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Clear Channel talk show hosts (glenn beck and his cohorts, Limbaugh, etc) are trying to persuade Huckabee voters to vote for Mitt. We need Huck to stay in this as long as possible so we go to a brokered convention. We need to post the following link on all Huck sites, youtube videos, etc.




If you can get through to any of the shows (Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc) ask them who owns Clear Channel -- who are they working for? They would try to bully you and say Mitt is no longer the CEO of Bain. My understanding is he is still on the board and if not we all know he has connections - this is definitely a conflict of interesest and explains why all "conservative" talk show hosts support Mitt. If you get through ask when Mitt stepped down from the CEO position of Bain--the owner of Clear Channel - the company they work fo? If they act like they don't know -- put it back on their lap by saying something like "Really -- you know all these facts about all of the candidates, but you don't know who you work for? Be sarcastic right back. I can't ever get through to them.

Then while you have their attention - if they don't hang up on you first-- ask them what their money is backed by. Ask them about the Iran Bourse and give them a reading assignment. Tell them to go look it up on the internet before they even think of giving their opinion again on our foreign policy and economy.

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