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Ron's Strategy is Working!

Over the last few days, I have noticed some significant change in the support camp of Ron Paul. Many people (myself included) are offering their opinions as to why their favorite candidate, Ron Paul, is not doing so well in the primaries. There is a lot of talk right now about forming a new strategy, from "Ron Paul should run as a third party candidate" to "Ron Paul needs a debate coach." Whether or not we the people agree, we the people seem to share the same enthusiasm -- which is, GET RON PAUL ELECTED. And while some may be discouraged for winning any states thus far, I would like to offer everyone my own conclusion based on not how or what the strategy is -- but WHY IT'S WORKING. This might just help clear the air for many who continually support the campaign.

Whether or not you agree with all of Ron Paul's message, there is one thing that separates Ron Paul from any other candidate... and that is Ron Paul IS THE MOST RESPECTED CANDIDATE out there. And while many may support other candidates in the primaries, there is a trend that has been emerging over the last few months or so and it's growing more and more rapidly each day. I offer you to travel all over the internet to different camps, from Hillary Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain and Huckabee and analyze what their supporters are talking about. At ALL OF THEIR FORUMS, you will see discussions of the other candidates. Many people (and rightfully so) are boosting their candidate while trying to rip apart the other candidates. McCain country wants to annihilate Romney headquarters, Clinton followers want to expose Obama, and so on and so on. But they all have one thing in common -- in every single camp, you will find MANY non Ron Paul supporters, regardless of who they support, actually RESPECT WHAT RON PAUL STANDS FOR. In fact, many of the supporters from the other campaigns, especially the Democrats, even said they WOULD CONSIDER VOTING FOR RON PAUL if their candidate didn't win rather than vote for the "other guy."

That's a pretty powerful message, wouldn't you agree? A Democrat voting for a Republican just because they hate the other nominee from the same party so much? The same thing goes for the Republicans. And while I am sure MANY of these forum threads will disappear quickly due to me exposing them to the voting world, it doesn't hide the fact that this is exactly what is occurring in the camps throughout the primaries. People are READY to move to someone else -- and MANY are thinking about Ron Paul because they absolutely despise the other candidates -- and that's putting it lightly compared to some of the posts I've read. They still don't think he can win, but it makes them feel good about voting for someone they respect who would do a better job than to vote for someone they despise just because they're from the same party or they're favored to win.

So why is this occurring? What is dividing the voters amongst Democrats and Republicans? I have two words for you -- Ron Paul. Congressman Paul has done something that is ALREADY CHANGING AMERICA. He is reminding people to look up the Constitution, and in the words of the beloved Yoda, "We must unlearn what we have learned." The people of America are doing exactly that. They are learning the choices we have about FREEDOM and what made our country so great. They are learning that we need to choose someone that we really think will do a great job in office. That it's not about sticking with your party and voting for the "The Party" no matter what. That it's ok to change sides. That it's ok to choose the best candidate. But most importantly, to serve and do what's right for "We the People." It's even catching on to people in office, such as Governor Schwarzenegger warning Republicans, "Every decision has to be based on what is the best for the people, how can I serve the people, rather than how can I serve my party."

Over the last few decades, no other primary race has been this undecided before. Even with the big turnout on the much anticipated Super Tuesday, many still believe a front runner won't be decided. And while Ron Paul may not be winning states, he is collecting delegates and winning at something much more important... Freedom and respect of the American people. His strategy IS WORKING. And when you see your favorite candidate build an alliance with another candidate for sake of the party, which could likely happen as the media is already rumoring the possibility of McCain/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Obama, remember this -- THEY HAD NO CHOICE BECAUSE THEY ARE SERVING THE PARTY, NOT THE PEOPLE. But the people are awake now, thanks to Ron Paul... and one things for certain, there isn't any supporter out there in any of the camps who wouldn't feel betrayed if their candidate were to team up with the very person they despised.

Yes, freedom is a wonderful thing... and along with that, will come the votes swinging to Ron Paul in due time, whether by brokered convention or by a third party run (which may not occur, so do not get your hopes up.) The Ron Paul strategy is working, and in fact, it's working quite beautifully if you ask me. And believe it or not, much of it was helped by the media blackout. It forced candidates to sling mud at each other while Ron Paul just -- well, he just wasn't there! Let the media expose the "Dream Teams" and start to fuel the fire I say. Let them further hold TV debates to questions for the Dream Team candidates by their supporters who simply ask "Why?!!" And we'll all be here, welcoming them with open arms because we know what it felt like before we discovered the truth. Then they'll be free to join the bandwagon of true democracy and freedom -- to devote themselves in support of Ron Paul.

Bottom line -- Who would have thought that such a simple thing known as the truth could win an election? Ron Paul, that's who....


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For any new folks

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.


the entire idea of this campaign was to "send a message" then, yes, there has been some limited success. But, if the idea was to win the republican nomination for president of the US, then one can only see that, as of this minute, it has failed. This campaign has some great things going for it; huge grassroots support, plenty of $$$, best message. The downfall was a lack of strategy, no old media connections, weak debates, and dismal tactics.

Keep in mind that John McCain and Ron Paul were basically in the same place last October. McCain, to his credit, (and I hate the bastard) figured out what to do. It worked.


WRONG! WE, the SUPPORTERS Succeeded; the Campaign


See this post:


Enough said!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Simply put

Simply put and absolutely true.


It's working? Then tell me why RP was in single digits in every Super Tuesday state! Tell me!

Ron Paul 2008!


Happy Libertarian

Americans want everything

Americans want everything handed to them.... They think they can do some sign waving,.... and they will make big waves in a sea, black and thick, like oil. Ye, of little faith. The work is longer, harder and costlier to undo what our greed and apathy has led us to become.


There were Super Tuesday states where he's done the best yet. Double digits. Greater than 20%.

Then there are the caucuses the results from which the media "simplify" to fit their purposes.

I think, as strange as you may find the prospect of this, that in a few days the entire situation will appear much more positive and you will be excited again. Don't forget at that time how you felt now and how much of that can be attributed to, dare I say it, manipulation by those whose profession it is to shape opinion.

You live in miraculous times, when masses awake. You also live in dangerous times.

Take care to keep a cool head.

I don't know if I believe

I don't know if I believe this video or not. Who won Alaska? Huckabee? If he did then I would say we can believe what this young man has said, other wise it's to be taken with a grain of salt.

Although, I do have to admit, there have been times when I have had the thought cross my mind that a lot of people were asking for a lot of money for every cause under the sun and no accounting because they were not part of the official campaign. Not everyone out there is as honest as Ron Paul.

The Campaign absolutely failed.

We have the most powerful message of truth, we have the most dedicated army of supporters, we had raised about $30 million and no wins to show for it. So what happened? If you don't learn from your mistakes we will never have success.

Ron Paul is delightful, a patriot, a genius. He is not a candidate. I'm not saying that you change the message but how about changing how it is delivered? You can't give 15 minute answers to every question and expect anyone to understand what was said. The message has to be refined and be simple, and repeated OFTEN. You don't confront the moderator when you have only had 6 minutes of a 90 minute debate?? That tells me you are not serious. This is no game, millions have been invested by thousands, more is expected.

Was there ANYONE who had worked on a national campaign before? 30 million and we don't win even one state?? Not one? We didn't get close for any opponent to use voter fraud, we lost because strategies were not developed and followed to win.

There was ZERO organization from the top. There wasn't even a suggestion of what to do. There was ZERO leadership. The only direction I heard was "have fun!" this isn't spring break, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, everything had to be done right, all opportunity taken, and then some divine intervention on top. All the positives of the movement were never leveraged, EVER.

The movement has come 100 times further than I thought it could but we have missed opportunities to go even further yet. I invested $3,000 in this thinking we were playing for the win as the product was advertised as such. We are not going for the win. Yes this is the free market, I put the money, I had expectations in doing it.

All is not lost. There has been a great deal of education of the true problems out there. Many patriots have been identified in numbers I would not have believed and that is all due to Dr Paul and his message, not due at all to the campaign. The campaign can't be taken seriously anymore. We have been unable to show that the message of freedom and limited government can win, why would someone adopt them to try again? That is the major damage done.

I respect Dr Paul for his understanding and message and a lifetime of making the case for freedom. I will continue to support his educational efforts and read all I can from him. Unfortunately he did not surround himself with people who could further the cause in the political arena. In any endeavor if people are not producing results they need to be replaced with someone who might. This never happened.

The army was let down by the leadership.

Unfortunate and sad.

We are planting the seeds of

We are planting the seeds of freedom. 5% throughout the US is quit alot of wisdom that is spread. Just think about it. How do you think the elite feel when Ron Paul who they have shut out of the media gets an average of 5% still. Ron Pauls message is freedom, get rid of the FED, the IRS and the income tax. How do you think the elitest feel about that? They did every ting they could do to stop his message and he still got atleast 5%. That is planting many seeds and spreading the message. Only more people will learn the truth not less. This is only the begining. It is a movement a true revolution. It is STILL growing by the day no matter what the media says. You know that has to make them feel powerless when it continues to grow despite the effort to stop it!

An ORGANIZED 5% can dominate.

Also another point to your post. Here in Alaska we had about 1,500 votes. If that many people were ORGANIZED in an effective way and not going off in 1,500 directions we could turn our money grubbing corrupt Don Young into a Ron Paul. That number is a HUGE force and multiply it out among the country and it is even better. A small minority can do wonders but it will take organization, not "hey, do what you like, have fun and let's see what happens." Tonight I saw the democrats were very organized at the caucus and you can bet the powers that be are, to think that we will spontaneously just win is ignorant. We can't just keep doing the same thing.

Will we use this to learn?

I agree with everything you say and it gives me a LOT of hope for the future. You are comletely correct about the seed anology. The educational movement will grow. The POLITICAL movement? Not so much without some big changes and the train has left the station on this chance. There will have to be some serious analysis of what right and wrong. What did the average person respond to? What turned them off? If there is any money left and the campaign wants to actually do something they could pay for this research. What did people respond to? What did they clearly understand? That would be a tool that all candidates interested in running on the message of liberty could use.

Republicae's picture

It's the Economy

It's the Economy Stupid.....If we can get to a brokered convention the Economy will broker Ron Paul into office. Even if we don't get to a brokered convention, by the time the proverbial economic shite hits the fan everyone in this country will be looking for an alternative to the other candidates and the only alternative is Dr. Paul. This year we will see a drastic downturn in the economy, one that will scare most Americans in ways they have never known before.

This election is far from over and the American People are about to see something no one living, even those of us who witnessed the Great Depression didn't witness what we are facing. We are in the beginning of a Panic and just as Dr. Paul has been marginalized by the media, the media is doing its best to marginalize what is happening in the economy. There are many economic convergences that have never taken place before and those convergences don't just indicate a mere recession like is being sold by the media, it is something far more threatening. Commodity prices are reaching inflationary heights that they have never hit before, down-turns in every sector and you will see several failures in financial institutions and big companies.

By the time of the Convention I can assure you that People will be so scared that they will be looking for someone with answers and there is only one candidate that has the knowledge and the solutions: RON PAUL.

I just hope that those of us in the Ron Paul Revolution are prepared for what we will face economically.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

If your looking for an issue

If your looking for an issue that EVERYONE is concerned about and Ron Paul is an expert on, it's the falling value of the dollar. But don't use that language, in the general public they don't understand it. They understand food cost more, gas cost more. I watched a video of a rally, I think it was in WV, huge crowd, very enthusiastic, cheering at nearly every line Ron said but then he talked about the dollar and you could almost hear crickets. He lost them and the momentum of the moment. When he talks about the dollar being under attack, no one in a normal crowd understand what the hell he is saying. Simple language, one liners with punch need to be developed and out of that will come the cry of the campaign. I'm not good at this but I know what has worked in the past.

Mad Money

'Now that soup Tuesday is almost through, Ron needs some rest, can he not get back on Mad Money and upsurp the MSM news by doing some consumer shows like that etc? BTW see posts about Ron Paul newspapers.
A great tool for the toolbox.

I always think of all you canvassors and precinct leaders at the front line.
Good luck out there &Thank you. It's appreciated'.-fip

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.


Do you think the campaign might consider some of your suggestions now?
Is there someone who can contact them and at least get some answers or explanations? I think there are a few hard working and donating supporters who deserve at least that much.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Treg, pretty good

analysis ...especially about the grassroots taking the lead.

There was absolutely no meaningful MSM coverage of Ron Paul and no media buys by the campaign in Massachusetts (we did our full page ad in the Globe on our own and some people still responded 'Ron Paul? Never heard of him.") I understand there was no media buys in Arizona either....East coast to west, was there nothing? One has to wonder in what states, if any, did the campaign do any major media publicity. So, an accounting of how the campaign has used its resources till now would be very useful for future planning. Should be available in the FEC reports if nowhere else...

Given the lack of coverage and exposure there is no surprise in the results.


Some figures from the Ron Paul year-end FEC report:

Contributions 28,046,752.47

Operating Expenditures 20,262,083.95
Television 2.1 million
Radio 3.0 million
Bulk mailing 4. milliion

One figure that stands out is $5,000. spent on voter lists. These are of overriding importance for targeting the correct voter, etc. Perhaps this low amount to get high quality voter lists is the reason why the lists provided by the campaign were so poor.

A good analysis of what went wrong (and, yes, the strategy is not working) is the only solution for better results in the remaing primary states. The popular vote does matter and we should win it. There is no reason except incompetence that a great message plus a great grassroots' support should not succeed.

Joe Ureneck


all the results are popular vote which means NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its all about delegates and RP is doing very good in delegates. Remember who reports the results. they hate RP and they are not going to come out and say RP has a lot ogf delegates. Dont be fooled and everyone on this site is not a RP supporter so dont buy into the negative posts.

Diebold can't kill our delegates!

IT:S ALL about our delegates. PROTECT them!!


"STOP drinking the Ron Paul HQ is PERFECT KOOL-AID."

Oh I get it -- we should be drinking the Treg *hiccup* Vodka instead, eh?

Take note little man, the revolution ain't YOURS to begin with -- it's OURS, and WE THE PEOPLE decided what's best for us, and that's Ron Paul. Go dictate somewhere else - maybe Russia, they like Vodka and your dictating attitude. You'd feel right at home.

You are confused....Its not working.

Look, please separate out your loyalties.

1st) --Revolution
2nd)-- Ron Paul
3rd) -- HQ and Campaign decisions & strategies.

Look, just like arguing against the policies of the Government of Israel, does not make me Anti-Semitic, in much the same way..... arguing against the decisions and strategies of the Campaign HQ does not make me Anti-Ron Paul.

So STOP drinking the Ron Paul HQ is PERFECT KOOL-AID.

The #1 Grassroots effort of all time.... + ...the #1 Message of all time = a last place finish.

So, do some thinking.... do some real thinking at what Could have done better.

A) We in the Grassroots could have done our Money Bombs two months earlier.

B) HQ Campaign could have been all over New Hampshire and Iowa with TV ads and radio ads nonstop for 30 days.

C) Ron Paul could have appointed his own pundits to argue for him, not allow himself to be made to look like a kook. Ron Paul could have fought harder for the Christian vote that Huck took. Ron could have been MORE Presidential, after all, if you will let pansy Anderson Cooper walk all over you, perhaps you will let Hugo Chavez do it also....(thats how voters think).

Treg / Tempe, AZ --- Loving the Revolution, but NOT drinking the Ron Paul Kool Aid.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Don't kill the messenger! I

Don't kill the messenger! I only report the news, I don't write it.
My response is this:
Ok, if things are truly that great against us, what do we do? Throw in the towel? Give up, or just keep going with prayer and hope that there is a small glimpse of light at the end of a long tunnel? We have a chance. It's a small one at that but if we don't make it, so be it. But lets keep our chins up and keep fighting for what we believe is right for our country. One small step at a time. America is waking up, a bit too slow for me, but she is waking up. I am afraid that it will not be until people have nothing left, that their eyes will open, and then they will be willing to fight.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Well said, I agree

When the money started pouring in there were towo good choices. Run a highly unconventional campaign that took advantage of the grassroots - and give the more successful grass roots people more authority, or pay for a top notch political hack, pundits etc. I don't think we did either.

I'm sure everyone did their best, and there were some shining moments, but the resources were not exploited in my opinion.


It ain't over with yet.


You're right... when Ron says it's over, then I'll say so too

We keep fighting till we can't anymore!

---- ---- ----
Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

---- ---- ----
Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!


It ain't over with yet.


Thoughts on strategy

I believe the key to a Ron Paul victory is

First, for the campaign to emphasize his monetary policy first, sound money, etc. Keep it simple and free of economic jargon as much as possible. It is actually a simple subject anyway. None of the other candidates will touch this subject. Their strategy is to respond with silence.

Ron Paul is not being blacked out by the media, it is anyone that talks about the money supply, he just happens to be doing that. It happens in the Euro Comm. also, just ask the President of France. Ron Paul should turn this blackout into a positive by taking advantages of his ability to talk on the subject and know that the others will remain silent. If any dare try to contest him, he has the advantage he is right. It is a minefield for his opponents. Tempt them to enter, although they probably will not.

Second, emphasize that all other economic issues; government spending, tax cuts, and foreign policy for that matter, are dependent on a sound U.S. monetary policy. Without a sound monetary policy, all roads lead to bankruptcy.

You can take the war on terror route or the universal health care big government route but the destination is the same-- bankruptcy.

I posted a blog at www.ronpaulrepublicans.wordpress.com were I've posted a few items on this line and will post more.

Monetary policy goes over peoples head

He needs to tell people in plan words the dangers.