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Ron Paul Kansas City Event Draws Over 600

"Last night," reports Lew Rockwell, "620 people jammed a small theater in Kansas City, cheering at almost every sentence on peace, freedom, and prosperity that came out of Ron Paul's mouth. Even the NY Times Magazine photographer and LA Times reporter along for the ride were impressed. For this was not a centrally organized event, but a local, spontaneous Meetup.com gathering. And this is just one of thousands of groups all over the country, mostly the young people who can make a revolution. The momentum is increasing. The climate of opinion is changing. The entire establishment is getting the chills, and not the good ones."

Below are a video of the event and a photo of the rally
outside (click on the photo for a larger version).

Thanks to Nick Bradley and Lew Rockwell.

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Kansas City

A few days before this speech I took a walk in a park and saw some bureaucrat wandering around, almost aimlessly. He was wearing a strange uniform and carried a gun at the hip. I would have found him quite absurd except that I had this uneasy feeling that my country was slowly but steadily becoming a police state. This was not a police officer or even a park ranger. This was just some random government worker.

Dr. No is right. Less guns on the hips of government bureaucrats means more freedom for American citizens.

Oh My Gosh..Tremendous!

Watch and then tell the truth. Did your hands sting from clapping harder than you ever have? ...Did you find yourself putting both hands up in the air touchdown style saying Yes!! over and over? So many questions answered ...so clearly. So much excitement. Way to go Kansas City and Nick and Lew. Shows what we can do.


And, once again he told us the most important thing we can do besides supporting the campaign with our time and money...EDUCATION AND CONVICTION.

Learn how to answer questions like Ron Paul does...counter objections with facts, clarity and conviction. I am pumped.


Right On

One of the major problems people have had with adopting a political philosophy similar to Ron Paul's is an inability to answer the tough questions of how government should respond to disasters, how a smaller military would actually keep us safer, etc. Ron Paul makes a great suggestion- educate yourself to answer those questions through vigilant reading! He's on a roll. And anyone wanting to see his campaign really shoot off beyond the internet seriously needs to contribute to his campaign ASAP.