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Help Me With the Straw Poll pajamasmedia

So it is already starting and we are only five weeks into the exploratory phase. Dr. Paul is excluded from a straw poll containing the likes of Tommy Thompson, Tom Tancredo and oh yea Duncan Hunter. Now these may be fine gentlemen but surely Dr. Paul ranks with some political clout a tad above these guys.

With such great choices why exclude Dr. Paul. You have to ask the question he wins one weekly poll then isn't even on the next weeks ballot? This feels smells and looks like big media pushing its way onto the independent web so much for hearing all the voices.

Oh wait a minute it was just a technical glitch and Dr. Paul did not get all those votes the voters really meant to vote for Rudy Giuliani we know that we run the web site.

Come on give me a break he is an elected Republican and should not be excluded from this straw vote for any reason!

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Online Polls

I've read on several different sites that Ron Paul supporters were supposedly very rude and aggressive--one person even claims that a death threat was issued! While I seriously doubt that, please remember that each and everyone one of us is sort of an online ambassador for Dr. Paul.

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Don't give up

Don't give up people. Don't focus on the negative. Just do the right thing.

Think of the discouragement Ron Paul must have felt, nearly alone in Congress. Don't give up on the campaign - just keep moving forward, positively. Dr. Paul has set an example for us all of what the power of patience, longevity and strength can do.

Keep focused on the positve, don't let the negative overwhelm you.


Ron Paul is " Buried " on DIGG

Any story submitted about Ron Paul on is almost immediately "buried". DIGG is now becoming famous for what DIGGERS call the " BURY BRIGADE ." is a website where news stories are submitted and if a person likes the story , he can DIG IT or if not he can simply ignore the story. But, worse than being ignored Ron Paul's stories are seldom brought to the popular page because they are buried after receiving only a few diggs. " Quickly , down the memory hole Winston!"

i'm in

i've been emailing them once a week to say "hi, i came here to vote, but ron paul isn't listed so i'm not voting; please add him!"