Be Ron Paul

As support for Ron Paul spreads like a grass fire, a voice inside keeps asking, is it enough? Allow me to explain, if I can.

Watching the debate re-cap video, it occurred to me why we
get the essence of Paul every time we read or hear him. From issues as varied as the Doctrine of Preemption to the relatively insignificant gays in the military, Dr. Paul is able to flow like water in a mountain stream. Because, when you understand a subject front & back, top to bottom, inside & out, you possess a truth you can access from any angle, at any time.

One field of study Dr. Paul has mastered, obvious to all, is the US Constitution itself. He is more of a constitutional scholar; a constitutional-statesman than the sold-out politicians we have come to expect. It is this genius, in combination with the courage it takes to speak truth to power that endears him to us. He shouldn't be so rare, but he is. Dr. Paul is a verifiable anomaly in American politics today.

American citizens used to have at least a basic understanding of the US Constitution; I guess that's been replaced with sports statistics, buying junk, and the high ideals of The Sopranos. Putin (of all people) recently remarked, "If the face is crooked, don't blame the mirror."

Now I've said this before and I know people don't like hearing it - George Bush is the most accurate, the most honest face this country has worn in a long time. The mask has come off and we don't like what we see. Think about it and ask yourself; who is your neighbor, coworker, and others more like? Who are we all really more like; Dr. Paul? or Bush?

How many have read the US Constitution? The Declaration of Independence? The Monroe Doctrine? Do you have an opinion on gays in the military and if so, are you able to express it? How about the Doctrine of Preemption? This may well be the single most dangerous policy development in the history of mankind. Verifiably immoral, undeniably un-American and yet few Americans speak out against it; Ron Paul does.

To me, asking can Dr. Paul win is akin to asking can Gandhi win; as a human being, he already has. The issue at hand is this; if enough people actually do WAKE UP and carry Ron Paul to the Whitehouse; is it enough? There is no way in hell he can dismantle this growing malevolence alone.

To try and make a difference; you vote Ron Paul.

To keep something priceless alive;
you've got to be Ron Paul. We all do.

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Ron Paul wins on the issues in a Landslide!

Ron Paul has a great understanding of the issues, among a field of presidential candidates that don't know the issues from a hole in the ground. that goes for you too Rudy 'Mr. Groundzero' Guiliani.

The internet is the sleeping giant in this race, the silent majority in the upcoming election but that's where the real news is, the real facts are, and where the race will be shaped and won.

Ron Paul has great momentum which will translate into more mainstream media air time, more money, and more grassroots support.

Ron Paul is turning this election into an issues and ideas election.

da bear

da bear

good point

I made it all the way through high school and college and never READ the Constitution until I started teaching American history. No wonder we are so ignorant of the Constitution, it's not being taught, even in government classes.

This widespread ignorance of the rules which are supposed to govern our land have allowed those in power to rule as they see fit irregardless of the boundaries set by our founding fathers, and the people have followed like blind sheep.
I think that educating Americans about the Constitution should be a major part of the Paul campaign, through whatever means that can be accomplished, because the more people actually know about it and understand it the more likely they will be to support Paul. He should even start some kind of initiative in the schools to teach middle and high school kids the Constitution. I spent a week or so on it with my 8th graders this last year, and they grasped it. I'm holding out hope that our country is still capable of putting in the effort to read and engage in critical thought.

By the way, the statement that President Bush is a reflection of America...sad but true, I couldn't agree more. It's what makes Ron Paul and us who support him seem so radical to the mainstream.

It's possible that America can wake up over the next 17 or so months, let's have faith.

"The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen."

we've got way less than 17 months...

primaries start in January, 6-7 months... ofc, there's the question of if he'll run independant should he not get the GOP nomination, but IMHO it's as the GOP candidate that Ron (and the GOP...) stands the best chance of beating hillobama...

carpe libertas

Yes, Be Ron Paul...

Whoever is responsible for the words in this article, thank you. We all need to get our house in order as individuals. It will make all the difference when the push comes to shove. Thanks again for such well thought out insights. They hit me right in the gut!

Great Post Stranger

I, too, have been thinking about that and, in fact, made a comment somewhere here today that it is not just about getting Dr. Paul elected. Okay, I'll say it. What if we don't. What if people are not educated...wake up fast enough. What if a occurs and elections are suspended. What if the voting is compromised yet again. Many, many powerful people have a great deal of reason to want Dr. Paul to just be quiet; hence the Colbert picture with the gag.

Because of Dr. Paul I believe he can be elected , partially because this whole movement has begun to feel...guided and assisted (for lack of a better description.) I will do everything in my power to see him as our President.


Still, Dr. Paul has fought this good fight for the better part of his life. We need to personally, individually and collectively, pledge to fight the fight with him, regardless of the outcome of this election. Like Michael's a marathon, not a sprint.

PS. Stranger, if that is your song posted under music, it is amazing.


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Fonta, et al, thanks for the comments. I posted the article
then got pulled away. I’ll get back later…

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Excellent analysis


Excellent, insightful, wonderful article. I could not have expressed it any better. I am told that Dr. Paul carries around a copy of the Constitution in his jacket pocket at all times so that he can refer to it.

You are absolutely right. How many of us have read it? I certainly never read it in high school - what a shame - public school, and somehow they never got around to teaching it. I wonder if they teach the kids today.

I received an email at this site asking - what is so important about a 230 year of document? Why should we be tied to that old thing? Yes - this is more like Bush, who is purported to have called the venerable document 'just a goddamned piece of paper.'

My answer was that human natures has not changed much over 230 years. The threat of tyranny today is just as real as it was back then. We may have moved forward in time, but the fundamental issues remain, and they are not that complicated. It is important -- vitally important to remember that our rights to life and liberty are not granted by government, we are born with them. It is government's duty simply to secure and protect those rights. You don't need much government to do that, and too much of it has the opposite effect. The constitution is mostly a list of what government cannot do.

There is no better living example of Gandi's famous line "Be the change you want to see in the world" in American government today than Ron Paul. Be Ron Paul. I like it.


To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Be Like Ron Paul-Pocket Constitution

When I read above that Dr. Paul carries a pocket Constitution I wondered if it is like mine.

I bought a video expose about Agenda 21 and it came with a pocket Constitution and another video, A More Perfect Union . I was horrified after watching the Agenda 21 expose video and understood immediately why, in order to get its message across, it was accompanied by the video depicting the struggling of the Founding Fathers on our behalf and the pocket Constitution. Watched the video and thought I'd send it along with the pocket Constitution to my grandson. Well along came Dr. Paul and I am not giving up my pocket Constitution. I keep finding myself looking things up in it! So I'm ordering one for my grandson and you can get one also here:

On the back page there is a Constitutional Pledge:

I, as one of We, the People of the United States, affirm that I have read our Constitution and pledge to maintain and promote its standard of liberty for myself and for our posterity and do hereby attest to that by my signature. (I signed it!)


On the inside back cover it states that I as a citizen will sign the constitutional pledge, learn about good government, be grateful for my liberty, and teach others. It then states the way to promote liberty is to commit 10 others to read the constitution and uphold it. Those ten will tell ten more.

I want to be like Ron Paul. And as a parent and grandparent, I want the children to look up to their President as a role model, a wise elder, a statesman with courage and vision, a leader to emulate.



You've hit the nail on the head


You've hit the nail on the head:

"My answer was that human natures has not changed much over 230 years. The threat of tyranny today is just as real as it was back then. We may have moved forward in time, but the fundamental issues remain, and they are not that complicated."

I've noted this fact to people when I mention that the Founding Fathers were wiser than people give them credit. The notion that the Constitution is "out of date" or "does not apply" to "modern times" is irrelevant. The human factor is the same now as it was during Rome.

Even though we have nicer toys, better living conditions and unimaginable technology, people are driven by the same motives and emotions. How can we convey this to people that the Consitiution is still the guiding document of our nation?

The Declaration of Independance and Constituion were written in plain English of the day, other than some turns of phrase no longer in vogue, it still applys 100%! It's too bad that every other law since wasn't written in plain English that the common layman would understand.


We drive cars...


I posted this a week or two ago. It seems relevant to your post and I though it (the quotes) might help in conveying the message. They are what led me to a similar conclusion.