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The Silver Institute Forecasts Industrial Silver Demand To Out Pace Global GDP Through 2016

The Silver Institute has released a report forecasting that industrial silver demand is expected to out pace global GDP through 2016.

Last year silver investment Demand was up 76%!

Yet, in recent trading silver has fallen below $19 an ounce- in the same price range of silver in 1979!

With Europe announcing their own version of QE, it seems no matter how much currency central banks print, silver and gold head down.

The charges of gold and silver manipulation are sure to be raised again.

Are they correct?

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All markets are manipulated

In the land of the free, the bond market, stock market, currency markets, interest rates and commodities all are manipulated. Why wouldn't precious metals be manipulated?
The question is: Who is manipulating them and why?
I suspect it's to support, protect and defend the longevity of the fiat dollar, which is losing its appeal globally.
When the European Central Bank lowered interest rates today, the dollar spiked and the price of precious metals sold in dollars fell—temporarily.
In these currency wars, it's a race to the bottom.
Keep stacking if you can.