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Super Tuesday - Reports from the Front Lines

Who's on the front line of this battle? We all are! Get out and vote, and bring someone along. Come back here and report what you saw.

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TEXAS might be the tipping point..

I did not realize TEXAS had 140 delegates. New York only had 101, so if Dr. Paul wins Texas, that would be a STRONG MESSAGE about his strong stand on Illegal Immigration, ya think?

After Louisiana GOP obviously perpetrating acts of favoritism & manipulating the entire process, well, the TEXAS RP supporter networks may have to OVER VERIFY their Republican status, and BRING PAPER DOCUMENTATION with them (with a copy at home) that they can vote on March 4th.

If McCain wins Texas, there HAS to be massive fraud. There can't be that many war hawks in Texas to overcome the fears and anger the citizens have over illegal immigration.

DELEGATE voting varies....

from state to state. Where we live, it's the delegates that make the decision. We voted for RP, and most everyone we knew was a delegate for him.

When the primary comes in June in Montana, it matters nothing at all, because even if Ron Paul wins the majority, the delegates are going to Mitt Romney regardless. And, if Mitt Romney were to drop out of the race before then, he could direct "his" delegates to vote for someone that he wants, and they are typically obligated to do so.

The caucuses are entrenched with MAINSTREAM & HARDCORE REPUBLICANS, and that's why we are not winning these states. If you add the MEDIA problems we have to this equation, it was a foregone conclusion from the get-go. I'm thinking Dr. Paul must have been aware of the GOP bias from the beginning, but he must have thought the COUNTRY was ready for the truth and ready for a real change. He/we were wrong. The one thing underestimated was that Americans were too comfortable still driving the SUV's for that. And, I don't think even Dr. Paul himself thought the MEDIA would have been this villainous. I think he thought since he was a "Republican" that he'd be "ok", but boy, the MEDIA tried to make him into a "3rd party" candidate and marginalize him right off the bat.

The MEDIA is deplorable. The GOP stinks. And, the filthy rich globalists are guilty of "bearing false witness against their neighbor", and we know which neighbor I'm talking about!

Drop out? What you say?

That could NEVER happen.


Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

In the Super Tuesday primary results Knox County TN does not identify which of the 100s of delegates are for Ron Paul, but they were idenitfied on the ballot.

Every voter must check that their own vote was counted. The county election commission keeps detailed public records of every registered voter, and who they voted for in each election.

It's suicidal to quit while he's ahead getting free publicity in the GOP primary. Not until after the Republicon convention does he need to change to an independent. That's how Joe Lieberman got re-elected to the US Senate, running indy after the Demorat convention. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

The reason Ron Paul got beat yesterday is because most of his voters are doing nothing but voting. Voting is for losers, if that's all you do. 90% of precincts still have no precinct leaders signed up, and 99% of those leaders do nothing but wave signs.

Ron Paul campaign HQ has detailed training videos on how to win, which requires personally contacting 1,000s of voters in each precinct, 1st to gather intel anonymously to weed out hard-core GOPsters and DemoRats, 2nd to re-contact Ron Paul supporters and recruit them to work in the campaign, 3rd register Ron Paul voters in the primaries, 4th sell uncommitted voters, 5th deliver absentee ballots only to Ron Paul voters, 6th re-contact to remind to vote early or by the deadline, 7th stand at the polls on election day and handout RP info and recruit more workers, etc. Ron Paul voters must volunteer for poll watching, poll counting, and stalking whoever is delivering the vote totals, like Bev Harris does with a videocam. This is what winning candidates do.

Training Videos:

Another reason Ron Paul got beat is lack of a dozen cable access TV shows, pirate TV shows, pirate FM/AM radio stations, and licensed radio stations in every district. This is the only way to bypass the pythological liars in the media mafia.

Ron Paul TV

Another problem is govt employees who are following illegal orders to vote for establish candidates under threat of being fired, which includes a huge voting block of most govt employees and their families. At the primary election yesterday I spoke with a campaign worker who was a 25-year retiree from a Knox County TN govt dept. He said that every payday he was required to pay 1/3rd of his paycheck to his boss, cash only, for 25 years. He was also required to campaign for his boss, and to buy at least 10 tickets to the GOP campaign party. He said this is the standard in Knox county govt. He was disgruntled after being fired by his supervisor who refused to work. Sound familiar?

Do taxpayers enjoy overpaying govt employees by 33%? He also complained that his govt pension plan was mysteriously failing to grow. This is explained by "churning" and looting the govt CAFR pensions, to reduce the net profit. Read a free copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (city, county, state, KUB, UT, fed), to catch govt crooks running 2 sets of books. the CAFR is the govt report on profits, the Budget is the report on expenses. Govt crooks use the CAFR as their personal piggy bank.

Pirate News TV & Radio Show

Republican "Front-Runner" Wins will be SHORT-LIVED...

FIRST, let me apologize for this very long email, but I feel compelled...

It appears the CFR goals will be achieved one way or another, and it also appears that the TALK SHOW RADIO HOSTS have played directly into their hands by unwittingly supporting "UNELECTABLE" candidates.

Rush Limbaugh is floundering around about McCain being a liberal. Sean Hannity is spouting "limited government, fiscal responsibility" & RP verbage, and then, we have the illustrious Michael Savage disillusioned with ALL of them, yet spewing forth constitutional rhetoric, of course, without giving credence to the very person who brought this up over and over again and again. And, I might add that their RP rhetoric will NOT resonate with the public, because they have trashed RP in the process. People are not THAT stupid. Savage, no doubt, has lost the faith of many of his "now-educated" listeners. What goes around comes around. Their RP "message" will ring untrue in the hearts & minds of many Republicans who listen. Many Republicans will feel betrayed eventually. They will screen their callers, but there will be retribution to pay I believe, and disenchanted callers will get through with stinging words that will make them queasy & uncomfortable. They will lose, in a nutshell, period.

These men had a chance, and I will be calling them on the carpet about this--in a discreet way, so I am not cut off till I WANT TO BE....but, they have all shot themselves in the foot, mouth, backside, and gut over this whole mess.

They had the chance to, at least, COUNTER the DAMAGE of CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, & FoxNews. Every one of them are filthy rich and could have taken a stand & done the unthinkable, but they didn't, and this is the result we have now. They threw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. If they had treated Dr. Paul with RESPECT and some ENTHUSIASM, we could have possibly come out ahead with a MUCH, MUCH better showing. I'm not saying we would have beaten Romney or McCain, but we might have tromped on the RELIGIOUS HYPOCRIT, and we all know who I'm talking about here.

NOW, they are faced with the prospect of a DEMOCRATIC presidency with a DEMOCRATIC SENATE & CONGRESS.

I am proud that MONTANA put Dr. Paul 2nd on the map with a firm showing for him. We tapped the old-time "VIGILANTE" spirit deep inside their core. We exclaimed to the caucus crowd, "The Democrats are going to slaughter the Republicans! We told them why! That the Democrats were going to use the WAR against the Republicans! We told them we will lose, and so, it mattered not who they vote for now, but only who they really believed was RIGHT. And, we told them that they would be able to say SOMEDAY to the rest of America, "See, we were right, do you remember Dr. Paul? See he was right!"

The candidates must have wanted MONTANA pretty bad last night, because ALL the candidates called in on a telephone line to the entire CAUCUS. That was pretty astounding. I noticed some Mormons there, and then, it occurred to me that they must have had a directive from the Mormon church to invade the caucuses here, so that is why Romney won Montana, imho.

Regarding MISTAKES IN THE CAMPAIGN, the only thing I can fault Dr. Paul for was being TOO modest about his pro-family, pro-life stances, as compared to the TRAITOR HUCKABEE who deceived the masses, as he quietly threw support to McCain. The advertising was not aggressive enough, as we all know. There wasn't enough communication with the EXTREMELY GIFTED supporters in voting on & designing commercials. I tried my hardest, as I'm sure MANY did, but it was all to no avail. With a recalcitrant Advertising Manager? or Campaign Manager?, with refusing to even point out the WINNING DIFFERENCES between Dr. Paul & ALL the rest of the DNC & RNC pack, it was so disappointing. I wanted them to run a much more aggressive ad campaign, and many others felt the same way.

However, we were astonished when we heard about the polling AFTER Iowa & New Hampshire & Florida that showed Republican voters thought McCain was "tough on illegal immigration". Can you believe that? Good grief, it told me that if we'd pointed this out in our ads, we might have been able to swing voters our way! We had a headquarters that refused to spend the money early on in an advertising BLAST that *might* have made a difference (if we assume there was no machine manipulations going on, that is). I could go on...

Still, even with all the criticism, NONE of this would have mattered much, IF CNN, MSNBC, & FOXNEWS & the Radio Talkshow Hosts would have just treated Dr. Paul with a great deal of respect. THOSE are the culprits who RUINED Dr. Paul & us. THEY are the ones who are--

culpable, blameworthy, guilty, reprehensible, responsible, dirty, crooked, deplorable, wicked, shady, detestable, immoral, felonious, and so god-awful sleazy! There just aren't enough words to describe the rampant injustice that they inflicted on our candidate.

However, one thing they CANNOT do is take away all the things we have learned, so now, I'm thinking, after we've had time to lick our wounds, we will be unstoppable in spreading our knowledge to everyone, including Democrats. I'm not sure how to do it, but we will figure out good ways. Word of mouth about the knowledge of so many topics on YouTube could be one way, also.

Nevertheless, we shall carry onward & keep our networks of friends we have made across the entire United States...

Carl & Laura



#1. They are simply repeating Old Media's chant like "He has no chance", etc. This is brainwashing. Even many Ron Paul supporters are falling for this brainwashing. NEVER, repeat Old Media's chant. Just ask anyone for the reason why he or she did not or will not vote for Ron Paul. Their reasons are not in their own words, but they are Old Media's chant. BE VERY AWARE. NEVER REPEAT OLD MEDIA CHANT.

#2 Some people just don't know about Ron Paul. BE VERY CAREFUL when you introduce Ron Paul to these people. NEVER INSERT OLD MEDIA CHANT like "He has no chance, but we still support him" etc. NO. We will beat old media brainwashing with our own chant. "RON PAUL WILL WIN IN THE MOST SPECTACULAR WAY!" Again, don't insert Old Media chant in this, like "RON PAUL WILL WIN IN THE MOST SPECTACULAR WAY even though..." It's easy to insert Old Media chant by saying "even though..." Don't do it. If you do, you are still brainwashed. RON PAUL WILL WIN IN THE MOST SPECTACULAR WAY PERIOD!

government of the people, by the people, for the people

As long as there's a brokered convention, there's still hope!

The way I understand the process, Ron Paul needs his supporters to be delegates to the national convention! This means RP people must join their local republican parties enmass, but quietly, so as not to arouse suspicion that there's a takeover going on. Next, they need to offer themselves as national convention delegates.

In a brokered convention, the first round of voting usually goes as determined by the primaries and caucuses. In other words, since no one had a majority of the vote before the convention, it's not likely that there will be a winner on the first vote either. However, after that round delegates are freed from their obligation to vote for specific candidates.

It gets mean and dirty, but if enough RP delegates are there, who knows what might happen! Besides, everyone will be well seasoned for the next battle!

If I'm wrong about any of this, please let me know.

I don't know who thought up this system, but he's probably in hell.

I think you are (wrong, that is)

The party clearly doesn’t want Ron Paul. Don’t blame Fox News entirely – except for the NH GOP, the party has never protested in his behalf or demanded any sort of fair play. They wish he would just go away so there WON’T be a brokered convention to make the GOP candidate look weak in the general election. To show party strength and unity, brokered conventions are usually avoided by losing candidates compelling their delegates to vote for the front-runner -- if not before the convention, at least after the first vote. So who would support RP? Romney? McCain? Not on your life. A “brokered convention” is a PC way of saying, ‘deal-cutting’ by the party leaders. The idea is to get a candidate as left of center as possible to attract some Dems to the GOP in November and, if successful, will be able to work with Congress. And how does Congress react to RP? They ignore him more than the media does. As I see it, we either win on the vote or we don’t win at all and that doesn’t seem possible absent a third party run. Will someone please explain how a brokered convention could possibly work in our favor?

NH GOP - ???

It has been reported that the NH GOP defended Dr. Paul's right to participate in the Fox debate. What then are they doing to assist the fraudulent vote count challenge. If they are really for fair play and honest elections, what are they doing to promote accuracy and accountability to the election process?

For Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

please read

Hello fellow avid Ron Paul supporters. Although elated about the existence and popularity of the campaign, I am somewhat downtrodden by our media. I am writing a journal article for my college about Ron Paul and the media, in contrast with his grassroots political following. If any of you guys have any stories about campaigning, I would love to hear them, I am looking for stories to put in my piece. Also, I am trying to form a meet up group in New Hampshire, even though the NH primary is over, I feel like the movement is not, so please anyone with great stories about the campaign, frustrations with the media, send me your thoughts to hharrington05@nec.edu
Thanks guys!

Here's Why Super Tuesday Was Not So Super

Monday, there was a Yahoo page that offered an overview of all the states participating in Super Tuesday. I clicked on various states -- Alaska, a few states out west, and ones here and there across the U.S. Ron Paul was first in four states and second in a bunch of others.

So how could Ron Paul drop from being the front-runner in four states to being third or fourth in those states? How come polling was so far off -- again?

I've known about Ron Paul since the early 1980s. I've been working hard to support him in our state (Michigan) as well as via e-mail to friends and family throughout the country. So I'm not a troll or a bozo or someone from McCain's camp trying to influence Daily Paul readers.

What's going on in this country? I believe it can be reduced to three possibilities:

1. The public knows about Ron Paul and rejects his message,
2. The public doesn't know about Ron Paul and votes out of ignorance
3. The public knows about Ron Paul, votes for him, and the system corrupts the votes

I see a lot of talk in the Daily Paul about option #3. However, I don't think that's viable nation-wide. Those crappy Diebold machines aren't used everywhere. And you can't tell me every single polling place, and every single method of voting, is corrupt. It's not possible. It's not logical.

Therefore, the answer lies somewhere in option #1 or option #2.

Of those two remaining options, I think it's possible the public doesn't know about Ron Paul. The mainstream media, as well as many of our supposed "conservative" friends like Hannity and Limbaugh (who are, as I've discovered, just as much part of the problem in this country as the liberals they rail against) have done a good job of marginalizing Ron Paul.


Ron Paul has been in televised debates, even that recent MySpace/MTV one with an audience full of misinformed college students. People who watch debates have had ample time to know Ron Paul exists. If they have access to the Internet, and they cared to know more, they'd be able to find him everywhere. "Google Ron Paul!" is our phrase, isn't it?

Therefore, what Super Tuesday results lead me to believe -- and, trust me, I don't enjoy this realization any more than you will -- is that the reason why Ron Paul has not done well in primaries and caucuses is option #1: The public knows about Ron Paul and rejects his message.

That, my friends, is likely the bitter truth answer.

America has drifted so far from its foundations, and has been so caught up in US Magazine and People Magazine and Time and Newsweek and the exploits of Britney and Angelina and Paris and Tom Cruise that we have -- to use the words of the brilliant social commentator Neil Postman -- been "amusing ourselves to death." Ron Paul's message resonates with people who have enough brain to think about what he's saying and understand the ramifications of his words. He is wholly lost on a populace raised on Political Correctness, The O.C., and mainstream media.

My wife and I will continue to fight for Ron Paul. However, we will do so not succumbing to wild conspiracy theories of rigged elections and evil poll workers. Down that road lies madness -- not to mention the loss of brain cells that could be better used to continue Ron Paul's fight.

Super Tuesday will be a wake-up call -- for Ron Paul supporters, not for America. America is asleep. We know that now.

Long after Ron Paul has ended his bid for the White House, those who love his message of freedom must continue the fight -- calmly, rationally, with compassion in our hearts, and with truth in our minds. If we allow the media to make us think there's a conspiracy, if we allow our former "conservative" idols (Limbaugh and Hannity) to make us feel angry, if we fall victim to the us-versus-them mentality, we will have lost. Worse, we will have done Dr. Paul a great disservice.

America has fallen asleep because she has been lulled, conned, and herded into slumber. Jolting her awake may kill her. We need to buckle down and commit to the long haul. We need to talk one-on-one to spread Dr. Paul's message -- but in a way that's palatable to the sleeping masses. Be kind. Be wise. Be loving. But be truthful. Tell people what they need to hear without coming across like a bunch of wild-eyed nut-jobs because we have been tricked into anger and talk of conspiracy theories.

Forget the theories. Forget the anger. Forget what the mainstream media has done and is doing to America. Remember the movie War Games? It came out in 1983. In it, Matthew Broderick's character hacks into the U.S. defense system and accidentally triggers World War III. At the end, the computer (whose name is Joshua) says this: "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

That's how we need to treat the mainstream media, our fallen "conservative" idols, the stupidity of the American people, and whatever happens in the weeks and months ahead. We know the election system is a fraud. We know this is a game of "Good Cop, Bad Cop." We know there's no difference between Obama and McCain, or Clinton and Romney. They're all "cops" bent on destroying America either through ignorance or design.


The only winning move is not to play.

Rise above it. Don't succumb to it. Don't get angry. Don't be depressed. Truth is not a commodity to be brokered. It is a weapon to be held at the ready, to be used defensively or offensively, but never to kill.

Ron Paul WILL win if we take the high road, avoid the low road, and don't fall for the rabbit trails even some of our own people will take us down.

Stand for the truth. Proclaim it. Shout it if you must. But always do so with compassion. Our fellow Americans may be stupid, but they're human beings. They have the potential to change, to become aware, to wake up.

Super Tuesday is over. The real work -- perhaps for decades -- is yet to come. It is not hopeless. This is not a war. This is life as we are living it in 2008 America. Good or bad, we have to accept what is and work to make things better.

Ron Paul has earned my deep respect, and my undying support. He is a true American hero.

Thank you, Dr. Paul. May we who follow you, in the days ahead, stand as tall as you have.

"The talk must stop. We must secure our borders now. A nation without secure borders is no nation at all. It makes no sense to fight terrorists abroad when our own front door is left unlocked."
- Ron Paul

"The talk must stop. We must secure our borders now. A nation without secure borders is no nation at all. It makes no sense to fight terrorists abroad when our own front door is left unlocked."
- Ron Paul

The Yahoo pages are "Yahoo buzz" NOT a poll

The "Yahoo buzz" page that had Ron Paul in first in Alaska was based on number of Internet searches, not any sort of poll or anything. He was never the front-runner in Alaska.

Great words spoken!

The truth is a great force. One person speaking the truth can wake up millions. Ten people speaking the truth will wake up billions. The odds are in favor of truth. A hundred, a thousand... truth will be the only thing possible! Minuteman2008, I will be in the wings as will you be when we spread this word. This is our destiny!! I am sure we will cross paths and have allot of stories to share. Carry on great messenger, carryon..

other candidates are losing #s, RP #s are growing...

Understand how the process works. Ron Pauls numbers are continuing to grow. They are not going down. All other candidates have to hang on to their supposed supporters and delegates. Ron Pauls numbers continue to grow more not just every day but every hour.
Many of you have been conditioned to listen to the deception of the old stream media, from tv to magazines,etc. I'm here to tell you that Ron Pauls message is resignating to new heights.
I fear that many do not understand how to fight. When in a competition or battle you will endure bumps and bruises. The true fighter and victor picks himself up and works on strengthening his weaknesses and capitolizes on his strengths. Continue the fight, do not waiver, stay the course.
Ron Paul has enough delegates for the convention and will get more. The election is months away. We have to fight for every inch,votes,delegates and leaders. Stay strong!

I am a delegate to State and District in Colorado

And so is everyone I know.

23 people attended my caucus 4 were unregistered

Straw poll Results

Ron Paul 8
Mitt Romney 4
Mike Huckabee 4
Guiliani 1
McCain 2

The opposition posed no contest and let me win unanimously.

All of my counties (Adams, and Denver) Ron Paul Republicans won delegate and know of no losses as of yet! At least 30+ delegates in Adams and probably lots more in Denver. Most delegates have not reported to us organizers yet.

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

Voters Pay So Little Attention

About the Julianee thing. Don't be going around saying voter fraud. Honestly those are people who pay so little attention but go vote anyway. A lot of people do that. Shit I am voting for Dr. Paul whether I is in or not. Right.

six out of nine

Way up in Bemidji, MN in our precinct we earned six out of the nine delegates for Ron Paul. The straw poll wasn't great, but it included about half the county, so there were a lot of Huckster votes.


Why did Giuliani get 5% in California and Paul got 4%?.

Why did 113,000 people in California vote for Giuliani if he is not running?

Can somebody explain this to me? Thanks.

If Ron Paul had dropped out

I still would have voted for him. Than people would ask the same thinkg, "Why all the votes for Paul if he isn't even in the race"....Ha, that's what some people are saying anyway.

Anyway, it isn't too far fetched to think that if you were a Giuliani supporter, you would still want to back him either way.

California had early voting...

...they could send their ballots in early, that's the problem with voting early in primary elections... your candidate might drop out.

They could have been

They could have been absentee ballots that were sent in early. That's just a guess though.



Can You Say Election Fraud?

Very simply, they stole his votes. No other reasonable explanation,

Good Showing in Mine!

Presidential Straw Poll:

Huckabee 7
Romney 7
Paul 5
McCain 1
Undecided 1


Paul 4
Romney 4
Huckabee 1
McCain 1


Now, THIS is what is happening around the country. PERFECT!

In Christ,

(New videos added daily..have a look)

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Ron Paul won my precinct!

Ron Paul won precinct 6 in Mankato Minnesota. McCain came in second. In the four other precincts I was lucky enough to hear the results of he won two resoundingly and tied the other two with McCain and Huckabee respectively. It was awesome. Too bad there are still so many sheeple.

Colorado = Paul

they won the straw poll, but we dominated the delegates

I won

My straw poll

if you would have canvassed harder you could have won yours also in Colorado!

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

Ron Paul plane and win at Stanford, CA

After heading home from the polls, I was gladdened to see a plane flying overhead with a beautiful Ron Paul Revolution banner. Thank you, whoever that was! Ron Paul won among Stanford voters with 46% of the Republican vote! (http://daily.stanford.edu/article/2008/2/6/obamaClearWinnerO...)