 'misdemeanors' but the real fact is that all of this is extortion when consent of the governed has not been issued as the liable principal in the action and no action should be taken unless the Principal is identified as the liable party or unless eminent harm requires intervention.

The current situation is a criminal racket extorting and defrauding everyone. That is the real facts that no one wants to address because once we realize it is all crime in its current form that means we are committing the crime of misprision for letting it to continue without lawful justice and remedy. This is the real logic of law that no one wants to address but it is the real facts either way because all elements are present and is easily provable in a real court of law, which we have never seen because of the authoritarian criminal scumbags claiming to be the courts now who are in breach of duty of the Constitution 100% of the time.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Personal protection

I agree that modern law is as twisted as the government that wrote it, but lawyers are like cop-repellant, and I'm ok with that.

I don't really see this app as something that tricks people into playing an unbeatable game, considering said game is already being played and you were being forced to play it the moment they flashed their lights at you.

Real cop repellent is upholding the protections of law

When we start throwing the 'cops' and 'judges' in prison for their criminal extortion and racketeering then we will have REAL cop repellent.

The lawyers are too far up their criminal ass to do anything useful. We need to get real and end this tyranny.

Where are the REAL MEN at?? Let's throw the criminals in prison and remove them from society so that we do not have to deal with their criminal tyranny anymore. The lawyers won't charge them criminally hence the tyranny continues and the lawyers get another paycheck and round and round we go.

I am sick of the pussy footed nonsense; the cops, prosecutors, and courts who injure us without just cause and lawful agency executed by the people are criminals and we should throw them in prison. If I were on a jury I would give them the death penalty for what they are doing all the way down to traffic 'infractions'. It is the worst kind of crime that exists and ultimately it is treasonous warfare they are committing against their neighbors. Stop being pussies and give them the death penalty so we can clean our house of this criminal festering wound upon us.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Can you show us victories

from this natural man/law approach? I doesn't seem to produce any [REAL] results.

You're advocating for the death penalty for a traffic stop? That's worse than what we have.

The promoters of the app have a good example of a cop running back to his car. How is that trapping the user of the app? Sounds to me like an effective repellant. He drives on his way.

How does your approach help anyone on a traffic stop? Who's prepared to make a citizen's arrest of a cop on a traffic stop for criminal extortion and racketeering?

Finally, why would you be against this app? Why wouldn't you be both for this and your approach?

If you want real change then we need to bring justice

"How is that trapping the user of the app?"
The BAR association is the enemy they are THE dominatrix forcing the personhood issue. If you don't believe then just know your shit challenge existence of the corporation and watch the high level BAR operatives show up to direct the show. Anyone who doesn't know the BAR is the enemy is not paying attention.

"You're advocating for the death penalty for a traffic stop?"

Yes, death penalty for the tyrants who perform such criminal acts against people who have harmed no one and have no accuser.

These 'traffic stops' never have an accuser from the governed who has invoked the peace officers agency to perform on their behalf. This means the cop has no lawful agency (powers) to do anything and when one examines the actual events that take place all elements of criminal extortion, fraud and racketeering are present.

When we look deeper into the personhood aspect and their claimed source of jurisdiction through the 14th amendment person we can see that the 14th amendment was never lawfully ratified and was the product of open warfare on the people. In other words the actual crime being performed by the criminals claiming to be 'cops', 'judges', and 'prosecutors' is a form of warfare on the people where they are enslaving us to their control in direct violation and through their acts of intentional usurpation of American Organic Laws.

When we combine the fact that they are using force to force the use of a unlawful tender in direct violation of law we can see the full motive of their criminal warfare. Warfare being levied against the people is TREASON punishable by Death. This is why those who wish to arbitrarily apply the code for government to the people without any member of the governed standing as the liable accuser with a valid cause of action, are the absolute worst kind of criminals there are; criminals masquerading as lawful authority.

Their crimes are so heinous in their effects that the People generally have no idea what lawful justice means and the people keep spinning their wheels inside of the slavery. This is why the criminal tyrants operating under color of law deserve the death penalty issued by a jury of their peers for what they are doing. If we spilled their blood over this issue how many bureaucrats would keep performing such warfare against the people? If the tyrants knew We the People are coming after every single one of them do you think they will continue with criminal tyranny as usual? We will see change back to a lawful state affairs very quickly through the bureaucrats self reforming regardless of what their bosses and training told them was correct. We need very public Nuremberg style trials all across the country at the local state and federal level to see REAL change and an END to their tyranny and warfare.

Anyone who thinks this is over the top is not paying attention to their real agenda. The war on terror is only getting started and they are already applying this to Americans the way they started applying the drug war to Americans. What do you think is going to happen when this goes full swing? Their warfare will not be applied to just drug addicts it will be applied to anyone who does not just comply with their orders; SLAVERY ENFORCED! If you want them to stop then they will send you off to the camps to be tortured into compliance. This is their real agenda with another war on the people called the war on terror; total despotism.

Forget just having a temporary repellent; Give them the DEATH PENALTY and END their tyranny for good!

As far as victories I do have official cases that were major mind blowing victories but these are becoming harder and harder to find because the criminals are now expanding their war on terror to those who try to uphold the law. This is exactly why they have labeled law abiding people as "sovereign citizens" and train 'law enforcement' that these people are domestic terrorist. Hell I have even had an FBI agent tell me face to face that there are "violent terrorists and peaceful terrorists" and those who try to uphold the law are the "peaceful terrorists". If the people can't see what the fascists are doing then the people are not paying attention.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Well, I'm not going to

be killing any cops to send a message, but I would like to hold them to the law, which is what this app did, when the cop ran back to the car, absence of an accuser notwithstanding. So if we're on a jury together, it will be hung.

The only way your vision of a solution would make any sense to anybody, is if you were in power, enforcing the letter of the law, like the victors at the end of WWII, and death, only for the heinously guilty, and your window of opportunity would probably be just a few months. Otherwise, no one would understand what the killing is about, and it would go down in infamy as a bloody purge, and you as a psychopath. What you envision sounds like the ugly aftermath of a revolution, where the revolutionaries have no idea what to do with power when they get it.

Absent the power of the victor, or outside of the DP, you sound like the unabomber.

I appreciate the passion, and I think I can see your point of view, but calling for the death of people is no way to proceed, imo.

More fail

The kind hearted are no match for the psychopathic tyrannical control freaks. I presume you have not experienced enough tyranny in your life to understand the danger we are in or the absolute warfare being waged against us in the very foundations of how the modern tyranny operates. The social engineers are counting on your kind heartedness to be the life preserver for their tyranny. They want to engineer the tyranny to just the right temperature as to allow you to boil without knowing you are being cooked. The social engineers read your post and figuratively grin at me and say 'what are you going to do, our control is working, even the slaves will demand their own slavery', or something to that effect. I know the technocrats' slavery by consent paradigm and I know it's sophistication is working so well that those being enslaved will be the criminal slave masters greatest protectors. This is literally how I see your position. You are being robbed of all the productive gains of all mankind that would, without their theft through monetary inflation, enable your life to improve to the point that less and less work will be required to thrive. No instead your servitude to them has put you in a rat race of ever expanding artificial scarcity while the interest holders collect their capital from you in raw power.

The facts of the current slavery and transference of the prosperity of man's increase productive efficiency from everyone to them is obvious. I think you are so deep in the matrix you can't see your way out.

Also, just to be perfectly clear, my position is that the guilty party properly receiving the death penalty for treason is the path to have the LEAST negative impact amongst the whole. We need them (the crats) to realize that they are individually liable for any breaches of law even if they were trained something else. This means even one form of proper justice exercised will be a tsunami throughout the system as a whole and initiate the self correction of each individual working under Constitutional capacity; ignorance of the law is not a defense fully realized. This is the proper application of law and we should absolutely exercise this upon those heinous control freaks that are literally addicted to committing criminal tyranny over another. Proper justice where justice is due. The only difference I speak of is that we hold them to an EXACT standard that any form of warfare against even a sub section of the population will NEVER be tolerated and proper thorough justice will be served. Problem is that right now everyone is so intellectually bankrupted in the technocratic programmed paradigm that many people have no idea that they are already slaves to criminals.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

If the kind hearted are no match

how did I grow up in a free country? And why would you be on the Daily Paul?

More fail

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You have been enslaved from birth. Other criminals profited from every aspect of your life told to them but most have no idea of how the person's future profited earning potential and current registered assets are utilized by the banks for wrongful pecuniary gain by them.

Any resemblance of freedom you had was because of real men astute in history and law who exercised the balance between kindness and strength within proper lawful justice long before you arrived.

If you think you are free and need proof of your enslavement then try to move around as you wish without their slave ID and see what happens to you.

I am on the DP to attempt to jog people from their slave mentality and realize how far we have slipped into tyranny. We are on the cusp of losing everything and in many respects we already have lost almost everything when the bigger picture of human prosperity is examined and the full impact of the theft through inflation that has been realized. The war on terror is ready to waged on Americans a hundred fold over anything the drug war was like. If we don't stop these fascists and bring them to justice then your lineage will not say the same thing you are saying.

The balance between kindness and strength needs to be found and maintained within proper justice and the rule of law.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I wasn't enslaved from

birth. My people could provide completely for themselves on land they owned. America has gotten rid of central banks before.

The kind hearted are more fierce, and have more to fight for, than any despot.

And now you've brought a "balance between kindness and strength" into it. A ray of sunshine. Are you still feeling ok? The two are mutually supportive in people of good will.

Maybe you should convince people that they're free, and they can be both kind and strong, instead of trying to convince them they're slaves.

We live in a country where slaves became free. That's a great reason to have hope for positive outcomes.

Ron Paul is kind and strong. Is he a slave? Is he unaware of encroaching tyranny? Would you be successful if you convinced Ron Paul he was a slave?

If government doesn't grant freedom, it can't take it away either. Neo was free to choose the red pill even in the Matrix.

Ron Paul seems not willing to talk about the slavery

If people realize that they have been enslaved by criminals then they can begin to take the logical steps necessary to end the tyranny and slavery that is not just encroaching but that has been here for a along time and destroyed countless families across America. Ron Paul has had it relatively good compared to many people across this country. Many out there have lost everything due directly to the theft by the criminal tyrants. There has been no justice and people seem lost to know what to do. Many turn to politics when such a solution is absurd. Politics was never designed or implemented to solve a crime problem.

Remedy from crimes are for our courts but our courts have been usurped and the Prosecutors claim a monopoly on access to our grand juries thus effectively eliminating the possibility of bringing the real criminals to justice. Most people don't want to admit to themselves that the situation is a combination of slavery by consent, criminal fraud and warfare that keeps the current order of
'governance' (really just slavery to criminals).

If the people had the effort of the Ron Paul campaign into our jury processes for bringing justice and removing the criminals from society then their organized crime would end but it seems no one is aware enough to realize how to uphold our own laws. Everyone seems to put themselves into some position of needed permission from authority and demonstrating to people that their slavery is from their own ignorance. Having themselves realize the nature of their slavery through their own ignorance and the intentional deception of personhood status presumption for code application by our courts can enable people to realize that the real solution is not within the political realm but within our courts with our juries providing clear interpretation of our law and the extent of code application. Our juries can provide notice of error to the judges and inform them that if correction of the errors are not performed by them then criminal indictments are recommended. The Jury can even issue the criminal indictments and We the People can solve this issue NOW.

If the people don't realize how criminal the system is as operating then they will enter the new technological paradigm with nowhere to hide from their slavery and tyranny. As long as we don't bring the criminals to justice we are all slaves including Ron Paul- ask him about the night in Tampa at the airport.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Well, now you sound less like the

unabomber, you only used all caps once, and you're not calling for death, so my lunatic meter has backed off of the pin.

What's this?

"intentional deception of personhood status presumption for code application by our courts"

Can you explain this without ranting or mentioning slavery and concisely? What's the mechanism by which people are denied access to the court? You said something about the 14th amendment?

This is everything, the entire fraud before you, the red pill

Statutory code only applies to the 'person'.

Careful study of the Constitutions and Statutory code demonstrates that person is not legally equivalent to people, man, woman. Furthermore code never claims applicability to the people, man/woman but only to the person.

The code definition of person (in Cali but similar everywhere else)- a person is a corporation as well as a natural person. Historical examination of the person in law shows that the person is a man inside of a legal capacity. If a man is inside a legal capacity then the laws of that legal capacity bind the man to duty and limits of lawful operation. In law, men have unalienable rights endowed by their creator, persons have changing privileges and immunities set by legislature as defined by the never lawfully ratified 14th amendment. Natural Men are subject to the common law when resolving disputes whereas the legal person is subject to code defined procedures and limits of pre-defined remedy.

The common law holds each party liable as the balanced scales of blind justice hearing the facts. Statutory code has administrative procedures for dealing with code breaches by the legal person and criminal disputes has no liable party as the accuser, just the State operating according to pre-defined code procedures; the State is the Accuser(was until recently you are your own accuser but this is changing because of the logic fallacy), the State is the Judge, the State is due remedy when guilty. This institutionalized conflict of interest would never fly in common law because a court must be an impartial body under common law. In Statutory law the State is the injured party because the slave person is "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" and didn't do what the code told them to do. Registry of the Birth is the first entry into personhood; enter your kid into a contract for removal of all rights in exchange for duty of personhood. This is the source of slavery by consent.

Because the State is the injured party under personhood then only they (the DA/US attorney- prosecutors) determine what cases will have access to criminal grand jury indictments all while the Constitution requires a grand jury indictment for any crime that someone would have to go to jail. They usurped the requirement of indictments for infamous crimes and they now claim a monopoly on access to the grand jury.

The source in American law of the tyranny of falsely applied personhood begins with the 14th amendment and then is presumed by courts for anyone with a US government issued ID as their legal person subject to the code application. The courts consider possession of a Corporate State or US Corp issued ID as proof of legal personhood and code applicability. Code does not claim applicability to the man and has no application to the man without 'consent of the governed' which is exactly what they consider obtaining ID to be consent of the governed for code application. The courts untold position (although some will tell you when you challenge them) is that you volunteered for corporate personhood status for code application. Even the IRS' final end of the line reasoning for who income taxes apply to is the 14th amendment citizen of the United States.

Citizen was originally someone who worked within the Constitutional capacity. The 14th made everyone who registered with them a citizen who is a person subject to their rules.

We were totally free and equal until the base personhood of citizen was made applicable. The fraud is that there is no disclosure and even the courts know that most people don't know but simply operate as a checklist; they have ID the code applies!

This is the real reality of what's actually happening and is the source of tyranny but everyone wants to have opinions about intelligent people demanding justice for the tyrants' crimes as a 'unabomber' which only further demonstrates their social engineering is working. 'Don't listen to the smart people who are not intellectual lazy because they are crazy and dangerous.' RIDICULOUS NINNINESS.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


Wonderful idea. This along with a dash mounted camera and mic that at the push of a button records and uploads the video and audio to a secured server or cloud would completely sway the balance of power.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

TwelveOhOne's picture

I am a member of, and have in the past sold, LegalShield

It started as Pre-Paid Legal. Basically legal insurance, for about $27 a month (varies by state, but not by a lot). One of the five major benefits is the ability to call an attorney 24/7 for assistance in exactly that situation, having one's movement arrested by a uniform with a gun.

Perhaps the app could work in conjunction with LegalShield? Perhaps they have something like that in the works? Might be worth a call, here's their site: http://www.legalshield.com/

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