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Why I refuse to watch ISIS beheading videos or view naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Why I refuse to watch ISIS beheading videos or view naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence.


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It's all Hollywood...

since when does someone get beheaded in dapper orange attire by a concealed person in dapper black attire...give me a break...I'm a grown man, don't patronize me you paid-for Hollywood hires.

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jennifer w/e

she's not that hot... she's okay...a 7/8. I hate her for not knowing how to use a bow and arrow thou. Who the fuk aims on their cheek? she can't act at all.

Who is Jennifer Lawrence?

Why should I want to view her naked? Most women actually look better dressed than naked. No one is very attractive missing a head.

I watched 2 or 3 beheading

I watched 2 or 3 beheading videos back when the U.S. invaded Iraq, so I am not interested in seeing anymore. I think watching them made a permanent impact on my understanding of good and evil, that would otherwise not be able to be obtained. Ignorance is bliss, and those videos can not be unseen.

I am someone that does a lot of deep thinking about consciousness, the meaning of life, and perceived reality; seeing that kind of stuff is educational. It's a deep rabbit hole to go down, and a person can literally go loony on the way. I don't need to see any more of the videos because it wouldn't teach me anything I haven't learned already.

I did enjoy the Jennifer Lawrence pics, she is hot. I don't think that bodies are something to be ashamed of. As far as privacy goes, don't leave your car unlocked and complain when some punk steals your stereo. Not to blame the victim, but exercise some personal responsibility, and understand human nature.

I think it is important to

I think it is important to watch the ISIS videos. They are being used as cause for war, and too many people are eating it up. Having seen the first one (the second has been difficult to find), I can confidently debate the legitimacy of the videos, and thus the legitimacy of its impact on our foreign policy. I can also show clearly how western media sells it without ever vetting it. I've seen low budget movies with far more convincing beheadings.


I saw all three of them,

and they're just as fake as the first one. The only difference in the 2nd one is that the "victim" doesn't seem as apathetic about having his head cut off and he does a little jerking leg kick motion before the screen turns black. The third one is pretty much the same except with a different backdrop and some clips of what looks like captives being interrogated, Obama speaking with some guy I don't immediately recognize, and some trucks driving down the street.

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This rhetoric going around about "Don't WATCH THE VIDEOS" Is being promoted by the same people in Facebook with their job as "Fema Camp Counselor 223" Or some other variation of that.

They are complete shills, David Cameron infact made it ILLEGAL to watch the Beheading videos.....

Occam's Razor says the plausible answer is they don't want us to watch these videos because the more people do the more they will realize this is all fabricated Horsefeces.

I watched the Foley one, I saw two seriously odd things, One the knife he puts to Foley's Neck is not the same knife that is sitting next to Foley's Body.

Two He "Sawed" Into Foley 7x before it fades to black showing no slashing whatsoever.


The Ayes have it!

I was able

to pass on the beheading videos. The Jennifer Lawrence pics, not so much... I'm only human damnit!

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Excellent presentation, agree with the conditioning

Very well said, and sums up what I've been feeling for several years. There are some videos posted here that I just don't watch; I might read the post for the comments, but won't watch those videos.

There was one recently on the home page about drivers having their blood forcibly drawn while strapped to a gurney. I did not watch that one.

And I see a parallel; they are of the same "class" of video: showing victimization.

By exposing ourselves to victimization, it desensitizes us to being victimized. When the policy enforcer only punches us, instead of strapping us down and drawing our blood out through inexperienced hands, we feel better having that "it's funny because it happened to him" feeling (courtesy Homer Simpson) -- but at the same time, we're being conditioned. And one unfortunate result is that it makes those punches more frequent not only from a policy enforcer's hand, but from our desensitized neighbors as well.

I think it's weird and neat that I have this auto-avoidance to conditioning. I wonder if others here do?

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I didn't look at either of them because

It would have accomplished the goal of those who uploaded them. I can and do appreciate your views on conditioning, I personally just don't want to contribute to the problem. I feel bad for the beheaded... and Jennifer/company.

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