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Palestine to Israel: End occupation or face ICC

Hamas has finally agreed with the PLO's request to take israel to the International Criminal Court.


Palestine will ask the UN Security Council to set a “timetable” for Israel's withdrawal from the occupied territories, a senior official said. If the request is denied, Palestine will take senior Israeli officials to the ICC over the killing of thousands.

The Palestinian leadership is going to submit the application to the UN Security Council on September 15, Ma'an News Agency reported, citing senior Fatah official Nabil Shaath.

The document will demand a "timetable" for Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories.

In addition there will be a meeting of the Arab League on September 5 ahead of sending the application to the UN, to discuss how to support the proposal.

If Palestine’s initiative is denied at the UN, it is going to take senior Israeli officials such as Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, over Israel’s assault on Gaza, which left over 2,000 Palestinians dead.


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An unfavorable ruling to Israel in the ICC might be devestating

Current and former IDF members could potentially be picked up anywhere outside of Israel and put on trial.

It would impose a virtual quarantine on Israelis.

2 Kinds of Violence --- Neither of them Good.

Two kinds of violent aggression is happening here, 1) Hamas PLO aggression & murderous extremism and (2) Israel's systematic legal land grab/occupation citizenship/nationhood denial. Its much like Jim Crow but a 100 times more dehumanizing. Amazingly, both Hamas and Israel do agree on one thing; They each think that their violent aggression is "defensive" and thus "justified". Its up to libertarians who champion private property rights and NAP to lead the way and point out to BOTH parties, STOP. Stop what you are doing. Once you do that, the Israeli Firsters will come out and DENY that Israel is "doing" anything. Hamas/PLO will come out and DENY that they are "doing" anything. And there-in is THE problem. So, both are in horrible denial and both will continue to "retaliate". WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE THE REST OF US ON THE OUTSIDE? Answer: WITHDRAW and OSTRACIZE. 1) Withdraw and refuse to Support morally, financially, defensively EITHER SIDE. 2) Turn our collective backs and ostracized both sides of this conflict. Most of all, ignore both side propaganda for there is no "good side" to this conflict. Both are clearly wrong. Both refuse to change. Both should NOT get out moral or material support.

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Israel, has

never followed or even cared what the UN has done or state, so why do the Palestinians hope there will be any change? The Zio-puppets of the US will veto anything the UN tries to make Israel do anyway. They should just jump to the ICC, but even then, I doubt anything will happen. Even if the Hague finds Israeli officials guilty of war crimes, no Western country will arrest any of them, they are all 'blackmailed' by the Samson Option! Stephen Lendman, a Jewish progressive from Chicago gives some insight on the 'Samson Option' and the threat possed by Israel. http://www.rense.com/general90/whw.htm

Well said freedom express

Well said freedom express BRAVO! You Nailed it man.