Ron Paul on PBS News Hour 10-12-2007

Thanks to vapatriot2 for recording this and getting it up on YouTube so promptly. This is an EXCELLENT interview!

Part I:

Part II below:

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actually he could get rid of

actually he could get rid of IRS on his first day, the IRS is part of the Department of Treasury. It's just that it would be an unwise move as it would put lots of people out of their jobs, but I thought I'd throw that out there. The income tax, however, would harder since it's in the Constitution.

What she asked

I listened to that part again, because I was also confused a little. What she actually asks is "what are some of the first things you would do? You said you would get rid of the IRS.". Then he pretty much says he can't do that right away, but he could start bringing troops back.

Great interview!

Overall, the best RP interview yet. Perhaps RP's people should try to schedule interviews with women, as they are (generally) less combative.
Regardless, Dr. Pauls love for mankind really showed through, he came across as a genuine human unlike____________(fill in politicion of your choice).

Congress writing laws

One of my pet peeves, and Ron did it in this interview, is when someone says "Congress shall write no law" in response to anything related to congress making laws. I don't get this. Can someone explain where this comes from? From everything I know of the Constitution, congress is the one that writes the laws.

The only thing that I know of is the first amendment where it says "Congress shall make no law", but that isn't the end of the sentence. It says

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is saying specifically what things congress is excluded from making laws about. So is there any basis to the shortened quote or is this just a misquote that people need to stop saying?

the 1st amendment restricts congress

Her question was regarding prayer in school. Ron is correct and you have the correct passage:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Washington doesn't need more lawyers.
It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom

He was actually talking

He was actually talking about the 1st amendment at the time. The prohibition of free speech, that is, prayer.

I love this interview

What a sweet hearted man with such quiet inner strength and confidence. There couldn't be a more dramatic difference between him and the other so called frontrunners. This is the one you show to your mom and mothers everywhere.

Washington doesn't need more lawyers.
It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom

She asked about income tax and he answered about Iraq

RP's hearing is not very good..

No his point was that he

No his point was that he alone doesn't have the power to get rid of the IRS, but he does have the power to cut back all of the war spending so that we CAN get rid of the IRS safely. I thought it was a little weird too though.

Judy Woodruff and PBS

Judy and PBS deserve a lot of praise for a clean cut interview of Dr. Paul -- One of the best yet

Personal character

Great interview!

At the very end, he is asked if he has met anyone he has delivered as a baby. In his response he really shows true feelings with a silly smile on his face, his joy for his profession.

Imagine what kind of a phony act that a psychopath like Giuliani or a superficial show-off like Romney would've put on in that situation!

I'm all for the issues, not the person. But it is important to be trustworthy when you're going up against the entire establishment of centralized power since others, like Ronald Reagan, have largely failed to deliver substantial results. And Ron Paul gets full score there. Actually, he's off the scale!

We should try to display Ron Pauls personal character more clearly for the wider public. Items on his CV like "drafted during the Cuban crises, 10 terms in congress, doesn't accept congress pension etc" are not the most important proofs of his personality. It's improvised honest emotional sequences like the last seconds of this interview that are the most important!

That's "her"!!!

The girl he delivered, who is now a supporter, NEEDS to be a campaign commercial. I wish I could have seen their exchange in NH. You're right, his face really lights up at that moment! :) There are probably dozens of beautiful kids who'd be good for this commercial, which wouldn't even need to be explicitly addressing the abortion issue to make the point...