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Ron Paul Excluded From Iowa Forum

Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance will host a presidential candidates forum on Saturday, June 30th in Des Moines. Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Tommy Thompson, and Tom Tancredo will participate.

Ron Paul, however, will not participate. Why? Because he wasn’t invited. Campaign chairman Kent Snyder elaborates.

We need you to get them to change their minds. Contact the sponsors:

Edward Failor
Iowans for Tax Relief
2610 Park Avenue
Muscatine, Iowa 52761
Phone: 563-288-3600 or 877-913-3600
Fax: 563-264-2413
E-mail: itr@taxrelief.org

Steve Sheffler, President
Iowa Christian Alliance
939 Office Park Road, Suite 115
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Phone: 515-225-1515
Fax: 515-225-1826
E-mail: slscheffler@iowachristian.com

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Letter to Thomas Beaumont - Des Moines Register

Just sent this note off to Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register in response to his article elsewhere on this site and asked him to do a follow-up article on Ed Failor's (failures?) background.

I copied FairTax.org. It should be interesting to see if I get any responses back.



Thank you for your article regarding the exclusion of Ron Paul from the upcoming Iowan political forum.

I would, however, take issue with Ed Failor Jr's version of why Mr. Paul was being excluded. I believe the real truth can be found by a quick journey into Ed Failor's background. There are some rather interesting facts there that I would like you to consider publishing in a follow-up article. These are:

1) Ed Failor works for the John McCain campaign as a senior advisor.

2) Ed Failor is a financial supporter of John McCain per the following:

Failor, Edward D Mr. Jr. MUSCATINE, IA 52761 Iowans For Tax Relief/Executive Vic $250 03/31/2007 P JOHN MCCAIN 2008 INC. - Republican
Failor, Edward D Mr. Jr. MUSCATINE, IA 52761 Iowans For Tax Relief/Executive Vic $1,000 03/31/2007 P JOHN MCCAIN 2008 INC. - Republican
3) Ed Failor is tied to an organization called American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) with a lot of big corporate money at stake. ALEC has the financial support of more than 200 corporations including Coors, Amway, IBM, Ford, Philip Morris, Exxon, Texaco and Shell Oil. William Bennett, Jack Kemp, John Sununu, and George Bush have all addressed ALEC sessions in recent years.

Other ompanies and industry organizations supporting ALEC's mission include Enron, Amoco, Chevron, Texaco, R.J. Reynolds, AT&T, the American Nuclear Energy Council, the Chlorine Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America.

So, I think the rather obvious answer for Ron Paul's exclusion is the monumental conflicts of interest Ed Failor has not only with respect to Ron Paul, but also with respect to the Iowans for Tax Relief group of which he is Executive Vice President. I would further suggest that Ed Failor is not acting in the public interest, but simply following the wishes of his masters who do not want truly free market activity or the loss of their corporate welfare.

Thank you for taking your time to listen.

Best regards.

Letter To Iowans For Tax Relief & Iowa Christian Alliance

Iowans For Tax Relief/ Iowa Christian Alliance,

As a Christian Conservative Radio Talk Show host and a believer in freedom, I am outraged by your Nazi censorship tactics excluding Congressman Ron Paul from your "Presidential Candidates Forum". This is very similar to the actions of the Communist Chinese or North Korean leadership. This is obviously the work of the Neo-Cons in the Republican Party not wanting Ron Paul to succeed in his bid for the White House. Ron Paul is a grassroots candidate that is up and coming in this race. He is the only true conservative and Christian running for President. His record on Christian issues as well as taxes speaks for itself. His opposition to this unjust war in Iraq has obviously unleashed the attack dogs within the Republican Party. Both of your organizations are supposedly conservative and yet you exclude the most conservative candidate in the race. Obviously this was done intentionally and it stinks of censorship. Also for the Iowa "Christian" Alliance, how can you justify excluding the most Pro-Life and Pro-Family candidate in the field? There is no explaination other than either you folks are not a real Christian organization or you have been pressured by the Republican Leadership. Which is it? I along with America would appreciate an explaination other than the lame non answers given so far.
Ron Paul by the way was invited by both Fox News and CNN to participate in the nationally televised debates. Online Polls as well as both the Fox News and CNN polls showed clearly that he finished the debates as either the clear winner or close runner up. Once again, I would appreciate an answer as to how you can exclude the leading candidate from an online polling perspective.

I will eagerly await a response to my questions and will encourage my listeners to base their support for your organizations on your responses. Please respond to this letter with valid reasons from a Christian Conservative perspective why Congressman Ron Paul is being censored from your forum and yet Tommy Thompson the implantable microchip for humans candidate (Applied Digital Solutions), Mitt Romney the pro-homosexual anti gun candidate, and Rudy Guiliani the pro-abortion candidate have all been invited.

This reminds me of the days when a guy named Jesus was attacked by the dogs called Pharicees.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this important matter to all Americans not just Iowans.

Jon Arthur
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

Des Moines Register article


Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Re: Ron Paul's Exclusion

I just sent Mr. Beaumont this e-mail. I also e-mailed Jan Mickelson at WHO 1040.

Dear Mr. Beaumont,

Thank you for your story on Ron Paul. Mr. Failor’s attempt to justify himself was pathetic. In the past, I have supported these tax and pro-life organizations, thinking they live up and believe in their missions. Mr. Failor opened my eyes to the fact that these organizations are just a front for subversive political activity that suits the people who earn a living sitting in the corner offices, while they double up as campaign advisors for their favorite political candidate.

Ron Paul’s supporters are not die-hard Republicans. If the GOP runs Paul out of town, Paul’s supporters would have no qualms voting for a Democratic candidate. This is why I liked Jan Mickelson’s approach, suggesting that Failor invites Ron Paul and use the opportunity to “fellowship with his supporters” and bring them all into the big tent. Unfortunately, Mr. Failor has a mind as closed as a tin of beans on a Wal-Mart shelf. I think his response was “that won’t happen.”

How can someone who heads a Tax Relief organization not find Ron Paul the most compelling candidate for the tax lobby ever to arrive on the scene? The truth is, Mr. Failor is in McCain’s back pocket and his divided loyalties make him unfit to head an organization like Tax Relief.


Albert Meyer

Plano TX

Great Letter, Albert!

....and, 'closed as a tin of beans on a WalMart shelf' made me laugh out loud! Down-home, good-natured humor, along with hard, cold facts, interspersed with things that make people stop and think, plus politely stated opinion, wrapped up in a genuine 'thank you" pack a powerful punch!  I think Ron Paul would like your letter!


Response from an Iowa newspaper editor

Update: I sent an e-mail about Ron Paul's exclusion from the Presidential Candidates Forum to an editor at the Des Moines Register newspaper, Carol Hunter. She responded saying that their news staff is working on a story right now. (Wednesday night)

A Idea

Ron Paul should fly to Iowa the day of this event and rent a hotel room or just be in walking distance of this event. Then have all the Ron Paul supporters hold up signs point the way to where Ron Paul is So people can meet him.
If he plays this right, this could backfire on the tax relief people big time once the story gets out!

Live Free or Die.

Live Free or Die.



In addition, he's a financial
supporter of McCain:

Edward Failor Contribution List in
& Location Employer/Occupation Dollar Amount Date Primary/General Contibuted
Edward D Mr. Jr. MUSCATINE, IA 52761 Iowans For Tax Relief/Executive Vic $250
03/31/2007 P JOHN MCCAIN 2008 INC. - Republican
Failor, Edward D Mr. Jr. MUSCATINE,
IA 52761 Iowans For Tax Relief/Executive Vic $1,000 03/31/2007 P JOHN MCCAIN
2008 INC. - Republican


Michael Nystrom's picture

Hold Fire on Coldwell Banker

Coldwell-Banker Removes Name From List of Iowa Forum Co-Sponsors
Carolyn H. Helmlinger of Coldwell-Banker Midamerica Realty writes that their company was listed as a co-sponsor by mistake. They have gotten Iowans for Tax Reform to remove their company name from the list of co-sponsors on their website.

mlpyeatt's picture

Call Eddie's wife



SHe answered the home number and ask that we not call in the middle of the night...I told her it was easy...get her husband to allow Ron Paul in the forum.


Be nice, she sounds a little frustrated.

Matt Pyeatt

Shame on you

Stop acting out and recommending poor behavior. Just ask yourself this question: What would Dr. Paul do? You know that he wouldn't do that crap. Emulate his character.

Do you deserve Dr. Paul or Rudy? C'mon, be serious.

No Don't Call Eddie's Wife

.......because I would be outraged if home numbers for the Ron Paul family were published in this manner and Carol Paul (who I consider to be a near-saint for supporting her husband all these years) was bothered by a slew of phone calls. Lets think a bit about the golden rule and, if that doesn't float your boat...think about WWRPD. He would not call and harrass Eddie's wife. Hey, I'm not picking on you mlpyeatt, I just strongly disagree.


If anybody really did call...

My parents probably get 40 crank calls a week, and they have nothing to do with politics, and Mr. Ed made many dishonest statements on the radio show, of which this was probably another one, being the character attacker that he is for the McCain campaign. I am outraged by the fact that McCain insists that felony convicted illegal aliens be forced on my country, and they do a lot more than call people on the phone, they kill our cops, they go to our emergency rooms at hospitals and we all pay for it and can't get in when we need to due to their being there, as well as some of them that had to close down in Southern Cal because of it. Actually someone should ask Mr. Ed and Mr. Manchurian Candidate McCain how illegal immigration and citizenship for convicted felon illegals save us tax money and is fair. It isn't fair to our children who will no longer have a country of their own. It isn't fair to children killed in car wrecks with drunken illegals, or killed cops shot by illegals. I hope Tancredo rips Mr. Ed and Manchurian Candidate a new one.
Destroying our country, that is the real outrage, if they represent the Republican party nomination, then there will no longer be a Republican President after Jan. 2009.

Dr. Paul Not Invited to Iowa Republican Debate

I just gave those jerks a piece of my mind. And they call themselves Christians and being for lower taxes. What a joke.

Fear In The Heartland

It is ironic that Congressman Paul would be excluded from the debate by an organization called the Iowa Christian Alliance since the Congressman would be the only individual who would pay these Judas goats in real silver. It is fitting that the Republican party has been identified by the color red since their actions are nothing short of Stalinist. I guess the Iowa Republican party is going to hand out hammers and sickles to harvest their corn this year. Absolutely appalling.

Iowa Censorship

This msg. pertains to Ron Paul's exclusion from the June 30th Presidential Candidates Forum in Iowa.

Half of the main sponsor of this debate is the Iowa Christian Alliance. They have invited Rudy Giuliani who:

1. coddles the gay rights movement (I could care less),
2. is pro-choice and
3. is a thrice-married serial adulterer just like his wife.

Ron Paul thinks that the federal government has no business being involved in either of the first two issues (leave it to the States to decide). I think that he and Mitt Romney may be the only GOP candidates who are not divorced. Divorced Fred Thompson has a nice trophy wife decades younger than him.

Okay, here's what to do:

1. Call ALL of the sponsors and flood them with faxes:

a) Iowa Christian Alliance - Steve Sheffler, tel. 515-225-1515, fax 515-225-1826, slscheffler@iowachristian.com. Who else did they not invite?

b) Iowans for Tax Relief - Edward Failor EVP or Katie Koberg PR, tel. 563-288-3600, 515-875-4936, 877-913-3600, fax 563-264-2413, itr@taxrelief.org. Who else did they not invite? Oh, so Failor is a McCain guy and that makes it okay?

c) Coldwell Banker Mid America Group (Realtors) - Jim Gillespie, President / CEO (Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp), could not locate tel. no. Who else did they not invite?

d) FairTax.org (Americans for Fair Taxation, Houston, TX) - Ken Hoagland, National Communications Director, tel. 713-963-9023 and 800-324-7829, Politics@fairtax.org and Media@fairtax.org, fax 713-963-8403. See their May 22, '07 article critical of Rudy titled "Mr. Giuliani gets it wrong" at http://www.fairtax.org/PDF/Rudy_Giuliani_rebuttal-052207.pdf. Dr. Paul does not support their "Fair Tax" legislation because he wants to eliminate the income tax, but I'm guessing that they might like him for that stand. Who else did they not invite?

e) Krishna Engineering Consultants, Inc. - tel. 515-224-6300, fax 515-224-0000. Who else did they not invite?

f) Light Expressions by Shaw - tel. 563-323-3611, fax 563-323-3830, clsmeltzer@shawelec.com. Who else did they not invite?

2. Flood the Des Moines Register with calls and faxes - Contact: Carolyn Washburn, Editor, tel. 515) 284-8502, cwashbur@dmreg.com and David Yepsen, state and national political writer - use same tel. no. as Washburn. Who else did they not invite?

3. Buy big ads in the Des Moines Register to tell it like it is. Pony up pledges with name, address, tel. no., email address and pledge amount to the Ron Paul 2008 people c/o Joe Seehusen, Iowa Coordinator, tel. 703-248-9115. This msg. is being copied to other Ron Paul related websites to get maximum contributions. We should be able to buy a big-ass ad every day until the debate. They probably won't let him in, but let's let Iowans know what's going on here - a group trying to squelch democracy.

4. The Hy-Vee Hall (Des Moines debate location) is part of the Iowa Events Center. It is managed by Global Spectrum, a Comcast Spectacor (Phila.) subsidiary. Contact Hy-Vee: tel. 515-267-2800. Contact Global Spectrum: Todd Glickman, tel. (215) 389-9587, Fax: (215) 952-5651, tglickman@comcast-spectacor.com. Contact Iowa Events Center: Matt Homan General Manager, tel. 515-564-8018, mhoman@iowaeventscenter.com. CALL, email and fax all of them to complain.

5. The Iowa Christian Alliance's list of questions to ask the debating candidates was compiled by the Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum (EF) http://www.eagleforum.org/. The Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper's Joe Murray on 6/13/07 quoted the EF's Ex. Director Jessica Echard in an article on immigration. I am going to ask the Bulletin to interview Echard to ask why Ron Paul IS not invited. Tel. 618-462-5415, fax 618-462-8909, eagle@eagleforum.org. Dr. Paul's votes in the 109th Congress conformed with EF's positions 81.8%. Note that EF endorsed a yes vote on the Real ID Act - which Dr. Paul voted against.

6. Call Iowa Gov. Chet Culver(Dem). He is for withdrawing from Iraq and media has reported his dissatisfaction with the GOP and Dem candidates who don't have an exit plan. Tell him that this sort of political garbage belongs in New York (or Philadelphia - look at our casinos) but that it doesn't fit Iowa's reputation for honesty and fair play. Tel. 515.281.5211.

7. Call the NY Times, Phila. Inquirer, Kansas City whatever, Denver Post, St. Louis Dispatch and Chicago Tribune. This is a story worthy of their interest if only because Edw. Failor's connection to McCain is a dirty piece of laundry.

I am a native Iowan and this crap stinks.

Debate Censorship of Dr. Paul - Iowans For Tax Relief -

Re: Censorship of Dr. Paul - Iowans For Tax Relief - Presidential Candidate Forum

No doubt you've read about Dr. Paul being censored from the debate this Saturday.
We don't have much time to act.
Let's politely send a Tidal Wave of support to everyone.

Please note that David M. Stanley is the Chairman of Iowans for Tax Relief. I got this from their web site here: http://www.taxrelief.org/directors.htm

Why not contact the Des Moines Register tomorrow morning?
Get contact names for the Des Moines Register on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Des_Moines_Register
David Yepsen, is the Des Moines Register Political Columnist. Contact him here: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/......

Send letters to the Editor here: letters@dmreg.com

Des Moines Register:
Mailing address
P.O. Box 957
Des Moines IA 50306-0957

Street Address
715 Locust St.
Des Moines IA 50309

Telephone switchboard
Local: (515) 284-8000
Iowa: (800) 532-1455
Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5346

Don't delay.
Our Hero needs immediate support!

Mailing address
P.O. Box 957
Des Moines IA 50306-0957
Street Address
715 Locust St.
Des Moines IA 50309
Letters to the editor e-mail: letters@dmreg.com
Telephone switchboard
Local: (515) 284-8000
Iowa: (800) 532-1455
Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5346

Since the main number for the Iowa Christian Alliance is consistently busy (or, now, they're simply not answering), I found another one! You can reach the voicemail (or, possibly, even the man himself) of Steve Sheffler at 515-971-7363.
Also, for the Iowans for Tax Relief:
Katie Koberg
Public Relations Director
Iowans for Tax Relief
(Thanks, Josh)

David Cameron

McCain Advisor bans Ron Paul

Edward Failor, Jr. is a Senior Advisor and major contributor to the John McCain campaign.

I can't imagine that the other organizations or sponsors would allow him to decide that Ron Paul should be banned from this debate.

Ok this means we need to expose


These are the FairTax people

The fair tax is a swindle and Ron Paul has made some not so supportive comments on it. Is it a wonder? Not really. Don't let them get away with this.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Opportunity knocks!

That's right! This is a great opportunity for publicity. We need to let Iowa know about Ron Paul. Print off some of these Iowa posters and start spreading them around, handing them out, and above all, mail them to Steve & Ed!!!


There will be a letter in the mail tomorrow morning to each of them from me. So far Steve's phone was busy, and Ed is not picking up. From what I understand the email boxes are full - so I guess we have to go the old fashioned way - snail mail.

Send them a letter, send them a poster. Be nice, but let them know that they're making a huge mistake!

Thank you Antiwar for the tip, and to everyone for the support.

Michael Nystrom

Good good good...

Looks like they start panicking. It’s a golden opportunity to show that Ron Paul has real supporters and not only virtual ones. A massive demonstration to ruin their event seems appropriate!



we need to put this sight on here


This is a GOLDEN opportunity for the campaign to get some media press by highlighting this unbelievable rejection.

We need someone to write a letter to the Des Moines Register immediately to protest this action. Preferably this person would be a local citizen. If we have such a person, I can help draft such a letter. Let's get the word out on this. You can also send "news tips" to local KCCI at viewerphotos@kcci.com. That's all I could find for now...


Call Call Call

Live Free or Die.

Call those people 24 hours a day 7 days a week till they let Ron Paul In!

Live Free or Die.

Working.. Mailbox full.....

Just got this back...

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded

Need more email addresses for the other sponsers!

Greetings from Wisconsin

Michael Nystrom's picture

Light Expressions by Shaw

In case anyone missed it, the Iowa Presidential Candidates Forum is being co-Sponsored by: Coldwell Banker Mid America Group, Realtors, FairTax.org, Krishna Engineering Consultants, Inc, & Light Expressions by Shaw. All of the contact info for all of these entities are below - in this comment, and those that follow

This company has three locations in Iowa, but only one email address that I could find on the website:

Email: clsmeltzer@shawelec.com
Website: http://www.lightexpressio...

For snail mail, to pay them a visit in person, or for a friendly chat:

930 E. River Drive
Davenport, IA 52803

1100 5th Street #100
Coralville, IA 52241

750 Alice's Road
Waukee, IA 50263

Remember to be nice when you call. This is just a co-sponsor of the debate, which means the company probably just forked over some money to have their name show up on the brochure and have some advertising at the debate. The person who answers the phone will likely be a sales clerk or the store manager and likely won't know what the hell this is all about. So be nice.

But do call, and politely inform them that Light Expressions by Shaw is a co-sponsor of the event, and the event sponsors have decided to exclude a very important candidate - Ron Paul. We want to put as much pressure on the decision makers as possible - this means putting pressure on them, as well as having the cosponsors put the pressure on them too.

But again, be polite.

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom

Michael Nystrom's picture

Krishna Engineering Consultants

Couldn't find an email or a website, but here is their contact info:

Krishna Engineering Consultants Inc
1454 30th St
West Des Moines IA 50266-1305


Give them a call.

Iowa Christian Alliance emails

President -
Steve Scheffler

Treasurer/President of the Board
Morris Hurd

State Finance Chairman
Gopal Krishna

Director of Church and Community Development
Jessica Anderson

Rmpaw@msn.com?subject=Inquiry from CCI Website
Norm Pawlewski

Fairtax.org Emails

WebEditor@fairtax.org - feature submissions, comments about and suggestions for the Web site

Grassroots@fairtax.org - questions and input from FairTax volunteers

Expert@fairtax.org - topical and issue-oriented questions about taxation and the FairTax. (Check out "Ask the Expert" for previously answered questions.)

Politics@fairtax.org - alerts and reports regarding elected officials, politics, and the FairTax

Media@fairtax.org - contact our radio and print media coordinators

Info@fairtax.org - general requests for information

Let 'em know!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Fair Tax MySpace Page

Also - people with MySpace accounts - be sure to visit


and leave them a message.

Oops. You have to be their friend first. If anyone is friends with them, let 'em have it for us. I just requested to become a friend, but it might take a bit.


coldwell banker Mid America group emails

Chairman and CEO.

President and Chief Operating Officer


President, Mid-America Commercial Real Estate

Vice President, Strategic Development

Vice President, Property Management

Vice President and Controller

Vice President, Business Development

Director of Strategic Marketing, Mid-America Group

Vice President IT, Coldwell Banker, Mid-America Group

Paul Clowser
Business Analyst

Go get em!

Online Petition for Iowa Debate Participation

Please sign the petition at the following URL


Today is the day of my amazing good fortune!

Re: Iowa Debate

The event is co-sponsored by the following:

Coldwell Banker Mid America Group, Realtors, FairTax.org,
Krishna Engineering Consultants, Inc, & Light Expressions by Shaw

Please provide us with e-mail addresses for the above companies and we will e-mail them as well. Once the sponsors get cold feet, the event will flop.

Plano TX

Figured it out finally Makes

Figured it out finally

Makes sense now at least.

Here are two links


First is to the man talked about in the Ron Paul alert. His name is Failor, Edward D.. He is the director(as is his son), of the Iowa Tax Relief..

Follow his steps back

""""Institution: American Legislative Exchange Council
Year: 2004
Person: Failor, Edward D (all roles)
Role: P E Secretary
Hrs/week: 1
City: Washington
State: DC
Postal code: 20036
Source: 990
Part V """"""

2004 he's part of american Legislative council

Here is info on that.

Established in 1973 by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation, among others, ALEC's purpose is to reach out to state office holders. In the words of ALEC's executive director, Sam Brunelli:

"ALEC's goal is to ensure that these state legislators are so well informed, so well armed, that they can set the terms of the public policy debate, that they can change the agenda, that they can lead. This is the infrastructure that will reclaim the states for our movement."

ALEC has the financial support of more than 200 corporations including Coors, Amway, IBM, Ford, philip Morris, Exxon, Texaco and Shell Oil. William Bennett, Jack Kemp, John Sununu, and George Bush have all addressed ALEC sessions in recent years.

When ALEC began, it comprised only a handful of right-wing legislators; by 1991, it had grown into a clearinghouse of information for 2, 400 conservative officeholders in 50 states, almost one-third of the 7, 500 state legislators in the country. According to a representative of the National Council of State Legislatures, although ALEC has not substantially modified its right-wing position on what it considers to be its core issues, it has been successful in attracting more moderate legislative support by toning down its more extreme rhetoric.

Bill Berkowitz
April 15, 2002

Smart Alecs
"Corporate America's Trojan Horse in the States"
Bill Berkowitz writes about a new report on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released by Defenders of Wildlife and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Though ALEC claims to be nonpartisan, and is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, its core leadership is 85 percent Republican, and only one the 29 members of its board of directors is a Democrat. ALEC was founded in 1973 by Paul Weyrich, who is currently head of the Free Congress Foundation.

The report suggests ALEC's real reason for being is the provide a conduit for powerful corporations to shape legislation that is then enacted into law by either naive or complicit state legislators across the country. In 1999-2000, for example, the report states that ALEC members - who are state legislators - sponsored 3, 100 pieces of legislation, more than 400 of which were passed into law.

Companies and industry organizations supporting ALEC's mission include Enron, Amoco, Chevron, Texaco, R.J. Reynolds, AT&T, the American Nuclear Energy Council, the Chlorine Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America.

The study charges ALEC with "act[ing] as a conduit for special-interest legislation from corporations to key state legislators on issues that range from rolling back environmental and consumer protections to privatizing government services such as prisons and schools."

"The payments [from corporations] might be membership dues, fees to sit on nine industry-specific committees that approve 'model' bills, expenditures for lavish parties and entertainment, or 'scholarships' to pay for targeted legislators to attend ALEC's junket-like meetings."

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Blatant censorship of Ron in Iowa?

Can you believe that Ron is not being asked to participate in this forum in Iowa? This is really a new low for them. As if any of those other candidates can have a debate about tax relief. What a joke!!!

I just sent emails off to the addresses listed. Does anyone know any more influential people out there in Iowa to contact? Maybe the networks would like to hear about this as well? You never know!!!

its spelled Scheffler < note the Sch

Here's my emails:

Dear Mr Boeyink:

I am disappointed to learn that your organization has decided to exclude Dr. Ron Paul from your June 30 presidential candidate’s forum. That decision is not in the spirit of openness and revolutionary ideas that your organization held when I was involved during my years at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

I would think that an organization that wants to create a more frugal government and build electoral majorities would want to hear from a Republican candidate who votes against tax largess yet wins his Democrat-majority seat with 60% of the vote.


Dear Mr. Scheffler,

I am disappointed to learn that your organization has decided to exclude Dr. Ron Paul from your June 30 presidential candidate’s forum.

I would think that an organization that wants to train my fellow Christians for effective political action would want to hear from a Republican candidate who wins his Democrat-majority Congressional seat with 60% of the vote.



This is a shameful event, and Dr. Paul can do much good by showing up in Iowa and raising some hell.

I suspect also, that, since Dr. Paul is a bonafide candidate for the republican nomination, there is probably grounds for legal action.


What the?

How can any serious discussion of "Tax Relief" NOT include Ron Paul! I've sent off a few messages asking for Ron Paul to be included if they are at all interested in having an honest debate on Tax Relief.