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Pet Vaccines with guest Dr John Robb

We are joined by Dr John Robb to discuss pet vaccinations and possible side effects. Check out the full archive here http://angrybeaverradio.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/pet-vaccine...

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My dog still isn't the same

Last month I went in to get my dog vaccinated for rabies (it's the law) and the vet told me that since she'll be due for her other vaccine in a month, I might as well just have both done while I was there. I agreed, not thinking anything of it. She hasn't been the same since. She is almost 16 years old and has early stages of chronic kidney failure, but I am convinced the vaccine made her drastically worse. The morning before she got her shots she had a strong appetite and walked 4 miles with me, which was a daily thing for us. The next day she could barely make it 1/4 mile, refused to eat her food, started drinking copious amounts of water and vomiting. Of course the vet said it was just a coincidence and there's no way it was from the vaccines. I don't believe that for a second. She never fully recovered. She still refuses food regularly and we had to cut our walks down to 1-2 miles three to five times a week. She's my best friend in the world, and I feel like I let her down. If you're going to get your dog vaccinated, do your research and don't let the vet give more than one at a time. It really takes a toll on elderly or ailing dogs.

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Vaccines Killed my Dog

My 5 year old dog got her once a year cocktail this year and within 12 hours we knew something was seriously wrong.

She had mild reactions to the shots over the years that lasted a day or so but this last time was devastating.

It immediately 'activated' a huge tumor in her nose and throat and above her esophagus. With significant effort we kept her going for 5 more months on a liquid diet as the tumor would not let much past. Lots of prednisone seemed to keep her acting and behaving perfect but we knew her insides were falling apart.

I miss you girl.

If you get vaccines I think you should let your dog rest a lot, do not let them have a day that will allow them to run free. We still have a permanent brown spot in our yard where she went to the bathroom that day. Grass does not grow there.

I'm sorry you lost your dog. :(

Are members of Congress deaf, dumb, and blind? The same holds for state legislatures. When are so-called representatives of the people going to see that a decent study on vaccines is done OR STOP MAKING THEM MANDATORY. Well, vaccines shouldn't be mandatory, regardless. That they are mandatory *without* data to show the benefits and *without* reporting on the side effects - namely, side effects that include the synergistic effects of the many components of a "cocktail" or vaccines given in succession, along with the cumulative effect over time, especially given a schedule that includes multiple vaccines. Again, sorry.

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The John Robb? From the DP?

I thought he was just an Andarome playing, thesaurus freebasing, dictionary mainlining machine. He's a doctor too?

He's being humble....

He's also an AF Academy Grad
and a singer in a punk band
he does everything

In fact Clive Cussler gets his inspiration from John Robb.

No, don't wait!

You're spot on regarding the freebase and mainline. That's about it though. ;)