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Ron Paul says NO 3rd Party Run

Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate. I was on his national conference call last night and he said himself, "we don't want to lose my congressional seat". He said he would continue in the Republican Presidential primary as long as the money and support are there, just like he's been saying. But he very specifically mentioned his congressional seat and he was taking care of various votes and other business in congress the last couple days to ensure he would be ready for the primary vote for his seat in Texas next month. Texas has the "LBJ" law which allows anyone to run for congress and President at the same time. This is what Dr. Paul is doing and he cannot run as a third party candidate for President while running as a Republican for congress, the Texas Republican party would toss him out. So forget any talk about a third party run! It's collect as many delegates as possible, get Dr. Paul a prime time speech during the RNC and get as much into the Republican platform as possible. End of story, that's what we have to concentrate on.


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you do know

this was posted in february right

It looks like Dr. Paul did not write or approve that email...


I thought it was strange, especially coming the night before all those primaries, and right after the CPAC speech, which was so inspiring. We should have all known from the first line... "Whoa!...let me quote Trotsky..."
Why would he quote Trotsky??? Very sad. I know I was totally distraught. Hopefully we will have some answers tomorrow.

Don't hold your breath....

Until it is officially on the home page, assume the worst.

Is it just me, or is it vaguely weird that we are discussing "Ron did not write the letter" ......sounds uncomfortably like the newsletter/racist issue from several years ago.

This all sucks.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

So the "Revolution" was

So the "Revolution" was about influencing the corrupt Republican party to clean up its act a little bit.

We made personal sacrifices, not to attain any tangible results in the present day, but to perhaps convince the Republican party to embrace liberty.

Somehow I feel dirty and used. It's going to take a while to shake this one off. But I guess this is the game of politics and we are the pawns.

At the end of the day, loyalty to the Republican party wins. How sad for America.


I need a shower.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge


VOTE is always an option. And it would be quite an interesting campaign.


If we cannot convince RP to run on a third party ticket, the all the libertarians and independents that changed parties to Republican to support RP, have been doped out of money and or there independents.
I have been trying to tell all that the fix was in with Republican National Committee using the media as there sword.
No one seems to understand that we are most likely in our last free election. If we cannot elect RP, then there are no choices for the Constitutional loving people left in the Presidential race.
Clinton/Obama will lead this country right into the North American Union with Amero’s as the currency. All hope for America will be gone.
Bleeding and Starving will begin soon.




"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

RUN PAUL CUT AND RAN ON US.... his seat is more important!!

Than this country?? No way - he never did much for the nation voting No, he only accomplished things for his congressional district. Everyone wants to keep him in congress for his one little *NO* vote and this is suppose to send a message??
We have been ditched/abandoned/cast-off so he can keep his crappy seat in a small almost totally disregarded district.. when he COULD HAVE MADE A THIRD PARTY STATEMENT THIS YEAR...
The republicans basically sh$t on him and now he's back to kissing their a$$es - its disgusting...
A third party really had a chance this year because so much voter dissatisfaction among their parties - obama supporters hate clinton supporters and visa-versa - we could pick up alot of voters from the loosing candidate and the republican ALL hate each others candidate...

But no... we got sold out... You folks wants to BELIEVE that merry little I will fight until the end message that is basically saying I am cutting and running back to my own district.... Well believe him if you will, I for one will not donate another penney to Paul unless he runs third party!

If everyone will email him that we are not giving up, we want a third party run and no MONEY AT ALL unless he goes third party then perhaps he will get the message... Lets hold MONEY hostage over Paul's head to go third party - force him to either go home and retire or third party but his congressional seat is not an option we will fund.... WE SUPPORTED HIM, NOW FORCE HIM TO SUPPORT US....

and all this stuff about get his message out?? what will his little hidy-hole do for that?? A third party run while perhaps not winable (though I think otherwise) still gets his message out til november... cut and run does not.

This is exactly how I feel

I also feel that it's Ron's decision, and I'm not going to beg him to change his mind.

I just subscribed to the Constitution Party's email list and will join them when I can afford the $35 membership fee. Hopefully, they will be able to get someone good to run for them and not some unknown who will only get 1% or 2% of the vote.

Whoever it is, I will most likely campaign for that person and vote for him/her. I have given up on trying to change the republican party. They have become the party of neo-cons and torture and they disgust me. I will now work to make the Constitution Party sucessful. It is all I can do to keep from being bummed.

I thought you

were going to take your toys and go home? After all, you've been saying goodbye for several day now. Piss off already.

Dude, the letter's only been out for 24 hours

Umm, how can that be the case if the email is only 24 hours old?

Mistery solved!

This little trick with his Congregational seat was part of the "Revolution" from the beginning. He knew that if he has no chances to take the republicans he will go back to the Congress
The shameless thing is that he got the money not from the republicans but "'We the people" and he confess that has no intention to run 3rd party! If he runs he will loose the Congregational seat!
The puzzle is solved!

If you were

capable of hearing and understanding, you would know that RP has been nixing a 3rd party run from the start. Stop listening to the voices in your head and try comprehending what he has been saying all along.

Get ready to be called a troll

They're coming for you.



Caps lock

It's like cruise control for cool.

If you agree with this guy,

If you agree with this guy, and want to hold out money for Paul unless he makes a third party bid,

Go visit:


I'm not affiliated with the site at all, except that I've made a pledge.




He got the campaign money from libertarians and independents and not from the republicans! Instead to run the 3rd Party he has new priorities to save his Congressional seat. This is the reason why he will not run!
He leaves the revolution for what? At least we deserve an apology!
Now this is Revolution!

Another person

in need of working on comprehension skills. Running for his congressional seat isn't exactly a new development.


that the campaign never gave me.... RUN PAUL RUN... run back to your little hidy hole district... alot of good that will do the country...

A lot of good

your whining does. Try becoming a delegate...IF you can find someone who'd vote for you.



No write-ins

Write-ins are essentially impossible due to the fact that you need a slate of electors who will vote for you in the electoral college.

"I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run"

Samuel Coleridge said "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of the small mind". We all know Dr. Paul to be strong minded, but we all have moments of weakness so let's remind him to not fall prey to those psychic vermin! By switching parties, Dr. Paul will show that he will be relentless in pursuing his political and philosophical aims, and show that he can be flexible with the winds of change -- qualities most admirable in a President.

Those who say third parties are unworkable are riding the same argument that us Ron Paul
supporters rail against when Republican primary voters
said "I want to vote for him, but he can't win the
Republican nomination". I'm sorry, but it's my
personal opinion that it is mathematically impossible
for Ron Paul to win enough delegates to win the
Republican nomination. If we honestly think that
things are different, and that the time is ripe for
change, then we should not be afraid to act
accordingly. There will not be a brokered convention
and there will not be a chance to twist the arm of the
Republican Party.

I was dismayed by the outcome of Tuesday as well, but
it presents an opportunity. What Dr. Paul should do
is now patently clear. Those endorsements by the
American Conservative which came far too late to have
any effect on Super Tuesday can now be parlayed into
real endorsements for the real general election.

The longer Ron Paul waits to accept the Libertarian
nomination, the more difficult it will be to get his
name on the ballot, the more momentum we lose from
disillusioned supporters, and the more likely it is
that Bloomberg will strike out a run on his own. If
Ron Paul announces a run as a Libertarian, Bloomberg
will not run, guaranteed.

The reason why Ron Paul lost the Republican nomination
was because at the national level, the party
controlled the agenda, and decided that an anti-war
Republican was not acceptable, no matter how
conservative or traditionally Republican the rest of
his platform was. The party will continue to be able
to control the agenda all the way through the
convention and Ron Paul will be laughed off the stage.

If Ron Paul switches parties, then he will be free of
the Republican party agenda. As a collateral benefit,
he will have a much easier time getting votes from
Democrats, since there is a knee-jerk reaction against
checking that box beside the letter "R". Is the time
ripe for a libertarian candidate? Even Ann Coulter
says that she will vote for Clinton over McCain.

Even if he doesn't win there are two very good reasons
for Ron Paul to switch to Libertarian or Constitution:

Firstly, if he garners a sufficient percentage of the
electorate, the FEC will afford benefits to the
Libertarian party in the next presidential round, such
as equal media time rules.

"I do not denigrate third parties -- just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them" Well sometimes you have to work from within the system to bust those restrictions.

Secondly, it is much much harder to rig a vote when
there are three candidates -- a party that decides to
fix the vote must either choose to siphon votes from
both other candidates (which will look fishy next to
the exit polling results) or siphon votes from just
one other (in which case the third candidate will
validate the statistics of the exit polling).

But he'll win if he runs on a third party. Maybe what
I'm saying will ring in your ears as heresy, but so
much of this campaign is about challenging what we
believe to be the status quo, that I can't help but
voice my opinion. And if you believe me, and have a
chance to pass it up the chain, don't hesitate to do
so, because remember, this campaign is also about
returning American politics to the grassroots. I have
no agenda except a strong desire to see Americans
today and Americans of the future enjoy the fruits of

There is rumour Dr. Paul did not write or approve that email...

I read this in a thread on Ron Paul Forums. They think it may have been sabotage, perhaps by someone who was cut by the campaign. Why it is still posted, I don't know. Paul needs to make sure no one writes anything and attributes it to him. You'd think those "newsletters" would have been enough to end that.


Hopefully there will be a statement of some sort on Monday. What a shame that something like that would happen the night before several primaries. I'm sure it had an effect.

RP already tried under the Libertarian Party

He ran with the Libertarian Party in 1988 and lost. Why would this time be any better?

Simple: It's not 1988

Simple: It's not 1988 anymore.

Obama voted for PATRIOT II, Clinton voted for PATRIOT (twice) and Iraq (twice). None of them address the economy with anything except for "more-of-the-same" policies which we have exhausted, proving that they won't work.

Ron Paul's tone is also more calm and grandfatherly, not at all like he was on Morton Downey Jr.'s TV show (granted, it was trashy, but it was still better --actually somewhat intelligent-- than todays' trash TV)

The US is in the pits, quagmired in Iraq and at the foot of an economic depression. People keep hollering for "change", but all they get is a Republican senator who used to have principles, and a pair of Democratic senators who went to office looking to curry favor in the body politic and launch presidential runs.

In 1988 he didn't run in the Republican party first and get exposure on the scale that he has. In 1988 neither party pushed their nomination schedules to the brink, leaving a several-month void where anything could happen.

In short, everything is different now. If you don't understand that, you won't effect any sort of change.

Truue, but I almost wish Ron

Truue, but I almost wish Ron STILL had some of that "tone" from back then during all the so-called "debates"! Lots of people I know, including myself, kept waiting for the wateshed moment when he would make the news-making remark/rant/comeback/justified outburst that sadly never came.

I agree

I thought the younger Paul on Downey's show rocked!