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Action Alert, Tisha Casida Excluded From Debates, Info To Act!

the monopoly is at it again, EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION , CALL,MAIL, or SHOW UP whatever you can do to change this corruption. EXPOSE IT, info,numbers on graphic on fb link below

Tisha Casida is being excluded from 2014 debates, please call and write and whatever you can do to expose this corruption, Colorado ,

info provided in link numbers and background. please act now. I called yesterday as i am in her district. post what they say here. You are in colorado expose these people. BE AS NICE as YOU CAN!!! thank you

"Non-Partisan" Organizations Exclude Congressional Candidate on Ballot
Club 20 (Grand Junction, CO) and Action 22 (Pueblo, CO) have excluded unaffiliated (independent) candidate Tisha Casida, who is officially on the ballot in November.
Nearly 30% of voters in the third district are registered unaffiliated ('s_3rd_Congressional_District_elections,_2 012). By ignoring this block of voters, Club 20 and Action 22 have become partisan in their politics. Their bylaws are obviously out-dated. And their views are not consistent with the voters of western Colorado.
Voters can only assume that Club 20 and Action 22 only want to feed them the Republican and Democratic choices. Ballot access is limited to those who make the effort and have enough support to be recognized by the Colorado Secretary of State. Not inviting candidates who are officially on the ballot is clearly partisan and unfair to the voting public, if the public is under the assumption that these organizations are claiming to be "non-partisan".
Casida said, "I respect the right of private organizations to decide who participates in their debates and events, however, I wish they would be honest about the reason why I was excluded, since they say they are "non-partisan". Casida also added, "I am being discriminated against because I am not part of the wealthy class of Republican and Democratic candidates, and I am a woman - I can't think of any other reason why I am not being included. I am on the ballot - I am a real candidate".
Some organizations claim to exclude candidates based on polling. If an unaffiliated candidate on the ballot is not included in their biased partisan two-party polls, unaffiliated candidates clearly will not poll well. Some organization boards compare the voting numbers of a previous election to hand-pick who to exclude. Obviously, a new candidate like Able Tapia (D) has no previous record of number of votes he won for this office so, why is he the exception? The unprofessional and outdated excuses are clearly partisan views of these two organizations and are why voters question the legitimacy of elections and are fleeing from the two major parties.
Gallup recently reported that around 20% of voters are identifying themselves as "independent" voters. Rasmussen recently reported that number is closer to 42%. Casida said that she would be sure to "ask the corporate sponsors of both organizations their position on the obvious exclusion".
"Bi-partisan politics only respects the almighty dollar - I wish there were some non-partisan organizations that gave opportunities to grass-roots candidates like myself that have the backing of over 11,000 Colorado voters, but not the millions of dollars that Republican Scott Tipton has gained through his 'service' in Congress," she said. There has been a 112% increase in Tipton's net worth since being elected to Congress (
Fore more information on Tisha Casida visit:

feel free to post responses here so their bs talking points are exposed as well.

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Bonnie (Club 20 debate) 970 -242-3264
Cathy (Action 22 debate) 719-560-9897

If you get ahold of someone ask why they hell is she not being included? (as she was in 2012)

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Ron Paul 2016



Ron Paul 2016

Give 'em Hell Tisha!

Not sure that she is being excluded because she is a woman, but definitely because she does not come from what TMOT calls "Royals".

Glad to see that she is running again.

Colorodo is a state that pushing more towards liberty, and the powers that should not be know that if she was allowed on that stage, she would crush the other candidates.


Not likely that being a woman has much to do with it. Being Independent, absolutely.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."

~~~ Thomas Jefferson

Why is

this a perpetual battle? What's wrong with inclusive debates? Great written response by Tisha Casida.