Become A Delegate Or Paul Won't Win!

This was posted on the Forum by rpwins, but it is important enough that I promoted it here to the front page.

Just in case if someone missed it.

Before Ron Paul can get elected, he has to be nominated by delegates at the Republican National Convention which will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota. September 1-4, 2008.

We have to get elected as delegates to the convention. Electoral college delegates have to be constitutionalists because they elect the president by casting their vote.

Those who support Ron Paul must begin the process now of getting elected as a delegate to the convention or it's all over and the GOP faithful will get the shadow government's choice shoved down their throats - again. The power players behind the scenes will orchestrate the show and the people will be the losers - again. The same applies with getting nominated as an electoral college delegate because America got a good lesson in civics during the 2000 pretend election regarding the popular vote vs the electoral college system.

A word to the wise: if you present yourself as a supporter of Ron Paul, you will never get elected as a delegate. Wave the flag, shout power to the GOP, rah, rah, rah, get elected and then begin your campaign to get Ron Paul nominated. Now, some might say this type of stealth isn't right. Here's what's not right: back room deals and big money giving the American people no choice in these elections and anyone who thinks this isn't how the process has been working for the past century is in a state of denial.

Get together with your friends or people you know and plan your strategy now and work to get elected as a delegate. Time is quickly slipping by, every minute counts.

Several states including FL, SC and Iowa are planning to move their state Primaries to early December 2007 in order to prevent Ron Paul from garnering enough support financially and geographically. GOP Primaries are generally held on EVEN numbered years and it's not a mere coincidence that changes are being initiated and that Ron Paul just so happens to be running.

So how do I become a delegate?

1) First and foremost, be a member of the Republican Party and register as a Republican if you live in a closed primary state such as New York. I don't want to be part of them either but Ron Paul's sacrificing a lot too.

2) It starts in your state at the local level: Click here to see your state delegate process with instructions. If your state isn't listed, please contact your state Republican party: and ask how to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention at your state primaries (NOT your state party convention); They'll be more than happy to give you the specifics (provided you don't tell them you're a Ron Paul supporter). For most states, it starts at your local precinct, then county, then senatorial district, then state and finally the Rep. National Convention: It's a long journey. :)

3) The 2008 Primary Process
In general, it's a step-by-step process in becoming a delegate. For example, to become a delegate in Texas (open primary state):

Vote in the 2008 Texas State Primary Election (March 4) and you are then eligible to be a delegate to your precinct. Your first convention will take place at your precinct's election day polling place within two hours after the polls close at 7:00 p.m. Most of these "precinct conventions" are very poorly attended, and typically there are more delegate/alternate places than people to fill them, so it's usually easy to get elected as delegate at the precinct level. WE CAN ORGANIZE AND PLAN for all this in JANUARY with plenty of time.

It's critical that we become delegates or all our hard work will be in vain.

Become a delegate and we'll get to hear Dr. Ron Paul giving his Inaugural Address in 2009.

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I wish I could volunteer, but I'm on disability and can't travel that much. I'm letting people know about Ron Paul. Hope I convince a few people who will volunteer.

What about a Wiki?

Cant we just go up on, create a page for it and then add all 50 states and all the info we can get on it? I might start on this if I get some time today.

Becoming a delegate

This is a sensitve area, and there seems to be much disinformation. For my state, Oregon, the Republicans page gives you little other than how kiss their posterior.The secretary of state's office though outlines the proceedure. Just going off memory, the candidate winning the primary GETS TO CHOOSE their delegates, therefor stealth is not only unecessary, but harmful.
It's time to get serous about this, no more wide ranging generalizations, we need to put together a state by state play book of our own, and make it widely circulated. Many states primary dates and rules are still in flux, including ours.
Hopefully that will be over on the 30th. So we have a little time to put it together. I'd even suggest confirming our read of the state rules with eash secretary of state, because they're the ones that enfarce the rules.(no, that is NOT a typo)
Until then this stealth stuff is fear mongering and harmful to our prospective pool of delegate volunteers, so please cool it!:)

Absolutely..State by State Multi-pronged Playbook

....about all areas of organizing at the state level. There are many great articles about how lack of organization beyond the first great use of web-power stopped Howard Dean in his tracks and we need to feret it out. We have the net-jump and should keep up the pace; however, that is only entry-level. Democratic Party has enlisted the aid of web organizers that were behind the Dean web success (worth a read although it is Newsweek);

....and I have a feeling that the playbook is being written lo as we speak. All options open, but being written in such a way as to encourage us all to operate with the same degree of integrity and honesty that attract us to Ron Paul, the Statesman. We have options available to us that no other group of supporters have and all because of Dr. Paul's consistency, integrity and vision., I really am off to the beach <g>.


more info...

there's more information at this page, Become a Delegate or Ron Paul will Not be President, including links to state by state delegate processes and other relevant info.


edit: actually, it looks like that was the source rpwins used, so it's the same information, but with working links... :)


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