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Roman Empire Slaughtered by Their Own Paid Assassins. Professional protectors Demanded Their Pensions.

Securing police pensions... in the time limit set by Rome... 20 years.
Using force, or just the threat of force... to secure pensions is common... Enforcers routinely back up their requests with their force.

The last Roman Emperor was Romulus Augustus (475-476AD).
He was overthrown; it was all about pensions being worth their weight. Rome died by the sword of their own professional army; slaughtered by the sword of their own paid assassins... non-Roman mercenary-soldiers. Countries often offer citizenship to join their military. The USA makes the very same offer.


When the auxiliary general named Odoacer demanded estates as part of their pensions for serving in the Roman military, he and his followers were refused. Odoacer led his troops and swept into Italy pledging to his soldiers that, if they followed and obeyed him, they would, in the words of Gibbon, “extort the justice that had been denied to their dutiful petitions.” Consequently, the Germanic Arian Odoacer confirmed his leadership of the revolt and the mercenary-soldiers... Barbarians... plundered Italian cities and garrisons and more troops flocked to his side hoping for the better pensions he offered.
Whether acting or just reading lines from a dramatic play, what would you do as Emperor, whilst hordes marched upon your empire gates?
Propaganda film (2 minutes) about how weak Rome has become... as the mighty Roman Army approaches Rome to sack it... for unpaid promises of pensions... Circa 475 AD.

The Roman Empire fell when its money value fell so low, it could not even satisfy military pensions. The military turned its power to overlord those that thought they were the overlords.

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interesting perspective

i wonder who was signing the checks

We talking about Detroit

With the city bankruptcy hearings started today in Detroit. with pensioners and bond holders. What are the Vegas bookies sided with. will tell the outcome.

Money talks and dogs bark

Detroit Retired Speak: American dream turns to nightmare.

http://youtu.be/SE5ULd-6k-g 2 minute film reel. 'I haven't seen any cuts at the top, but they're trying to cut our pensions - the guys that are out here working,' - David Allen, Retired Detroit firefighter living on 3,000/month disabled pension, 2013.

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Conclusion: "pensions destroy governments"

"Promises to pay" -- just another word for debt.

Debt destroys.

Avoid it, in general. Like fire and government, it's a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

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and his crew were obviously a bit more robust than those who tried to be the so-called Bonus Army of the early 1930's in Wash. D.C.

interesting, thanks

Didn't know about this.

BTW, what's up with the horrible acting in the above clip? Dear lord, I couldn't even make it through the 2 minutes without cringing myself into a fetal position.

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was busy the one afternoon they had to film this.

Bump with thanks, Mark Twain

Great Post, once again. (but under appreciated.)

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Interesting read

I think about the end of Rome often, and agree with your points. I often wonder whether barbarians also got wise to the divide and conquer strategy, and it also contributed to Rome's destruction.

Assassin's Creed..


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Always Enlightening

Thank you my friend, Your posts are always elightening in knowledge. They always make the DP stew taste better.

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