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Happy Father's Day Dr. Paul

Happy Father's Day, Dr. Paul,


I nominate you Father of this year, the inaugural year and all of the other years you have fought for my freedom and the freedom of my children, grandchildren and future generations. A special thank you to Carol for the sacrifices your family has made on our behalf. From what we have seen of your children and grandchildren, we applaud the parenting job you both are responsible for and the values you have instilled in your children.


Perhaps this is the closest I will ever get to understanding the foresight and integrity of our founding fathers. I want you to know that I say a prayer each night for the continued success, safety and health of you, Dr. Paul, and for your entire family. You are our hope.


My best wishes for a wonderful Father's Day,


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In Complete Agreement!

M. Raborn

Here, here!  Ditto! and Likewise!  I could not agree more.  I am sure there are thousands of people across our nation who agree also.  We owe such a debt to Dr. Paul and to his family for the sacrifices they are making that the message of liberty and personal freedom can have a voice, in a day and age when the individual's roll seems to have been reduced to being servant to the State.  Thank you Dr. Paul and Happy Father's Day,  and indeed many more!

M. Raborn