Ron Paul in New York City 10/13/2007, CNN Coverage

Thanks to will4laptop for posting it to YouTube, and bigmikedude for the head's up, and of course, thank you Ron Paul for speaking for us.

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Dr. No

Dr. No is not a term that will get people interested in Ron Paul (with the exception of some constitutionalists), even though CNN explained why. This was discussed in another thread but I think it is important to point out that it is being used by the media. Different, yes, but not a positive, mind stimulating/catching title. It may be too late to fix this, so something needs to be added to the title that off-sets the negative aspect. That is just my opinion, and I could be totally wrong.

Traditional Polls Correct

These polls showing Dr. Paul low in the polls are correct. It is just that these "old" polling methods are revealing opinion and knowledge that is six months or more behind the current trends. Before instant communication, i.e. the internet; this lag was really not noticeable or really important since it was difficult to reach large numbers of people with new information.

However in today information age were ideas can be whisked around the world and millions can be exposed to a blog or video these out of date polling methods are revealing there flaws. This is why Dr. Paul is winning every online poll there is as they reflect the "NOW" or current level of knowledge and information.

There are other reasons that the old polling methods are not accurate such as the fact pollster may only call 300 - 400 to conduct a "national" poll. Not to mention many of these polls are very suspect and often designed to produce a desired result rather than look for actual data.

The fact is the Ron Paul for President Campaign is moving forward at the speed of the internet and the old "analog" guard just can't keep up!

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Curiosity or Contender?

I felt the piece did a lot to show Ron Paul and his support as an interesting quirk in the '08 presidential race. No more, no less. I'm not so sure it was ultimately a positive piece as there was much negative information, including this idea that he is polling at 1%. (I haven't heard such a low number in a while!)

I think this harping on low poll numbers really makes me want to supplement the "Google Ron Paul" chant with "Don't believe the 'polls'!" Can I get an amen?

Also worth noting is that Dr. Paul's modesty really gets in the way of one feeling really convinced his campaign is for real. I mean, if he's not absolutely convinced that he can win, why would the average voter back him?


that's a fairly decent news piece. not perfect, but it's progress.

The newscaster made my day

Jim Lacosta, Thank you for saying, "his views aimed at younger voters." For this reason alone, I must vote for Ron Paul, last week I was feeling middle aged.

Another "young" supporter

I'm 49 years old and will be 50 before the primaries.

It's not just young people who are against war, the encroaching police state, and an insane fiscal policy.

Great To Be A Young Voter

Just another advantage of supporting 72 year old Dr. Paul. I am 42 years old but Ron Paul and the media keep calling me young. Nice to be in my youth again.

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