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I Worked in the Empire State Building Today

I worked in the Empire State Building today. When I was a child growing up in a small three room apartment in the Bronx with my parents and brother, I could see the building on a clear day from our bedroom window. I have had to return to the family trade to pay property taxes after ten years of tutoring home bound high school students. I'm 60 years old, in very good shape, but the work is hard for me. The building, though, inspires me. A free people can accomplish almost anything. The building went up in less than two years. I am glad to be here with all of you. I was radically involved with Dr. Paul's campaign in 2012. I'm tired but happy to be here with all of you. The thought of 2016 sends my adrenaline through the roof!

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You know why I like this

You know why I like this website? Posts like this one.



Edward Moran

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This 57 year old...

is inspired!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Right On, Brother!

Keep on trucking!

Edward Moran

I was there as a kid

I remember my Dad sat me over the railing on the observation deck, remember the elevators making my ears pop, and remember the very top of the tower swaying in the wind when we were up there.

Yes, it is amazing what people can do, despite the state... imagine the types of buildings there would be now if not for the constant burden of the theft (taxes), and without the backroom deals of the looters (like in the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged).

As for 2016, if you are looking forward to that, sadly, you don't understand yet, that voting will not solve these problems... voting is the problem. Voting is just a large group of people getting together to take other people's stuff and push them around, which is morally wrong.

If Ron Paul had gotten elected, we all would be even further from freedom... he would be such a great master, the whole system would last a lot longer. Ron Paul's greatest gift was to expose the whole system for what it is, and he did that rather well.

Either rule by force and steal from people (taxes), or you are a voluntaryist... so here's hoping you stop wanting to steal my stuff at gun point, even if you do it in a nice "civilized" Libertarian way, by getting a big enough group together to vote that it is okay to take my things...no thank you. How else are you going to pay for your Libertarian government? Donations only? Will you still have government enforcers tell me I can't do this and that, even if I am not harming anyone?

Stealing my money just because you voted is less honorable than if you just came to my house with a gun and robbed me... at least you wouldn't be pretending to me and yourself that you are doing me any good, or "serving" me.. ha ha.. and robbing in me in such a cowardly fashion, instead of directly, doing it by proxy.

Great video on why government is an illusion/religion:



For the reply. We all have heard your view. It sounds good, but it doesn't work.

Edward Moran

we are glad to have you

around also Ed thanks for the post.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Thanks, Tog

That was appreciated! Thanks again!

Edward Moran

No thank you

What does work for certain is the indoctrination you have lived for 60 years; it has you believing in something that will never ever ever work...2016? Is that an important date on the slave calendar? You don't have to wait until 2016, and you don't have to vote... you just have to stop trying to control others, and you can do that right now... if each person did that, they wouldn't give away their power to looters... you can't make anyone else do it, but you can do it yourself, and that's all that needs to be done... it has never been tried before.

So what is the big plan that will work? Voting in 2016? You've been alive 60 years, and you've seen Ron Paul get the election stolen from him through rigging right in front of your eyes, and you still want to vote? Even if the voting machines were not rigged, and the elections not rigged, it still would be immoral... so morality would never work?

Confused and misled?

Yes, I think you are.


Thanks for the reply. I have read some of the works of the anarchists, and most of it sounds good, like all utopian literature. I think it's wrong. I worked really hard today, so I'm too tired to go tooth and nail. Lets avoid that "more awake than thou" or " smarter than thou" baloney. You think differently than I do, but not because I am asleep or a Sheeple. Maybe because you have a guru who tells you what to think. Peace, bro.

Edward Moran

No you don't want peace

You are too tired to go tooth and nail? I'm not asking you to go tooth and nail. What guru tells you what to think? Anarchy is not utopia, so I don't know what you have been reading, none of it purports to be utopia... I play Larken Rose videos because he is capable of explaining things so that even people that are "too tired" can understand it.

Unfortunately, the only way the world will change will be when people like you that refuse to think, change their thinking or die off. It is only people like you that refuse to think that keep this whole mess going.

You are tired because what you are doing is wrong! Want to get adrenaline about something? Get adrenaline about controlling yourself, for once in your life.

Here's another video from my guru... he didn't tell me what to think, he reaffirmed the things I have seen and thought my whole life that I could not put into words:


I'm sorry that you think those things about me. I'm not here to have nasty exchanges with fellow liberty-minded people. I didn't mean to offend you. Peace.

Edward Moran

The New York classic

I can see the Empire State Building out of my living room window. Sometimes I just stare out and think like what you said, it's amazing what people can do. Did you know they publish a schedule for the tower lighting? For the next three nights it'll be classic all white. Starting Sept 5 it will be green, blue and yellow sparkle in honor of the Finals Weekend at the US Open.



A we some

Edward Moran

Stay strong brother. Your

Stay strong brother. Your attitude will serve you well.


Liberty = Responsibility





The a Empire State Building makes me think of Atlas Shrugged

Unfettered, we can do great things!

Edward Moran

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It makes me think of The Fountainhead.

Another great Ayn Rand classic, in which architecture figures prominently.

Google is government.

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Wish you well in your new job

Wish you well in your new job and in our shared future...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Thanks, Bro

Our shared future! I tell people that they and we haven't seen anything yet!:)

Edward Moran