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Good coverage from the MSM

Also-Ran in the GOP Polls, Ron Paul Is Huge on the Web

"On Technorati, which offers a real-time glimpse of the blogosphere, the most frequently searched term this week was "YouTube."

Then comes "Ron Paul."

The presence of the obscure Republican congressman from Texas on a list that includes terms such as "Sopranos," "Paris Hilton" and "iPhone" is a sign of the online buzz building around the long-shot Republican presidential hopeful -- even as mainstream political pundits have written him off."

This WaPo article makes some points that are very favorable to Ron Paul and haven't really been mentioned before by the MSM. Best I've seen from them yet!

My favorite quote is: "...if you think about it, the number one issue in the country today is Iraq. If you're a conservative who supports the president's war, you have nine candidates to choose from. But if you're a conservative who believes that going into Iraq was a mistake, Ron Paul is the only game in town."

I don't agree with the note the article ends on, I support Ron Paul because I want him to WIN! Not just "influence the national conversation." Not that we couldn't use some of that as well, but what we really need is Ron Paul in the Whitehouse, ASAP! Damage has been done that needs to be undone before it gets worse, who knows where we'll be in 5 years...

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Picture in USA Today Weekend Edition

....The article was subtitled Long-Shot Candidates Have Much To Gain in Consolation Prizes.
I'm having one of my -PollyAnna Days-and see much more positive than negative in this article; perhaps, a subtle shift in mass media treating Ron Paul with increasing respect. I would go so far as to suggest that there are some writers who are closet supporters and going as far as they are allowed to go given who writes their paycheck.


This article puts Ron Paul in with a trio (RP, Kuchinich, Tancredo) of so-called long-shots who, they say, are running to spotlight an issue. Kuchini is fervently against the war, Tancredo is fervently against illegal immigration and Ron Paul is simply "a libertarian at odds with most of the Republican establishment by opposing the war." Personally I would would have my curiosity piqued by a candidate who dares to be at odds with the Republican establishment. Says volumes.
The article quotes Ron Paul several times in ways that perhaps have little meat; however, make him more of a human being, an interesting person, someone I might love to have dinner with. When asked about his odds, he says: "My odds? Well, they are getting better all the time." When a reporter cautioned him about being on the Colbert Show by saying Colbert sometimes tries to have a little fun with his guests, Ron Paul replies, "everyone should have a little fun."
After reading the article I tried to put myself in the position of the uncommitted voter and believe if the article made me want to look more into any candidate, it would be Ron Paul. Most candidates remind me of that song, You're so vain. With Ron Paul, it is more like You're so real.


At first glance, it is irritating to have Ron Paul reduced to one issue..Iraq and yet even he says it is a focal issue of his campaign. IMO, it is a "symptom" in that only a broken government would allow this immoral war to happen. Yet, when you think about it, one can easily get at the root cause of the war ie getting away from the Constitution and Bill of Rights and then branch off to almost all other issues from foreign policy to big government to military/industrial complex and the list goes on. This is the only issue from which you can branch off into everything else. Ron Paul does so eloquently, tirelessly, brilliantly.

Mass media? If they are not against us, they may work for us. There are some good people in mass media; some are just restrained by who owns them. Still, long live the free internet!