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Vox Popoli Interview with Ron Paul

Thanks to Gary Tanashian for the tip on this interview with Ron Paul from Vox Popoli:

What's your response to those who say you're not electable?

The idea of who is not electable is subjective. It's early, no one knows, and only one candidate will win so everyone else will turn out to be not electable. The nomination is completely open now; the party is in disarray, the base is unhappy and I offer them an alternative and a return to their tradition of true conservativism. I think I'm quite electable. I'm not placing any bets, but to argue that I'm not electable is just trying to dismiss someone they don't want to hear from. It's more rhetoric than anything else.

Do you believe in open borders? That's the Libertarian position, after all.

Some libertarians believe in totally open borders. I don't. Remember, I was the Libertarian Party's candidate for president in 1988 and I ran as a Right-to-Life Libertarian. I don't support totally open borders, because although I think the federal government should be small, protecting borders and providing national defense - which excludes occupying other countries – are two of its legitimate functions. I would beef up the borders and not worry about the Korean and Iraqi borders. It's ironic that we're taking border guards off our borders and paying them to go and train border guards over there. I do understand the libertarian argument. The more we deal with our neighbors, the better off we are. I like the idea of trade, I like the idea of free travel and friendship. When that happens, you're less likely to fight. But that doesn't mean anyone can come in and get easy citizenship.

My biggest argument is different than those who want to shoot anyone crossing the border. When you subsizide things, you get more of it, and we subsidize immigration. We need to stop that. I want to deny the benefits that draw people here. If we had a healthier economy, we could have a generous work program but we don't need it.

Continue reading the interview here.

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It's good to see Ron Paul reminding people that he doesn't tow the traditional Libertarian line on every issue, but is a non-whacko libertarian alternative to the current crop of neocons. Smooth!


Ron Paul and the GOP

Interesting exercise is to type 'Ron Paul brought me back to the GOP' in Google and see what you come up with.

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