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I just stopped my Google Adwords account.

I just received a notice of an "update" to the Google Adwords policies. Guns and ammunition are no longer allowed to be sold. They claim that they want to "keep people safe". (If this was already the policy I didn't know about it.)

I therefore stopped my ad and gave them this feedback:

The 2nd Amendment is an instrument of FREEDOM. It ultimately keeps people SAFER, especially from tyranny. Every genocide has been committed by GOVERNMENTS with weapons, NOT by PEOPLE with weapons.

Even though I do not sell weapons with my Adwords account, I cannot allow any of my money to go to an organization that subverts, limits, or advocates against my Constitutional rights. Therefore, I am now cancelling my Adwords account.

Google used to have a policy that said "Do no evil". Unfortunately, you are no longer living up to that worthy goal.

I like Adwords. But I LOVE the Constitution. Goodbye Adwords.

Of course, as a private organization they have every right to restrict whatever they want. And I have every right not to give them any more of my money.

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I dare you to Google "Guns and Ammunition"

Double dare.

I get gun and ammunition stores.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

Being a Google seller, I can

Being a Google seller, I can say that Google's searches have declined and are very biased. They don't give you what you are looking for necessarily. They have introduced bias into their search results and have put many small business owners out of business.

Yahoo Won't Allow Anything That Appears Religious

I have bibles on my site and was going to advertise on a completely different product. The Yahoo rep told me that it was possible that the Yahoo compliance people could terminate my ad. And they definitely would not let me advertise bibles.

I use PayPal to process payments because I'm low volume and they won't allow weapons of any kind. Even batons.

When my sales increase, I can look for other companies.

Amazon also

Amazon took down earlier the year anything related to "Assault Weapon" to include accessories, that is why you see a lot of AR accessories that are listed as paintball items now. I had a listing that had just started selling like crazy taken down because when running Amazon ads I added the word "AR-15".

Let Freedom Ring

Right ON...

Right on! Boycotting is the only tool we have left to fix this mess. Hit them in the pocket book. I would rather go broke than accept "Dirt Money" from anybody. I started with pretty much nothing and still have most of it left. But I am rich with Self-Dignity.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Google and Yahoo advertise gun stores for free

In the 90's, search engine advertising was free, except, sellers had to be creative about Search Engine Optimization so your site had high first page ranking.

Since the advent of paid search, we have gotten used to giving Google a pile of money every week.

I just now Googled: "guns for sale", and showed a page full of gun vendors like Buds Gun Shop, gunsamerica.com and gunbroker.com.

Similarly I hit Yahoo and was rewarded with Deb's Gun Range, Pelcher's Shooter Supply.

Maybe they are not taking Adwords payments for liability reasons?

-------Yes. I'm hooked on Google Adwards too.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

I sent drudge this tip,

I sent drudge this tip, sounds like a good drudge story I've not heard about.

I recognized Google was in

I recognized Google was in bed with the government years ago which is why I quit using ANYTHING Google over a year ago.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Almost there myself

I only have youtube and android left, otherwise then I'll be without google (directly at least) on all devices. I don't like controlware products, so for now, android is still the least of the controlware(especially with a custom rom) in the mainstream market. Linux based distributions, DuckDuckGo, a slew of secure and private email services, many ad-services, etc, have been great for me, in most cases better. I can't wait until enough open hardware is on the phone market to allow gnu linux to thrive as well, as I can't stand the controlware extreme from the lying fruit(and its cult) or the double-talk lucarne.

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Excellent. I'm still trying to wean myself

from gmail. It's gonna be a long, slow process.

But all my searches are now done with startpage.com, which gives the same results as Google. (Don't know how they get away with that.)

Google is government.

The last march

Be ready to be made "safe" by the "authority" in your life. I guess we should all decide exactly who that should be.

"I know you boys like em sloppy". The Lunch Lady



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I'm still using Adwords....

With the understanding that I don't see eye to eye with them on some things either. For my home business there is no alternative.

I'm also running a new global campaign to drive traffic to Nystrom's Amazon affiliate link. Each click could mean an amazon sale with some coin also going to the Daily Paul. 213 clicks so far at an average cost per click of between $.01 and $.02. No other advertising medium can do this.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

So sell out

I'm with the OP on this one. Do not support those who'd don't support the constitution.

It is frustrating

We run a nice chunk of money through google in various ways for my clients. We took a test and spend a lot so we are also considered google partners. I even have my analytics certification. We do web marketing for a gun shop locally here in town and google has removed "gun shop" from the categories you can select in "google my business" formerly "google places". We also saw this in Adwords. If we stopped google I would have to close up shop. Serious business and eCommerce relies on google in some way whether it's organic, paid or maps. The others who have tried to dominate this have sucked at doing it. Google is the best for search. That's why it dominates with well over 80% in searches. Now what is a guy to do who would have to fire about 10 people and close my business in order to boycott google. We are all Liberty lovers too. We talk about this a lot inside my company. What do we do?

"To ski powder is to waste it" - Jake Burton

Thank you for letting us know.

I just want to thank you for your post. Because of it, you've prompted us to move our entire organization away from Google services, where replacements are available.

A possible Google Analystics replacement:

Replacing Google AdSense is a little more complicated. Any provider using the the Yahoo-Bing Network also prohibits firearms and ammunition, due to both Yahoo's and Microsoft's terms.

So, the following are out off the bat:

Possible replacements include:

More information is needed:

Muckraker, Inc


Does web analytics

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Thank you all for those possible alternatives.

I will be researching them. Sure would be nice if I could find a way to advertise online without supporting authoritarians.

Google is government.

thank you for this info

and I fully support your choice.

bravo brother! Thank you. I

bravo brother! Thank you. I appeciate your commitment to liberty. This is the last post of my day, what a great ending.


Liberty = Responsibility


Google is Government.

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LibertyOrDeathNJ ... I just adopted that as my new signature.

(hope you don't mind!)

Google is government.


I would add, while the second amendment is a good idea, you leave an important principle untouched. What does govt have to do with hunting or self defence? People always quote the constitution as if this has anything to do with natural rights. Perhaps we need to reframe the debate in favour of natural, as opposed to govt granted rights. There's nothing wrong with constitutionalist's in principle, but you have to be ultra weary of them because of how it's language has been twisted to absurdity.
The second comment I'd make is, what about the people who take up arms in the name of govt. Why aren't we completely attacking these people, given current geo politics I understand a standing army is "probably" necessary, why not attempt to frame the way it works. Example: ads that speak of soldiers who refuse to serve overseas, if you're anti war like I am, but understand there are still nation states that could cause harm let's change the defence debate. Ads yes ads with people who say I will serve at home!!! Self defence only!!! Any army is a bad one, but given current context why not? Hell maybe the anti war left, that "left" under Obummer may agree.



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