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Czech Ron Paul fan's theme song.

Thought you may like this one to go with what Ron Paul means to us in the US.

Ring O Ding by the legend and immortal singer Marta Kubišová!!


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The Czech President

says Al Gore is a huckster. I agree with him.

He's about the only Leader who is not afraid to tell the truth about global warming.

In Liberty's Cause


Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jak se maš!

My guess is that this musical video was made during the Prague Spring...right before the USSR rolled in and crushed the new sense of Czech freedom. This video is timely...since the USA is experiencing a bit of censorship and loss of freedom now.

I can't wait to go back to the Cz Rep where dogs are still allowed in restaurants...however, I fear capitalism is reaking havoc there.

That is correct! Lasko

That is correct!
Lasko Marta!!
She was silenced for 20 years after making these songs.

This is tha actual song that got her banned:
Marta Kubišová - Modlitba pro Martu

Perhaps u mean fascism,

Perhaps u mean fascism, socialism is wreaking havoc there, not capitalism, if properly understood?

that too...

everyone's a capitilist, technically