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Two open letters to President Putin

"President Putin,

In this period of turmoil, I would like to express my shame and sorrow over the treatment, by the mass media in the West, of Russia in connection with events in Ukraine. Please be aware that not all Americans believe what is said by the likes of Barack Obama, a mere stuffed suit raised from obscurity to prove to Americans that the United States is a democracy, or John Kerry, a thoroughly corrupt career politician whose only priority is servile obedience to corporate power. I grew up in the Midwest, a typical American under the thrall of the empire’s doctrinal system, but during the Reagan Administration I was radicalised. There are many decent Americans who share my experience. I became a high school teacher, and have made a career out of opening students’ eyes to the dysfunctions of “the American Way”. I did not fall for the blandishments of Bill Clinton, whose Administration colluded in looting Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union; and during the G.W. Bush term in office I emigrated to New Zealand with my family, having come to the conclusion that no amount of social commitment or direct action could alter America’s destructive behaviour."


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Certainly he isn't

This is a really good site and has very accurate information on the war on the ground in East Ukraine, a conflict that is of great importance for that region and also the whole world.