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We Rocked NYC at the Grand Hyatt New York

UPDATE #3: Video of Ron Paul Rally at the Grand Hyatt New York

UPDATE #2: Video of NYC HQ’s Rockin’ 4 Ron Paul Party is posted.
Click here
I'm almost finished with the editing of the rally video right now...

UPDATE: I just uploaded all 128 photos. They can be viewed here:

What an awesome turnout. CNN was there. We saw Dr. Paul upstairs across the street. He came downstairs and greeted supporters, we followed him inside Grand Central Station, he gave a very brief speech in GCS, then the troops went off to Times Square. I am converting the video at this moment. I will update this post with links when they are posted. Sorry, I am too excited, and just had to tell what what a awesome, awesome, awesome rally this was. The crowd just kept growing and growing in number. We rocked NYC, the Grand Hyatt, and Grand Central Station... Stay tuned.

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Another 60 photos of RP rally in NYC

Here's another 60 photos of part of the rally this past saturday in NYC outside of the Grand Hyatt and Grand Central terminal. Also some shots while in Times Square and the march up 5th avenue (we got turned away by Rockefeller Square security) and headed on up to Columbus Circle and came upon a 20-block street fair. It was perfect. http://www.flickr.com/photos/15086466@N08/sets/7215760241452...

My First Event

I was there for my first event and it was HELLA AWESOME ... felt so good to attend ... Grand Central was energized and had really good response as well as time square and the fair at columbus circle

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You guy's really know how to

You guy's really know how to throw a tea party.

My wife and I attended

We both went down to NYC on the train and we had a blast at the rally! Se was so stoked after Dr. Paul shook her hand. If you ever get a chance to attend a rally, do it! It's worth just about any distance you'ld have to travel - we had so much fun. It's been years since I've smiled so much. I counted roughly 200 people there, but with all the noise we made at times it seemed like alot more - especially when we all walked through Grand Central.


Here's what I found on Google video


Pretty wild scene with Ron Paul saying a few words from up top.

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omg. How is that not news worthy?

If thats not Presidential material, I don't know what is.
Is the report cnn did, anywhere?


Who needs weed, we have Ron Paul!!

Spammers ??? :)

I thought it was just a few spammers that supported Ron Paul. Where did you get those people to hold up signs? How does a candidate get people to come to rallies?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Dr Paul says "First you have to have a message worth supporting"

Long live the Revolution!!

GREAT Pictures - Thanks for sharing.

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Send a letter to CNN

Send a letter to CNN thanking them for the report. They actually showed all the people chanting like I have not seen yet on the MSM. It was an awesome report. I hope someone recorded it. If not it may show up on CNN site sooner or later. I sure hope so. Best I've seen yet.

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Great Pictures

Thank you!!!

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best part

boy, you were not kidding. Great crowd reaction. I already forwarded this to everyone I know and I never do that.


Looks like you guys had a blast. It's just so much fun to support Dr Paul I don't know what I'll do when this is over! I hope we can rock the party back to its roots using this same energy. If we could do that....wow.

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Grand Central Electrified

It was SWEET! Marching into Grand Central following Dr. Paul really caught
the attention of all the people inside. They looked really surprised and interested.
We were all chanting 'Ron Paul! Ron Paul!' and waving our signs. I'd estimate
150 or so supporters. Then Dr. Paul walked up the stairwell to the top part overlooking all of Grand Central and said a few words. What a huge adrenaline rush as we all burst into cheers after his words. The crowd was glued to him and more than a few people asked "Who is this guy? And what party is he with?" It was totally energizing...like being at a rock concert where your favorite band is playing your favorite song...can't wait for the video to land.

Grand Central

That was just SO f-ing incredible! Even though he only spoke a few words, he looked so...Presidential up there. What an amazing experience. The energy truly was electric.
And whomever did that interview with him at the Hyatt had to catch the crowd of us waiting outside in the background. Should make for a great video.

Oh, and I need to gush...I got Ron Paul to sign my copy of "Galapagos"
Now I can die happy.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Has CNN indicated airing coverage of this event?

Please let us know when and if, thanks!




You made us all at least as excited as yourself by that frantic message of amazement and confusion.... serve us our video soon please!!!!¨

I wonder how long we can resist before freaking out....

Don't curse the darkness, light a candle

Don't curse the darkness, light a candle

Video Update!

I'm exporting clip 1 of 2 of Dr. Paul's speech from last night's party. Then clip 2. I went through the footage from today's rally.... like I said, awesome. I'm piecing that together now and should have that up this evening... sorry, it's long, and I have to edit some clips. Hang in there all of you video junkies.... my iBook is smokin' and I'm kicking it out as fast as I can.

Just got home from the

Just got home from the rally.

It was great!

RP NYC visit & video

It sounds like it was a overwhelming success..can't wait to see the NYC video! hope everyone will send letter to CNBC/NBC explaining WHY WE OVERWHELMINGLY LOVE & SUPPORT RON PAUL!

randy n.


There, dont I sound like the spoiled child that I am, I want video, give me my video, I demand my video....

You'll Get Video, You'll Get Video, You'll Get Video...

I'm working as fast as I can... I still have a lot of footage to sort through for the rally, but I am exporting last night's Dr. Paul speech at the moment. It'll be worth the wait.

Grand Central NYC

I love your excitment!! Can not wait for the pics and video. Much Aloha

Dr. Paul 2008