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What Ronald Reagan Said About Ron Paul

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Fantastic ad

Serious props to whoever put this together. It's showing an increased level of sophistication for the campaign.

As for the question dealing with a constitutional approach to national defense, just think about the words "national defense". Literally, the constitutional role for our military is to "defend our nation". This doesn't mean defend other countries, and it doesn't mean preemptive wars on countries not posing undeniable threats to our national security.
It simply means what it says, prevent foreign militaries from attacking our homeland. Great question.


Weak on defense

Yes, Ron is NOT weak on defense. He is weak on offense! He'd actually go after bin Laden using Letters of Marque (basically pay private citizens/companies to go get him). He'd greatly strengthen border security. He'd allow airports and airlines greater flexibility to defend themselves (e.g. guns on airplanes). People confuse defense with a meddling foreign policy. This is the difference between him and pacifist liberals - if attacked, he would go all out against our attackers. Defense is one of the few constitutionally authorized roles of the Federal government, so as a constitutionalist, he takes it very seriously. It is why he has done far more to take care of vets than other congressmen - he was complaining about VA hospitals prior to Walter Reid.

Jim Forsythe, PhD


I have heard from a few people that Paul is week on defense. I think people would flock to Ron Paul because of his message if they didn't look at him this way. But really I'm not completely sure how Dr. Paul approaches this issue? I know he advocates more guns in the hands of the people but what would be the best constitutional position for national defense?

Hits the Nail on the Head!

.....that is the ad content we need. No other candidate can touch it...they weren't there with Reagan. Hits everything in a way. The appeal could be overwhelming. Where can anyone find experience like that, an endorsement by Reagan from the grave, and, the real verifiable proof that he is consistent, honest, dedicated. I am impressed.

And you know, only someone who sees Ron Paul for what he is and admires what he represents can put together something like this. Just super.