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Thoughts on reincarnation and spheres of influence re: the Flower of Life

The Daily Paul exposed me to a concept about a year ago, that being that there is only a single soul; it keeps coming back as each of us. I found that fascinating; the idea that when you help another, you're helping yourself, and when you harm another, you're damaging yourself. Really changes one's perspective on many of one's behaviors.

Decades ago I had done a "past life regression" in which I came up with two previous lives; if memory serves, a blacksmith and a carnie. I was thinking about that regression earlier (having listened to Dream Theater's "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory" (below) recently, which has a hypnotist counting down at the beginning, as well as throughout), and realized that pretty much any story one might invent, is a potential life that one has lived (or will live; I wonder which of us were the first and the last? Or if it works that way?), and that the amount of stories I can think of is my sphere of influence.

This led to thinking about the Flower of Life, which one can draw with a compass; make a circle, and then move to the edge of the circle, and make another. In the video I had watched (below), this was described as God had a sphere of influence, which was described by the first circle. Then, as it says in the Bible, "God moved upon the face of the waters", to the edge of His influence, and then drew the next circle. Continue drawing a circle at the intersections of the first circle, and each additional, and you'll have drawn six circles around it, forming a six-petaled flower in the center. That is the Flower of Life.

I also had the thought of "ridiculous" stories, like "I was a cube made of plastic, floating in a smoke ring around a star" and realized that I can make those stories, they might (have) happen(ed) in another solar system/galaxy/universe. Then I thought, perhaps we create other universes by thinking about the potentials.

I concluded with the thought that as the single soul keeps reincarnating, each new body has a different set of experiences, and creates a different set of stories. Thus it's similar to the "moving upon the waters" when the soul moves to a new host; it defines a completely new sphere of influence.

(Well, in the Flower of Life diagram, every circle overlaps every other one at least a little (forming the Flower), so it's not "completely different", but I suppose my wording could be defended because to the new point of reference, even the stuff in the overlap is completely new. :) And, this is pretty much the way these human hosts behave: everybody comes from a mother, well except the "test tube" babies, but even they have handlers, and don't live in solitary exile either; so, every one of the soul's hosts has at least a sliver of overlap with all the others. I wonder if mechanized automation might lead to a disconnected circle? But then, even in The Matrix, the humans in the solitary chambers interacted with one another through the MMORPG they were all forced to play, so there's probably always overlap. Fun to think about.)



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Very nice concepts

Gettin into the meat of life.
Fun stuff to think about.
I woke up in this body with no memory of the last.
When I drop this body all of my desires and tendencies that are still with me will need a new body to continue.
Until I am free from wants and needs the cycle is on.
If only I could quit.......
I can


One being

Countless manifestations. Even those we despise are a mirror, by seeing what we despise in ourselves and changing that we influence the "sum total" of The One. By choosing to point fingers and hate others, we also influence that total. Which we choose, love or fear, as tiny little specks of nothing, eventually will direct the course of the Universe.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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"Even those we despise are a mirror"

I did not despise this individual, although he made my life rather difficult during the 90s. I learned (after reading a Bitcoin article about a fraudster, and thinking "this sounds similar", and searching his name) that he is now in federal prison for fraud.

I had nothing to do with his being caught.

Except, perhaps, not "fighting back" enough.

By being the doormat that I was, he was convinced that he can continue his behavior without consequence.

There are always consequences. He's now serving out his sentence and will be deported when it is over. His time in our country has effectively ended, because he victimized many others (not because he victimized me; that went unreported).

I feel very weird about this. Karma is a real thing. Is there anything I've done to harm others that may come back to harm me?

I really like the perspective that we're all inhabited by the same soul. What you do to help others, helps you; when you harm others, it damages your self. Spread love, not fear.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Oh, yeah... karma is real!

Did not mean to impose the emotion of "despise" on you, was saying that everyone is a mirror even those we do despise. It is one of those things I doubt I will ever perfect, but when someone really gets under my skin, I try to remember to dig deep... the only thing I can really change in any situation is me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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I love this place, and I'm so glad to see you here again

I have said recently that this is my favorite place in the universe.

I love your new signature, it resonates with that post recently about not wanting to watch the beheading videos. I completely agree, it is "choosing fear" to watch those, or "24", etc.

My dad recently told me that he figured something out about that show, "24". The music in it starts out slow, and over the course of the episode, builds in speed. One's heart synchronizes to the beat, so by the end of the show, he felt exhausted just from having watched it.

I love that a different perspective can show us more truth. He has a heart condition, so he is more perceptive to the effects of that "programming".

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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While checking for mistakes, I realized in re-reading the first

paragraph that this idea had already been embedded in my brain, as a teenager, due to one of Piers Anthony's works ... but my Google-fu is apparently weak here.

The story had a man swimming, interacting with a man in a canoe, as well as a third man I forget the significance of; each of these were the same person, at different times in his journey. In one interaction he was nice and helpful, and in another he was not, and later was on the receiving side of the unhelpfulness and regretted having acted in that fashion.

I think that was actually a foundational experience for me. Too bad I don't remember which book it was! I think it was in the Incarnations of Immortality series, but Wikipedia's synopses didn't include that particular segment.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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