Ron Paul Commercial Filming in NYC Seeks Volunteers

Jeremiah Black asked me to repost the following great idea:

Hi, my name is Jeremiah Black. I work here in NYC in television and internet programming as a director and a producer, and have also worked for a number of years in film and commercials. Coming into my studio a few days ago, and looking around at the cameras, lights, sound gear, post-production equipment, etc., I suddenly realized that I have the resources on hand to film a nice commercial for Dr. Paul.

So, I sat down, scripted a few 30 second spots, and would like to begin filming in the next few weeks. I am looking to film a spot with on camera talent rather than assemble a montage with voice over as is typically done is political ads. Of course, I have a Rolodex full of actors to use for such projects, but would prefer to use actual Ron Paul supporters, if possible. So, if you are here in NYC where I am, please post a response to this thread or contact me for a casting. Please include your age and party affiliation, as well as some general info about yourself. I am looking to assemble as diverse a cast as possible- from anti-war students to conservative Christian fathers, from liberals to traditional Republicans, all races, all ages, both genders. As I said, I own all the resources to make this commercial already (it's my business), and most of my production team and my composer (as luck would have it) are also Ron Paul supporters, so professional, donated labor is already in place. So, a few minor expenses aside, I figured I could produce a solid HD spot for Dr. Paul free of charge.

And anyone else who works in production- grip, gaffer, hair/makeup, boom op, etc. feel free to contact me and get in on the action, as well. We have a crew, but a crew of all Ron Paul supporters donating a day of their time would be best.

- jeremiah black, NYC

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hope you do a video for the Ron Paul video Contest $$

Just search "treg" and look for "RP youtube contest" for info...

Lets get it started...

Are you in?


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oh yeah


I'm in. We'll be filming a couple 30 second cmmericals and some viral stuff for the web on the same day. Hopefully you'll like the viral web spots.

The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt

This is what we need

Thanks Jeremiah. I think your efforts will greatly contribute to Ron Paul's success.

Everyone needs to follow your example and ask themselves: "What unique contribution can I make to this campaign, with my unique set of skills, experience or contacts?" Everyone has an opportunity to spread the word. Every small action helps. That is what is making this campaign so dynamic and efficient.



All the best!

That's awesome support!
Make this happen ;)
Good luck.


You should have no problem assembling an excellent crew in New York City. Good luck, Jeremiah, and thanks for your contribution.