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Free State Project

How many here are familiar with this project?
I have been casually watching for a year or so now.
It's fascinating.
I recently took my wife to New Hampshire for vacation and we loved it. What a refreshing change from New York State!


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I would love to see them start in Idaho

Need to move to Idaho, at least they will have a chance to change things.New Hampshire to liberal for me.

We're currently looking for a

We're currently looking for a house in New Hampshire and I plan to help with free state initiatives.

Freest State?

My wife and I have been looking around for a free state to live in. The most free states also have the most extreme weather (Wyoming & Alaska). We are buying in Utah because of the low property costs, low tax burden, the state has tax surpluses and a caucus system that keeps politicians accountable. The weather is decent for growing things and the rural areas have few if any property restrictions.

Having said that Utah is a very conservative state. It is difficult to get booze with a high alcohol content and the rural areas have a lot of LDS folks. If you don't mind the more religious atmosphere then Utah isn't a bad deal.

What about everyone elses state?

During your quest for happiness don't forget to take a few breaks along the way and just be happy :)

I'm amazed no Free State

I'm amazed no Free State projects have taken off in Colorado, Washington, Wyoming or Nevada.

I have heard of the Free State Project

But I have yet to meet anybody that is part of it. I half grew up in southern NH (only on the weekends) and most of my work is across southern NH. I have considered moving there but the property taxes are extremely high, even higher than Mass. The cops are absolutely brutal, especially the state police. Easily the worst in New England. And if you like to daily drive beater cars, it is nearly impossible to get them to pass state inspection. I do still love NH...it's still the best state in New England, in my opinion. Some of the best people I've ever met come from NH. I may reconsider someday, but nowadays I'm leaning more towards Oklahoma. But who knows? Maybe the free staters will change some of the policies that make me not want to settle down there.

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” -Malcolm X

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Thats funny.

I recently went on vacation from NY to see the FSP. TBH most places are going to look better then NY. It really all depends where you go to in nh, if you wanna move to a place with fsp participants you have a few options. They are a few in the bigger towns usually Manchester, Concord, Keene, Portsmouth, there's also communities in Grafton (no zoning laws) and Weare. I would not advise Keene because as you may know each group of FSP participants does different things. Ian and his group in Keene are way more concerned about publicity and tipping the cart rather then actually working with people. They give the freedom movement a bad name with there antics and would rather see them return to where they came from TBH. All in all NH is a lovely state where you can raise a family and open a business if you put your mind to it. I am looking at properties in southern NH so I might be going up there soon if my finances allow it.

"TBH most places are going to look better then NY. "

I love that quote.
I have been all over the U.S., and I agree, almost anywhere else is preferable to N.Y.