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Ron Paul wins 3 National Delegates from West Virginia

At the West Virginia Republican state convention today, Ron Paul received 10% and came in fourth. He was dropped from the second ballot.

At that point, the Paul people made a deal with the Huckabee people to get 3 of the 18 national delegates if they threw their second-ballot votes to Huckabee. The strategy worked and Huckabee won 52%. Ron Paul will receive 3, and Huckabee will receive 15 of West Virginia's 18 delegates.

The Romney campaign is crying foul.

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WV convention

Actually that was one person trying to make himself important. If you check the numbers you will realize that R.P. supporters split between Huckabee and Romney (on the second ballot), while all the McCain supporters went to Huckabee.

I was at the meeting where there was a push to get supporters to switch to Huckabee and more than half the R.P. delegates were not in the meeting.



In hindsight this was the major blunder of the campaign. The CFR was tipped off that there was a possibility of Paul gaining enough delegate support through this worthless deal that it got them to force Romney out. Good boy Mitt, Roll over Mitt. Stay Mitt till 2012. By then we will have complete control, don't bother to check your horizontal, your vertical, your sound. Real ID will be entrenched and guns in the hands of civilians will be a thing of the past.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

This is your fourth day

Of posting this..What the hell are we going to do with 3 delegates ?

enough with these 3 delegates already

stop this shi*&&&%^%&*_(*&^%$#!

3 delegates

May buy you a cup of coffee, provided you go to McDonalds and not Starbucks !

There was a deal made,

There was a deal made, Huckabee had 2 delegates that couldn't make it to MN in Sept anyway, and the Huck staff came over, were very respectful and courteous, even introducing us to the people that we would replace. Romney camp offered us 3, and the Huck guy matched it in front of all the delegates. We asked who the 3rd person was, and the state coordinator said if no one else would step aside he would himself. At that point, the Romney guys became completely irate and irrational.

Technically Huck gets all 18, but 3 will resign and they will assign 3 Ron Paul supporters in their place. We vote how we want at the National Convention.

Either Huck's national spokesperson didn't know about it, which is entirely possible, or they don't want to broadcast it because they didn't offer Mccain any delegates.

This was a win for us, and it was what we had to do given the rules of the convention. Walking out after the first vote would have only cemented the idea in the WVGOP that we were outsiders trying to hijack the convention, and we still have another primary in May

I received several kind words and many handshakes from rank and file Republicans, who looked at us as one of them after we showed up for the 2nd vote, many were Romney supporters.

No Paul supporter left being a Huckabee supporter, we just did what we had to do to get delegates into the National Convention. Romney also was offering delegates, but they were very rude and arrogant about it, we could tell they were irritated that they had to speak to us, they thought they could walk away with this convention. Also Romney did not tell us who among their delegation would step aside for the Paul folks, Huckabee did.

And today I do a google news search and there are over 2000 articles about Ron Paul and WV, and many are about this delegate swap, so we've kept his name in the news even after super Tuesday.


A whole 'three' delegates? Three!?

Irrelevant, irrelevant, irrelevant!

And they made a deal with the devil to get 'em.

Ron Paul 2008!


Happy Libertarian

Yeah... WHOOOPIE!!!

Could not even Win Alaska! od North Dakota! WTF!

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

more is better, less is not

irrelevant? please tell us where we are wrong. Three is better than Zero. The nomination of Ron Paul's Party will be gained by the candidate with the most National Convention Delegate votes, not the lest.

How many Ron Paul Delegates from your state are you sending to the National Convention? more than three?

no deal with the devil was made - to post such is to tell a lie
the devil did make an offer, and by a vote of Ron Paul Delegates and Supporters it was soundly rejected. the devil's face was slapped, and he is very angry with us in our state - we have stuck our necks out - do you have our back?

Compromise with None - Cooperate with Any.
WV Ron Paul Delegate to the '08RNC - our votes were counted.

please read

Hello fellow avid Ron Paul supporters. Although elated about the existence and popularity of the campaign, I am somewhat downtrodden by our media. I am writing a journal article for my college about Ron Paul and the media, in contrast with his grassroots political following. If any of you guys have any stories about campaigning, I would love to hear them, I am looking for stories to put in my piece. Also, I am trying to form a meet up group in New Hampshire, even though the NH primary is over, I feel like the movement is not, so please anyone with great stories about the campaign, frustrations with the media, send me your thoughts to
Thanks guys!

NO seriously! WTF was that?

NO seriously! WTF was that? What am I apart of when we trade delegates with the devil? I stand for something and it's not backdoor deals to get this total prick delegates in that state.

West Virginia can fall off the face of the earth and may the Ron Paul supporters at that convention die a miserable death full of guilt and self loathing. You sir's disgust me to no end. If I ever pass you on the street I will make sure I make my disgust known to you.

That was a total douchebag move! I nearly want to pull my support from Ron because of the actions of these total dillweeds in West Virginia. Perhaps Mickey Mouse would make a good President?

Preferential voting

Settle down.

In Australia elections have a preferential voting system. You number all the candidates in order of preference.

If no candidate gets more than 50% of first preferences, second preferences are counted and added to first preferences. The candidate who then has the highest combined total more than 50% wins. If nobody has a combined total more than 50% the process continues to third preferences.

Ron Paul supporters were able to vote a second time after he dropped off the ballot with 10% in the first round.

They could either abstain or choose between Mike, Mitt or John.

They chose Mike in return for three delegates and a stronger possibility of having a brokered convention.

Though I read one report that Mitt's people offered five delegates in return for RP supporters' votes.

A brokered convention is now the only chance of Ron Paul winning the Republican nomination.

Just an aside: we have no voting machines in Australia. All paper ballots are counted at the polling station immediately at the close of voting in the presence of scruitineers from all candidates. There is no fraud with counting, but some possibility of identification issues with voters.

We're in this to win, it is in our best interes...

There is a time to stand strong and a time to be rational. The fact is that Romney or McCain would have won anyway, so why not get three delegates so they count for something rather than nothing.

12 more

There are still 12 delegates in WV. They will be awarded during the WV primary in May. So there is still some "wiggle room" there.

9 more, not 12

3 delegates in each of the 3 Congressional Districts - "winner take all" in each of the Congressional Districts for the 13 May Primary Election
Last Day to register to vote or change registration: 22 Apr
Early Voting: 23 Apr - 10 May

please post responsibly - misinformation was our biggest obstacle in the lead up to our Convention

Compromise with None - Cooperate with Any.
WV Ron Paul Delegate to the '08RNC - our votes were counted.

Romney crying foul?

It's about time someone else other than our RP has to complain. I believe we and RP is still lokking pretty great for that brokered convention...:-)

The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. James Madison

The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. James Madison

Didn't Romney tell Huckabee to stop crying?

Romney is one of the most arrogant and condescending people I've ever seen. I've been a republican since I turned 18, and I'd rather see a democrat in the White House.

We Got Played

I have yet to see a media outlet reporting that Paul is going to get delegates. So I think the Huckabee people played us.

we did NOT get played - unless you are a WV Romney person

why do you trust the MSM?

and we were not played - after the 1st Round of voting, RP was eliminated - the arrogate Rockefeller Wingers expected us to leave and not be there for the 2nd Round of voting - we stayed, and by staying we held the power - we were smarter than they thought we were - they underestimated us, and lost.

no one courted the McCain Delegation - they did what they did on their own (maybe acting on word from outside the state)

the West Virginians supporting Huck never took us for granted, never tried to paint us as kooks, never looked down their noses at us - they treated us with respect and as equals - and a relationship of trust was established long before minutes before the 2nd Round of voting was to take place

in addition, coming out of our Convention and going into our Primary Election, we gained respect for the RP campaign in WV. here in WV the good doctor is no longer laughed at, nor ignored. who else can say that?

Compromise with None - Cooperate with Any.
WV Ron Paul Delegate to the '08RNC - our votes were counted.

Deal with Huckabee

Huckabee was interviewed on CNN tonight and they asked him if he made a "backroom" deal with the McCain campaign (note they did not mention Ron Paul's name) to win West Virginia. Huckabee basically denied that any deal was made with McCain's or Ron Paul's people, saying he hadn't spoken with them. How could Ron Paul enforce any deal that was made to secure 3 delegates?

Ann in Florida

Poor negotiating

As much as I love everyone who supports Ron Paul, we have alot to learn about parliamentary processes. After the 1st round of voting, Huckster had 33% and Paul 10%. The agreement to move our delegates to support the Huckster's should have been around 4-6 delegates as we were 1/3 the number of his. But guess 3 is better than nothing.

The only thing I worry about is that giving the Huckster the win actually strengthened the McCain train. If McCain outright wins a majority of the delegates, there will be NO BROKERED CONVENTION!!! We need Romney to pick up some wins too so that nobody has more than 35% of the delegates.

I disagree

Ron Paul gets 3 of 18 delegates- thats 17% of the WV delegates for a guy who got 10% of the votes.

McCain threw his people behind Huckabee and got NO DELEGATES (despite 16% of the vote).

Ron Paul finishes fourth in a "winner takes all" state, but still gets 17% of the delegates. Doesn't seem like we should be crying about that...

Now that Romney is out, our

Now that Romney is out, our chances are ZERO. Like i said in my original post, I love all of us RP supporters, but we need to think more intelligently about strategy. We don't need to be making enemies of every other candidates' supporters and we do need to be making smarter deals with other campaigns.

Romney offered 5 delegates?

Underneath an article about Huckabee telling Romney to stop whining there is a comment from a person, who claimed to be a Ron Paul supporter who was there, saying that Romney offered 5 delegates for Ron Paul's supporters' votes.

Also Huckabee (or at least his campaign staff) is now denying there was any deal.

Who thinks Huckabee's deal will be honoured? Can it be enforced if his team renegs?

Why didn't Paul take them?

One thing that most people do not understand, in Paul's camp or elsewhere, is that Romney is very pro U.S. Constitution. His Mormon upbringing instilled his love for that sacred document. Also, most people don't know that the reason his father pulled his name out of the Rep race in 1968 is because he exposed the conspiracy of the gov't to brainwash the American public about our foreign policy (specifically the Vietnam War).

This means that Mitt knows of the same powers that Ron knows directs our government. This means that Mitt has allegiance to the Constitution. My guess is that the reason he has some big-government tendencies is that it will help him get elected. As proof of the wisdom of that strategy, compare how many delegates he has to Paul.

Now, my question, why would Paul's people in WV ever consider voting for Huck instead of Romney, especially if Mitt offered 5?

I am holding out hope that Romney will embrace Paul somehow in the next couple of weeks, and that Paul will endorse Romney. Paul would only do this if he trusted Romney. Romney is an honest man. Plus, he's a true outsider, that's why the MSM paint him as despicable.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Mitt 'double guantanamo'

Mitt 'double guantanamo' Romney does not believe in the constitution, he said on one of the debates if we were to get serious about Al Queda we had to start 'wiretapping churches'.

The Romney people in WV would never have allowed us in their delegation, they were rude and irritated that they even had to talk to us.

It's not about Huckabee, it's about getting Paul delegates.

Huckabee people came to Paul people to negotiate..

Old-fashioned deal-making wins in W.Va.
Huckabee freezes out Romney for GOP victory with ‘backroom’ agreement

NBC News and MSNBC
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Like an episode of “Survivor,” West Virginia’s Republican convention ended Tuesday with temporary allies voting off a front-runner.

In the end, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee walked away with the big prize in the convention’s two rounds of voting: West Virginia’s support in his bid to become president.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the pre-convention favorite, was left to complain loudly about last-minute maneuvers that saw Huckabee strike a deal with supporters of Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the national front-runner, and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, an also-ran, to squeeze Romney out of the winner’s circle.

Romney had walked into the convention with a strong base of support and a very organized campaign. But things changed quickly.

The convention’s rules stipulated that in order for a candidate to win the convention, he needed to have a majority of votes. Delegates representing each county voted twice.

Romney can’t seal the deal
Romney won 41 percent during the first round to 33 percent for Huckabee. McCain won 16 percent, and Paul brought up the rear with 10 percent. Since no one had a majority, delegates voted a second time, with Paul eliminated.

Representatives of McCain’s and Paul’s campaigns urged their supporters to put their votes behind Huckabee. McCain’s goal was to stop Romney, his closest competitor in the national polls, from picking up momentum; Paul’s goal soon became clear.

As the Huckabee and Paul campaigns huddled, they reached an arrangement: Paul would throw his support to Huckabee in exchange for three of the 18 national delegates that Huckabee could claim with the victory.

“We struck a deal with the Huckabee people,” Edward Burgess, a spokesman for Paul’s campaign, told NBC affiliate WSAZ-TV of Huntington.

“They came to us and dealt with us honorably and with respect. And so we told them that if Dr. Paul didn’t make it through the first round, that we would go for their man,” Burgess said. “They pledged us three delegates to the Republican National Convention.”

McCain staffers, meanwhile, began parading around the hall carrying signs telling their delegates to vote for Huckabee.

Huckabee squeaks through
By the time the second vote took place, Huckabee had just enough to win, 51 percent, to Romney’s 47 percent. Twelve die-hard believers insisted on voting for McCain despite the campaign’s urging them to back Huckabee.

anyone have a definitive outcome in Maine?

Odd isn't it that Maine is still not 100% in? Looks like Dr Paul could get 2nd but somehow the votes aren't all. Could have been useful PR going into today...We Will Overcome...

Victory is Sweetest when Obstacles are Greatest!