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‘United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine

European volunteers are streaming into Ukraine to join the fighting on both sides. While Kiev’s forces are beefed up with mercenaries from private military companies, Europeans have also come to defend the rebel Donbass region of their own free will.


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Something not mentioned in all this

There is something not mentioned with this whole situation. From what I understand the Eastern Ukrainians as a whole actually wanted to be backed by Russia.

My question would be are they themselves allowed to have a choice about their own future? Or are we making their mind up for them against their will because this is what we want them to do?

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No. They are only allowed to choose if we approve of their choice.

Sort of like how Syrians chose Assad or how Palestinians chose Hamas.

Afterall, the purpose of elections is to achieve the desired outcome of the establishment.

I agree

There sure are a whole lot of "In National Interest" reasons they come up with. It's all crap to sell arms to U.S. taxpayers.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I see the intervention in

I see the intervention in eastern Ukraine by the EU and US as a huge blunder. The folks in that region were peaceful for the most past. The fighting has opened a can of worms, whereas I believe the rebels can and will win the current fight. I do not think Russia will be forced to stifle the will of the people in eastern Ukraine regardless of sanctions. The taste of victory will most likely spread to other countries in the area presenting the EU with a tremendous dilemma and a re-alignment of loyalties. I cannot see NATO intervening in local conflicts on a large scale other than providing weapons -- which will most likely end up in the hands of the rebels.

If they can't control it they will destroy it

"I see the intervention in eastern Ukraine by the EU and US as a huge blunder."

We might see it as a blunder but the public won't at least not enough to make a difference. These people never admit mistakes and the media covers for them.

Unless there is a huge outcry in Europe Ukraine will join Iraq, Libya and Syria on the list of destroyed countries.

Eastern Ukraine = secession

I see no difference between colonial america and EU-backed Ukraine government....Both governments were operated by foreign powers and not in the interests of the locals. So the people in eastern Ukraine have thrown off the old ties and want to be independent from the rest of Ukraine....Why should we spend money or use threats to stop them??

Some say eastern Ukraine will join Russia....OK. So does that mean we should not allow western Ukraine to join EU - why the hypocrisy???

Trusting RT on this subject...is STUPID!

I have been watching RT for a few years, and have found and seen much to be happy about. Also because they talk MORE TRUTH about the situation in the US and the west, than we normally find in our own media.

HOWEVER, I am NOT stupid. When RT started to report on the Ukraine situation, it was like reading the English version of PRAVDA. So much one-sided propaganda and so many lies, - it is actually almost fun to see.

Just another great example of why we should NEVER trust our own main-stream media when it comes to what is the REAL TRUTH about so many things here in the West.

One last comment on this issue: I am of the opinion that the politicians and media in the West has been and still is way too insensitive to the FEELINGS of the Mr. Putin and the Russian people when it comes to Ukraine. I am not saying that Russia should have the right to send their troops into another sovereign country, but UNDERSTANDING why and how they feel, is in my opinion important. After all, Ukraine has played a far too important role in the history of the Soviet Union and in both culture and people, Ukraine and Russia are the same. But, Ukraine and Europe will never be the same.

The leaders of the US and Europe have been STUPID when moving forward so strongly with wanting Ukraine to become a part of Europe. OF COURSE this does not sit well with Mr. Putin and his people. I have even told my good friends in Ukraine that they should fight for their 100% independence from Russia, and at the same time welcome Mr. Putins invitation to join the East European trading block. But NOT to willingly and gradually become too much integrated, as moving in the direction of the "United States of Europe".

It's kind of like

It's kind of like the Spanish Civil War, hopefully with a better outcome.

Well said

I wish I was there...

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