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So, You Think Ron Paul Is Out of the Race, Eh, Sonny?

Do you think it is over for Ron Paul? Do you think it is over for Ron Paul now that Super Tuesday is over?This is an absolute win for Ron Paul.


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Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

Ooooo, this thread is back.

I knew Romney will back out (suspend). Want to know what I thought then? He cannot spend any more of his money. Just my 2 cents.

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius


Oops! This post was meant as a reply. Reposted below....

Explain this, please...

The leading candidate in the more pro-American party believes that 80% of Americans are bigots, and no one can beat him? What's wrong with this picture?

A worthwhile expenditure for the Paul campaign-- or Romney, for that matter, since they're the only ones with money-- might be to hire busloads of undocumented (and unpopular) day laborers in northern Virginia and offer to send them to Senator 2611's best towns after Va's & Md's primary next week.

"Rock E Rainbow" has a similar idea over at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVEbIHXFWq4

Delegates from my district

In my district (In Alaska) there were 9 delegates and 5 of them were Ron Paul supporters. I was one of them.

From what I could see a bunch of Ron Paul supporters turned out so they could be delegates.

I encourage others to do the same in the coming caucuses!

My Apologies in Advance

to any that wrongly and undeservedly take offense to my comments to follow:

To those of you throughout the RP camp and vicinity to which these comments properly apply, you know who you are, I offer not apology- only my most intense scorn and disgust.

This is a very dirty game, played by very dirty people, for VERY HIGH STAKES, it is best thought of as TOTAL WAR; as WARS have been predominantly conducted through time and locale, the ONLY rule is there are NO RULES. In TOTAL WAR losing is NOT an option!

In TOTAL WAR ******QUITTING********* is NOT an option!!!!

In TOTAL WAR, throughout history, the STANDARD procedure for dealing with ANYONE, military or civilian, who failed the war effort in only the slightest way, that is, the individual failed to completely support the war effort 100% AT ALL TIMES(even if it was an "honest" mistake/slip up) was immediately, without a second thought or the least remorse eliminated PERMANENTLY from the game of LIFE.

What is the point of the above?

As most are aware, our campaign is burdened with a range of individuals that either deliberately or not deliberately provide HELP to the Revolution that at best constitutes a well meaning but misguided net negative to the cause and at worst is akin to the traitorus activities of the TORIES that sought to subvert the drive for LIBERTY by the FIRST REVOLUTIONAIRES. Whether the damage is caused by those truly with us, those that infiltrate our ranks to betray us or those that remain outside our number but feign support and friendship to the cause the damage is all real and CANNOT be TOLERATED any longer. PERIOD.

KEEP IN MIND, WE ARE MERE FOOTSOLDIERS, we are not a collection of assistant Commanders in Chief. If you find it fun to be involved here merely to exercise your creative side and only for that reason you are in all likelihood being more impediment than help. If you hang around merely because you think it is fun to play campaign manager you are in all likelihood being more impediment than help. I hope you get the idea. Nuts and bolts activities by MORE INDIANS is what we need, the position of CHIEF has been permanently filled.

For you skulking treasonus slime that our seeking to undermine our great cause by pretending to be one of us, we will do everything in our power to identify, document, root out and take the maximum action allowed by law which is no doubt far less than is appropriate for the most loathesome scum the Earth can stand to harbor.

Prime examples of topics that are not a PLUS to our cause, as such, they should not be tolerated. IF a discussion is not CLEARLY positive it works against us and is a betrayal of the good and many efforts contributed thusfar.

(NOTE:: people who initiate, participate or tolerate the following types of discussions are as good as deliberate TRAITORS/MOLES/etc. and are to be treated as such as long as such behavior persists)

1. TALK OF THIRD PARTY RUNS-that is for RP and RP alone to decide.
If you cannot keep yourself from yammering incessantly on that topic, do so in your bathroom, at home and by yourself. DO NOT DISCUSS IT IN ANY PUBLIC FORUM. Anyone that constantly does so in public is too freaking dense to realize it is damaging to do so or is deliberately trying to subvert our cause. Why do you think this topic is one of the FEW things the PTB/MSM want to discuss w/ RP? YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN RP NOR IS THAT ANY OF YOUR CONCERN-SPREAD THE G-D message and bring new footsoldiers to the cause.

2. Pissing and moaning about:
-how YOUR money is being spent(if you do not trust RP then don't send YOUR money)

-how the campaign is being run(you will never have control of that. it just wastes time/is a tactic by our enemies to try and demoralize us)

-results being less than you wish(take that as a sign/motivation YOU need to work harder/smarter)

-anything else that merely SPREADS negativity/dissent and in anyway causes ANYONE of us to doubt in anyway the correctness of our cause, that it is worth every sacrifice and that ULTIMATELY WE WILL PREVAIL.

3 TALK OF EVER QUITTING-this is going to be floated more and more by infiltrators/people that are too dense, too weak, etc. to be actively involved Patriots other than donating/voting. The reasons NOT to EVER tolerate such discussions should be obvious. FAILURE is NOT an OPTION. The question is not IF we will succeed, only the date of final victory is as yet unsure. Do your part well and bravely without fail and without bitching and that day will come that much sooner. THERE IS NO ESCAPE POD. EVERYONE CEMENT THAT IN YOUR HEAD, NOW AND PERMANENTLY. First ensure that your attitude is 100% positive at ALL times and then spread that attitude. Anyone contributing to anything less than 100% positive vibes should be immediately and unanimously corrected. Let us win back our individual LIBERTY first, after that time, if you wish to use your freedom to be negative, go for it and enjoy.

If you ever find yourself being the least bit frustrated/negative halt that immediately by considering what the original Revolutionaries went through to win our FREEDOM as well as the suffering of those that believed they were fighting to preserve that FREEDOM. Rather than waste time spreading negativity, go research what it was really like to be a soldier at Valley Forge, the Hurtgen Forest or Chosin Reservoir for instance. As you do so, consider that a typical American today can't stand to have their sniffles or headache go without complete relief for more than 15 minutes which goes a long way toward explaining why we find ourselves in this current nightmare state of affairs.

Bottomline-Suck it Up, Put a Sock in it and Forge Ahead with a completely unshakeable conviction of ultimate victory.

P.S. From this moment forward I will become increasingly intolerant/rude to those that spread anything less than a completely positive attitude. Will I do this to because I think it is fun to be a rude jerk? No, because it is rude to dishonor, diminish and work against the efforts of so many. If you really are with us please take the hint before the level of rudeness becomes too extreme, if you are here deliberately trying to sabotage us there is NO level of rudeness too extreme. Please join me in politely enlightening first time offenders, those that persist deserve and should receive increasingly stern rebukes. There is too much at stake, with too few resources against too many resources to allow some to pull in the wrong direction.


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

No apology needed

I think you're right on! I'm going to compose a sign for my storefront window using a few of your catchy phrases. I realllllly like "There is no excape pod!" I'll work it into a "pep talk" poster.


I'm staying till I see our 20+ million $ speech at that

Convention and yeah I'll be giving everything I can every last penny I can scrap up. I'm not getting tagged like no farm animal cause I didn't put every last drop I got in this. I would rather die of stress fighting than lay my head over and give up my property (identity) be if finger prints (i'm not a criminal I've done nothing wrong also God gave me those and he is the only one that can legally take them from me) my eye scan (Sorry God again) Or my digital image (don't think I've signed any release for this either). No I would rather fight a losing battle with a winner than a winning battle with a loser. I don't care if you all leave. If one guy can set in a corner and chose to not to join any other candidate at that convention. I'll set in that corner and starve to death before I would give any of these other guys my vote. You say wow thats extreme. I say no thats called having principles. Life without freedom is no life at all. God made me in my mothers womb for a purpose. It won't be stiffled by no man and if it is I feel sorry for that man. Cause God hold all power, athority, and judgement in heaven and earth.

Matt 25:45-46
Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me .' 46 And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."

The race movie,enjoy........

Just some inspiration,Thats all....


"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Bump Bump

Bumbity Bump.

Never say die!

Never say die!

Win for Dr. Paul, but some more votes would have been gravy

I guess it is also a win for everyone who is no longer part of the problem. I finally got to vote for a real leader. Maybe the rest of the country will wake up someday before we are broker than Cooter Brown after a 5 year bender.

Fielding J. Hurst

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root" - Henry David Thoreau

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

Every voter must check that their own vote was counted. The county election commission keeps detailed public records of every registered voter, and who they voted for in each election.

It's suicidal to quit while he's ahead getting free publicity in the GOP primary. Not until after the Republicon convention does he need to change to an independent. That's how Joe Lieberman got re-elected to the US Senate, running indy after the Demorat convention. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

The reason Ron Paul got beat yesterday is because most of his voters are doing nothing but voting. Voting is for losers, if that's all you do. 90% of precincts still have no precinct leaders signed up, and 99% of those leaders do nothing but wave signs.

Ron Paul campaign HQ has detailed training videos on how to win, which requires personally contacting 1,000s of voters in each precinct, 1st to gather intel anonymously to weed out hard-core GOPsters and DemoRats, 2nd to re-contact Ron Paul supporters and recruit them to work in the campaign, 3rd register Ron Paul voters in the primaries, 4th sell uncommitted voters, 5th deliver absentee ballots only to Ron Paul voters, 6th re-contact to remind to vote early or by the deadline, 7th stand at the polls on election day and handout RP info and recruit more workers, etc. Ron Paul voters must volunteer for poll watching, poll counting, and stalking whoever is delivering the vote totals, like Bev Harris does with a videocam. This is what winning candidates do.

Training Videos:

Another reason Ron Paul got beat is lack of a dozen cable access TV shows, pirate TV shows, pirate FM/AM radio stations, and licensed radio stations in every district. This is the only way to bypass the pythological liars in the media mafia.

Ron Paul TV

Another problem is govt employees who are following illegal orders to vote for establish candidates under threat of being fired, which includes a huge voting block of most govt employees and their families. At the primary election yesterday I spoke with a campaign worker who was a 25-year retiree from a Knox County TN govt dept. He said that every payday he was required to pay 1/3rd of his paycheck to his boss, cash only, for 25 years. He was also required to campaign for his boss, and to buy at least 10 tickets to the GOP campaign party. He said this is the standard in Knox county govt. He was disgruntled after being fired by his supervisor who refused to work. Sound familiar?

Do taxpayers enjoy overpaying govt employees by 33%? He also complained that his govt pension plan was mysteriously failing to grow. This is explained by "churning" and looting the govt CAFR pensions, to reduce the net profit. Read a free copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (city, county, state, KUB, UT, fed), to catch govt crooks running 2 sets of books. the CAFR is the govt report on profits, the Budget is the report on expenses. Govt crooks use the CAFR as their personal piggy bank.

Pirate News TV & Radio Show

Constitution Party

Well, I made a “third-party” post in another forum but maybe I was too hasty. The official RP website reports ‘42 or more’ delegates. For what it’s worth, the Constitution Party has laid its cards on the table on their website (constitutionparty.com):

“The Constitution Party presidential candidate will be selected at its convention in the spring of 2008. We can’t say for sure what will be decided by the convention delegates, but as the party who puts principle above party loyalty, it seems that in the unlikely event that Doctor No is able to capture the Republican nomination, we would stand behind him 100%. The dilemma we have is that we cannot sit around and wait to see what the Republicans are going to do....” “If the Grand Old Party does choose to return to its conservative ideals by supporting Congressman Paul, then there will be ample opportunity to throw our support behind him should our delegates so decide. If he does not win the GOP nomination we will have done much of the work to gain the ballot lines necessary to field a candidate who shares our values and who will govern constitutionally. That candidate could be Ron Paul should he decide to continue his race by seeking the Constitution Party nomination.”

Ron Paul should run an INSURGENT campaign

It's clear that Ron Paul won't get the GOP nod for President. I think we all need to start encouraging Ron to run an insurgent campaign as an independent candidate for the general election. I heard a caller on NPR today suggesting this. I think its a great idea.

You, SIR, are a buffoon

your are either:

1.) New here
2.) Old here and ignorant
3.) Troll
4.) Thickheaded

it isnt CLEAR that the GOP wont give him the nod.....

learn the process....learn what a brokered convention is....learn what delegates are.....

Learn or zip your lip


all you want that the good doctor will get the GOP nod, but he won't. Why? He's not a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, or the CFR. Haven't you figured this out already? Membership in one (or preferably all, i.e. Bill Clinton) is a prerequisite of obtaining the nom of either the 2 major parties (which are really just a front for one big corporate party). You're obviously new to the process aren't 'cha?

That being said, once the GOP race is over Ron Paul should definintely run a third party insurgent campaign against the Hillary/McCain "choice" that will be foisted upon the American people (with plenty of help from the elite corporate media) this fall.

Go a little easier on the

Go a little easier on the person. I mean Justin Raimondo has a good article displaying valid reasons why he should. I don't particularly think it's necessary YET but it would have it's merits at destroying what's left of the neo-con movement.

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

Your entire comment

is based on the premise that all of the delegates up for grabs yesterday were decided yesterday. That is not the case.

Tuesday was for the most part a beauty contest. While it will commit some delegates to vote for the respective winners in each state on the first ballot, it does not (with the exception of Ohio) actually pick WHO those delegates will be.

The delegates are chosen in later caucuses and conventions.

When they get to the National Convention, even though they are pledged to vote for a candidate on the first ballot, there seems to be no rule that requires them to NOMINATE the candidate onto the GOP ballot. Only after the nomination roll call does the first vote roll call take place. THAT is where those delegates have to vote according to their respective primaries. As long as Dr. Paul is not the bottom man on that first vote, he will win in the second round because if he is successful in his strategy the ACTUAL PEOPLE who are delegates will be mostly his supporters and will switch to him.

But that is a worst case scenario actually. More likely, since those 'pledged' delegates aren't pledged for the nomination phase, it is entirely conceivable NO ONE will have a majority of the delegates to even get on the ballot EXCEPT Dr. Paul. Wouldn't that be a hoot!?

Despite all of this, a large portion of the delegates, even with some of them being pledged by primaries, are officially UNCOMMITTED. McInsane, nor Romney, nor Huckabee, has any mathematical chance of outright securing the nomination before the convention. There are too many uncommitted delegates and too few remaining pledged delegates for anyone to claim that title.

By virtue of no one sweeping up yesterday, there WILL BE A BROKERED CONVENTION.

This is a lesson

in patience and persistence. It's not going to happen any other way. For all you people who are used to getting what you want right now, you might as well log off and leave the fighting to us grown ups.


If we use common sense in looking at the numbers reflected in Super Tuesday results, there is no chance of winning, even if we enter a "brokered" convention. Why? Because Dr. Paul would have had to do at least as well as Huckabee did, and he just didn't. We feel very badly this hasn't worked out better than it did. We sat and watched Dr. Paul be ahead at 38% above McCain last night in Minnesota, then, just a FEW minutes later, CNN had switched the names from Paul to Huckabee at 38%. We were astonished and do not understand how this can happen, especially when he drew a huge crowd of 3,000 there. But, that's not the point. Let's give ourselves that "mistake" and say our candidate had garnished maybe 10-20-30 more delegates, ok? THAT still would not have been enough to be able to go to a "brokered" convention and expect a chance to win the nomination.

SO, we need to take a deep breath and wait for Dr. Paul to say something. I honestly believe he needs to bow out at this point, if not for his own sake, but for the sake of his supporters. Why? Because it would be different if he was receiving money from PAC's, and we know he isn't doing that, right? I just don't want to see any more emails asking us for more money at this point, and I especially don't want to see young or middle-aged or old minds feeling obligated to hang in there, then, forking out more of their income to "help".

Don't you think Dr. Paul should bow out now & close out his debts & then, from what I understand, he can take the balance of the money and use it in his congressional election? Of course, he could send an EMAIL out to all his donors, give them his assessment, then, ask them for their input and what they would like to see him...

We have so much respect & love & concern for Dr. Paul. This whole ordeal has got to have had a toll on him mentally & physically. I don't honestly know how anyone could have taken as much rotten abuse as he has had to take from the HOSTILE MEDIA -- CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews. Even a few of the "benign" interviews were always laced with noxious inferences of 3rd party candidacy, or in putting him on the spot in some other way, etc. I guess I feel enough is enough! That doesn't mean we all have to vanish. What it does mean is we need time to have a mental break from all this anguish, you know? We need our rest, too.

The one thing that I was really angry about last night, as we sat in a room full of caucus goers, is the knowledge that NONE of the other candidates supporters, ever had to fork out anywhere near the time, nor money as the AMERICANS who supported Ron Paul. THAT made me angry, and THAT's why I will never forgive the MEDIA for this, and THAT's why we have decided to never watch these stations again, and it is also why we are considering disconnecting cable TV, as well.

I'm SO PROUD of all of you. Our heart breaks for all the work you put into this. We did, too! We all gave financially & gave our time, but you know what? Doing all these things has done ONE thing for all of us.

It has BUILT CHARACTER in each and every one of us!

I think it's at that point

The message was going to be a tough sell in the best of climates, much less with a corporate media joining political and financial forces to marginalize the candidate. We must face the fact that the vast majority of Americans are 1) willingly dependent of the federal government for some aspect of their lives, 2) afraid to cut the links to their welfare, entitlement or corporate subsidy lifestyles, 3) afraid of the responsibility to be truly free and 4) so dumbed down by the media as to be utterly incapable of political analysis (they are far more swayed by slogans, grandiose promises and circus acts, like Hillary "crying" and crap like that).

I had considered a possible surprise victory as the economy crashes per Dr. Paul's warnings and that as real-time events unfolded, he would suddenly appear the smart one. Yet, going back through history, I realized I have been truly deceiving myself. During times of economic distress, the people become even more willing to punish the productive sector and hand more rights to the central government. The hyperinflation in 1920's Germany resulted in totalitarianism and Jews as scapegoats. The 1930's American depression gave us FDR, a stacked Supreme Court, confiscation of gold, the New Deal, corporate socialism over entrepreneurship and free markets. In this coming debacle, we are going to experience renewed class warfare, nationalization of enterprises, increased Federal power and fewer constitutional freedoms.

The saddest thing will be that if and when Dr. Paul pulls out of the race, it will be the best media coverage he will receive in the campaign.

I also have stopped watching the news channels and am feeling good about it.

So what

So what if he cant win, which I think he still can, but even if he cant and stays in through the convention then he still provides a banner for the people to continue to spread the message by. I will continue to support him and to those who are done... Goodbye.

This is not about Ron Paul - never really was. It is about the message, the revolution and a revolution is not about just one battle it is about the many. We are now Ron Paul Republicans and we need to continue to stand steadfast and proud even in our setbacks at our local republican meetings and continue to meetup for our state delegate selection and senate races.

Ron Paul Republicans Regroup!

ecorob's picture

This is our "Mt. Vernon"

what are you prepared to do for your country?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

If we leave now they win

It's the same strategy in Iraq. We can't drop out because then they'll win and last time I heard it was unpatriotic to go against that kind of strategy.

That's exactly what the establishment wants and we shouldn't give them the satisfaction. We'll play it to the jagged bone down to the last second. Ron Paul is hope for America. He is our only voice against the status quo and the CFR. If he drops out our founding fathers would be upset that he and we gave up so easily.

Ron Paul rEVOLution vs. CFR - Fight of the century

To: djdevon3

Well, it would be "ok", imho, as long as there wasn't any more huge demands for time or money from the supporters. If Dr. Paul wants to go all the way, he could, but you & I both know that it's almost certain that he won't be invited to another debate, and that they will totally black him out, especially after yesterday. Who cares what THEY think, anyhow! We & Dr. Paul need to think of ourselves. We can still maintain contacts, do other things, keep in touch with him & each other via websites and email, keep "in the know" on other things, organize, etc. etc. Don't you think?? Sometimes, there comes a time when the parent must think about his children, and I believe we are at that time...it doesn't mean Dr. Paul doesn't care about us. I think, perhaps, that he has been agonizing over this heartbreaking situation of not being at where we all dreamed, and also agonizing over his poor supporters who have been hurt, too...

What to do this summer...a question for everyone.

Ok. I don't see no fat lady, and I don't hear no singin'. So it ain't over. Not by a longshot.

My question is this: My state of NY has already voted in the primary. Should I and my friends take time throughout the summer canvassing and campaigning for Dr. Paul for the general election? In other words is it ok to just assume he'll win the nomination for sure and work my arse off to spread his great message and awaken people to vote for him in the general election?
Or will that make me look like an ignorant retard? Will that make our movement look silly?

I am encouraged by the TREMENDOUS growth in precinct leaders. It went from 8,000 a couple of weeks ago to now more than17,265 (as of Feb 6th 2008). With this kind of "boots-on-the-ground" field force we can dominate the country with continued grassroots efforts.

Please feel free to address this question. In the mean time we'll continue to maintain our hope and enthusiasm that our convention strategy will kick butt and we'll win the nom.


Stay rooted in Freedom

This movement has been riding on a foundation of Freedom! Lets not forget that. Over 500,000 minds have been freed, and that too will grow over the months ahead. If you waiver now all momentum will fade. I beg everyone who is turning away from the revolution because of Super Tuesdays results, do it quietly. Avoid your cynicism and justification. We the TRUE believers will not be tarnished, we will continue our fight.

Good take-home point...

"This country was founded on the platform Ron Paul is running his campaign on"

I think that this is the core message that encompasses everything. This is what the people need to realize. Let this election be about who we are as Americans and whether we reject our origins or embrace them.