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No Organization on this website

The biggest problem I see is no organization in this site. Elections are won with creative and effective Ideas from organized groups of people. We have a lot of people here talking about all kinds of things but in a very unorganized fashion. Divided we Fall people! If we don't start working together as a whole, were going to loose this election! What we need is a forum on Ideas and targeted groups working on those Ideas!! A Think Tank if you will. There are plenty of things we could do to create publicity and get Ron in the News, we just have to come together and do them as a team. What makes a team strong is its unique ability to get things done, not just how many of you there are!! Its what makes them stand out above the rest. I say we do the march no matter how small it is because its still going to get attention from the media. Size does matter but even a small group would be like a needle right though the heart!! So what if Republicans have never marched. Why can't we be the group that changes that?? Were not your typical Republicans anyway!! If we don't start getting creative soon, we're gonna loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Please everyone, If freedom means that much to you lets get a Idea forum going and get our Ideas in motion. We don't have a lot of time left and I don't like loosing. It Sucks!! :)

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Shut Up!

We like it that way! Now organize THAT!

We are new. Come and check us out! Purpose of our site is to quickly bring newbies up to speed regarding Ron Paul.


is already up and running as a Ron Paul news site.

Maybe we can persuade them to become the March on D.C. promo website with chip-ins for various localities....

I think Dailypaul is great

I think Dailypaul is great for brainstorming and dynamic conversations - a forum might kill that or at least slow it down, cause it takes more effort to post. The problem with Dailypaul is that articles drown and many discussions are redundant because of lack of categorization possibilities.

The "problem" with this evolving revolution is that there are ALOT of ideas, comments and suggestions and sites are getting so overflooded it's becomming difficult to keep an overview. www.ronpaulforums.com is becomming huge but it's hard to keep up on all the conversations there.

Besides that more and more RP supporter sites turn op - more forums, more info sites - it's great that people are devoted and motivated to contribute to the community, but it's also spreading us apart on the Internet.

IMO a central "station" is needed - a site that links to ALL other sites, so people only need to go to ONE address and from there be able to pick and choose what they want to explore from the entire community.

As far as I know, NO site

As far as I know, NO site has a voting system where members can put forward a motion for a vote. Such a site should be the "central station" where everyone sort of checks in, but links to all other sites exist. I think OurFreedomNetwork.com can provide this.

Candidates ala Paul

I'm adding these as fast as people send them to me, to each state's page on www.ronpaulhive.com/hive

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

we're organized...

we're all on dailypaul.com aren't we?

-Phil Hemingway III


The 3-column format with ads running down the middle is different.

Also, "primary" navigation for me is the Active Forum Topics... bouncing from one post to another.

Where Liberty is, There is my Country - Ben Franklin

I'm putting one together at

I'm putting one together at OurFreedomNetwork.com

Unfortunately, posts about it here at DP tend to get pushed off the front page so fast hardly anyone even sees them.

An 'all inclusive' location to handle absolutely everything - from polls, to organization, meetup groups to news, and even the things that happen 'after' the primaries and 'after' the Nov elections is what I intend to build.

However, the Revolution Television site that I put together, that soooo many people were posting that they wanted had a quick flurry of visits for the first couple days - and then nothing.

Building these systems takes a lot of time, effort and funding. Even when folks, like myself, offer to build it all and supply it at no cost - it seems these things get a quick 'pat on the back' from those who notice the posts about them - and then they slip off into obscurity, only to have a bunch of people complain that 'we need a place for our own broadcasts' and 'we need a place to organize everything'.

The answers are either already provided, or can be - at no 'cost' to the users - here or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, unless something can get a foothold and keep it, it's not worth putting the effort into.

I put up OurFreedomNetwork just a day ago, so it's pretty new. But I didn't go as deep as I did with the Revolution Television site - because I really dont feel like putting in nonstop 18 hour days for weeks on end just to have the end result being 'nothing'.

If the folks here really want this - I will build it. But it is going to need reall support - not the occasional 'that sounds great - lets do it!' reply.

I really want to build the site. I can see it having massive potential and an incredible ability to make a 'hub' for everything being done. It can link up with other sites that are already up, organize them so they can all work together, and provide tons of information to everyone.

But putting it together, with forums, messaging, polls, live video broadcasts, schedules, links, member profiles, meetup group administration, chat rooms, interactive maps, delegate operations systems, email alert systems and/or anything else anyone could dream of .. takes time.

I'm willing to put in that time. I can build literally ANYTHING that could be needed. It's what I do. But I can't do it without knowing that once it is built, we will all use it. Otherwise it just stands as an 'empty building that was once a good idea' before it even gets a chance to work.

Let me know what we need and I'll create it. But like so many other sites that are doing it, I wont 'spam' this group with continual pleas for members and visits. If it's going to work, it's going to work because the vast majority WANT it to work and WILL use it.


Thank you for building this.

Thank you for building this. I think it's on the right track. One request I have which I think would help (and is lacking here on DP) is the ability to create and VOTE on motions for group consideration, and Digg.com similar comment voting. If a motion is passed, that's it, and that's the direction we go.