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David Walker Resigns

I had high hopes when I read this just out news. I had hoped he would resign and join the Ron Paul Revolution. However, he has resigned to head the Peterson Foundation. Upon reading this I still had high hopes. Then I read that Peter G. Peterson (81) had endorsed McCain and that he is a past Chairman of the CFR.

I am so disappointed in David Walker.

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Walker Resigns

I am Dave Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States. I have read several of the comments regarding my recent resignation and move to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation as its first President and CEO. The plain truth is that I changed positions in order to be able to advocate specific policy proposals and in order to engage in even more aggressive coalition building and grassroots efforts. Several persons have noted that Pete Peterson has endorsed John McCain. That is his right as a citizen of this great nation. I have not endorsed any particular candidates and do not have any plans to do so. Most importantly, the Foundation will operate on a professional, objective, fact-based, non-partisan and non-ideological manner. You will want to stay tuned as we ramp up the Foundation's activities in the coming months. Our temporary website is www:petergpetersonfoundation.org. We are all dedicated to Fighting for America's Future in order to Help Keep America Great!

Thank you, Sir, for your

Thank you, Sir, for your integrity and honesty in trying to speak the unpleasant truths about our teetering national economic and financial situations from your former office. It is just a shame that so many remain willfully blind to the unfolding disaster that years of blinkered, short-sighted thinking and policies have wrought. I wish you great luck and success in your new endeavor, and hope that you (and we) will have enough time to make some real, positive changes for the better, and be able to rouse enough Americans from their complacent slumber to turn this nation from the disastrous course on which it is currently headed.

Missing the Point!!

I think some are missing a big point here. If this email I received, and also posted on the general RP forum is correct, he could actually be able to influence policy much more effectively being outside the GAO as opposed to being a presidential appointee, and head of what is supposed to be a non-partisan organization. Read the headline of this.

U.S. Comptroller General Resigns for More “Aggressive” Policymaking Position

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m writing to you today with some important and interesting news…

David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), has announced his resignation in order to accept the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the newly established Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Walker’s resignation will allow him to express his concerns about the ballooning national debt and the far-reaching consequences for the U.S. economy.

“As Comptroller General of the United States,” says Walker, also a leader of the Concord Coalition’s Fiscal Wake-Up Tour and star of the recently debuted documentary I.O.U.S.A., “there are real limitations on what I can do and say in connection with key public policy issues, especially issues that directly relate to GAO’s client - the Congress.”

As head of the Peterson Foundation, Walker will have “the ability and resources to more aggressively address a range of current and emerging challenges facing our country, including advocating specific policy solutions and courses of action.” Chief among Walker’s duties at the Peterson Foundation will be the funding and advocating of projects that will enhance public awareness of fiscal imbalance, entitlement programs and health care.

“The foundation is also going to end up funding other related efforts,” Walker told the Federal News Network in an interview, “designed to get the message out to millions of Americans… because they need to know more in order to make more informed choices at the ballot box.”

As you may already know, our documentary, I.O.U.S.A., featuring David Walker, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 19, 2008.

The film documents Walker’s efforts to educate the public on the fiscal issues challenging the country and the effect they will have on U.S. citizens.

We’re hoping that spreading the message in I.O.U.S.A. will be one of Walker’s priority projects…

I.O.U.S.A. also features interviews with a stunning selection of financial experts - including legendary investor Warren Buffett, former Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin and Paul O'Neill, Congressman Ron Paul and noted economist Alice Rivlin. The film was directed by Patrick Creadon (Wordplay) and was inspired by the bestselling book Empire of Debt, by Agora Financial’s Addison Wiggin and Bill Bonner.

For more information on I.O.U.S.A., visit this link: http://www.agorafinancial.com/iousa.html

The interesting thing is...

Peter G. Peterson, founder of the Peterson Foundation, is the Chairman of the CFR and is a former chairman of the NY Federal Reserve Bank.

I guess this is pretty telling, in that, David Walker feels he can have more influence working for the CFR than the U.S. government. What's next... Bilderbergs?

This will give the conspiracy folks something to talk about.

I heard Walker say the exact

I heard Walker say the exact same thing in Lou Dobbs yesterday, I got goose bumps!

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Freesworld: Would you be

Freesworld: Would you be willing to contact me and let me know of the availability of small (1-5 acres) or large (6-100 acres) parcels for sale in your area?

Sheeple don't care.

after years of raising the alarm and nobody listening, I really can't blame him for throwing in the towel and accepting an offer to button up.

The Last Man Standing Walks Away

www.the-privateer.com/front.html It's from a quote from their latest newsletter. Ron Paul mentioned too!

Read the books by Suskind:

Read the books by Suskind: "The Price of Loyalty" and "One Percent Doctrine." It makes sense that after talking about the unbalanced budget, he is finally "resigning" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

The National Threat: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1188572511442196405

Walker has been doing a

Walker has been doing a great service to the country, and he really is in line with Dr. Paul's thinking with respect to the "living beyond our means" concept, but Walker thinks it is irresponsible to lower or eliminate income taxes, so in that sense he doesn't agree with RP.


I think that's because Walker assumes that no changes would be made in domestic spending, and thus it would be irresponsible to increase the deficit. In this narrow area I agree with Walker - even Ron Paul's numbers do not allow balancing the budget while simultaneously ending the individual income tax without cutting 80 of defense and most other programs.

This is fantastic news

I bet you any amount of money David Walker will come out with a book, and it will reveal that members of the Administration and members of Congress told him to shut the hell up. We know the facts about this country; what we don't know is what pressure people in government are putting on others to suppress widespread information.

Once Walker comes out with a book, with Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, George Tenet, and all the others who were forced to walk the plank, we'll have a better view of what this administration tried to foist on us.

David Walker did his service. Now pull back the curtain and show us the rot in DC.

zionist traitors

please visit ae911truthdotorg and prothinkdotorg and iamthewitnessdotcom and remember this hanging zionist traitors is not anti-semetic

I read

I read he was saying that he took this new job to really make a difference and fix some of the problems we are having. He said he is making one fourth of what he made several years ago, but felt taking this job was the right thing to do. Sorry, don't remember where I read it or I would post the link.

They bought him off to keep his mouth shut

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."
—Edmund Burke

message received and understood

I heard the message and am preparing. Just made a down payment on five acres in the country. Grew up in the country and have been gardening organicly for the last two seasons. With five acres I can feed the family.

I'm also spreading the word to my students. I teach at a community college. Helping to spread the word about Ron Paul, precinct chairman and all. My land is in another county with no county party chairman. I'll probably take over it. Sending Dr. Paul money.

Going solar on the farm and using rainwater catchment. Once I sell my current house, I'll be debt free.

Retraining as a nurse so there will always be employment. Getting ready and trying to get others to do the same. FreeOregon, if you have any other ideas, please post them.

Liberty & prosperity at home and peace abroad,

We Just Do Not Know

David Walker is one of the few who told the truth. His lonely quest to share the truth took him around the country speaking to those hungry for truth, and yet, few listened, fewer understood, and almost no one actually acted on the truth either to protect himself and his family or his community, his state or our country. The truth turned most of those who listened catatonic.

It must be hard and frustrating to be both an icon and a curiosity. Even so, David became a thorn in the side of those who routinely spin the data, withhold M3 figures, and as of March 1 are going to shut down http://www.economicindicators.gov/, one of the few remaining useful sites for obtaining decent data, for ferreting out and understanding the truth.

So, it appears that they finally got to David. Let's hope that I am wrong, that David will find himself more effective in his new position than in his old one.

The problem is not just that Peter Peterson has endorsed McCain. The problem is that he also is part of the establishment that has brought us to our present economic debacle. Then again, perhaps at age 81 Pete's getting religion and really does want to leave a different legacy to this country that all of us love.

What I do know is that I am tired of having my own government treat me as a mushroom. I'm tired of being kept in the dark and being fed horse shit.

With David's resignation I fear things just got a little darker for all of us.



Free Oregon, I Agree

I agree with you completely and hope that Walker is everything I was so sure he was. I've been putting him right up there with Ron Paul as far as having the courage to buck the system. Given his position, all that he did was courageous. I'm just totally confused by this move.

I was not even aware of Peter G. Peterson or the Peterson Institute until I read about the resignation. Everything about it and especially the directors just makes me sick. I truly don't get it.

I did not know that site was being shut down...thanks for the heads up. So we are not privy to "economic indicators" from the Dept of Commerce and just have to wait for FOX News to tell us the sanitized version... There is this place deep inside of me that wonders where my mind would go if there was no "relatively free" internet and, therefore, no real news. Who would I be? What would I think?



No, we won't have to wait for Fox News to give us the sanitized version of the news.


Pete Peterson has long been an advocate

of reigning in the disastrous fiscal policies of both republicans and democrats. Witness his 2004 book, Running on Empty. Walker sounds like a natural inheritor of his foundation.

It may be important to remember that mindlessly demonizing or labeling people based on their affiliations with certain groups can lead to errors of judgment. If we are gonna always spell CFR as EVIL, then we are gonna be labeled KOOKS.

Frankly, Walker may have more influence in the country with Peterson's support than in his current position as controller...where he was obviously ignored by the "conservative" republicans.

A sane comment in a sea of paranoia.

Walker is an accountant, one with the courage to speak out about entitlement liabilities. Some of my best friends are Yankees' fans, yet I'm diehard Red Sox. No one would accuse me of conspiring with the enemy. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt.


10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Yes I Know

...like I said, I have been a fan of David Walker and, certainly hope he has more influence in his new position if he is to continue with the same message he has been preaching. If not, I wish him no success at all.

That being said, I do not "mindlessly" demonize anyone or anything nor do I "mindlessly" label anyone based upon their affiliations. The CFR is an out in the open organization as far as their existence and membership and I am sure that among their membership there are many fine people.

HOWEVER, at the top of the CFR there is an agenda or agendas that no ordinary freedom loving American would agree with...agendas that benefit the elitists and globalists. "This" Peterson Foundation is under the umbrella of the Peterson Institute of International Economics...a think tank founded by C. Fred Bergsten in 1981, in response to a proposal from the German Marshall Fund. Both the Marshall Global Plan and the stances of Fred Bergsten are reprehensible to me.

The Peterson Institute is located across from the Brookings Institution, diagonally across from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and next to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Mr. Petersen only recently retired from the Chairmanship of the CFR and in gratitutude for his "services" undoubtedly in carrying forward the plans of the CFR, he was named something or other emertis...ie they luuv him. The Board of Directors of the Petersen Institute of Economics is....scary.

None of this bodes well with me and I remain very disappointed with David Walker's choice. Mindless? Not moi. I am very passionate about what I believe and I try to research in order to form my own individual beliefs. And, ....I will write in Ron Paul and work for the rest of my life toward liberty. Goodbye, David Walker. Now, will the next heros step up. I know you are out there!


Please allow me to apologise

for some sloppy rude writing. I must say that I am in agreement with you about the unfortunate power of groups like the CFR, and the general elitist course you describe. My concern is that simply pointing it out and complaining about it is an easy, but ineffective, out. They are not going away in some sort of people's revolution.

Walker has got to be a Paul man, at heart. Having him in the belly of the CFR beast may be a good thing in the log run.

Thanks Jeff

Laughing, I got a bit triggered by "mindless"...but we really are coming from the same place.

-I detest the influence the CFR has; however, I cannot oppose groups being free to form and discuss and put forth opinions. I cannot oppose an organization like CFR recognizing talented people in various fields and inviting them to become members. Nor can I oppose their free speech and freedom to have a website and publish a magazine. I also understand that they state that they do not control policy or who becomes President; however, they go on to state emphatically that their members do indeed influence policy and who is elected. I cannot be for Ron Paul and be against the "right" of an organization like the CFR to form. And, I do not believe that the members sit down and agree to be "evil." There are obviously various levels of the CFR and, even at the top, I believe the majority believe they are doing the "right" thing. It's just that my idea of "right" and theirs may be very different.

And, back to the resignation. Perhaps we will get a better idea of why David Walker chose to become head of this organization. I remain a fan and hope for the best. Still, this news item....his resignation and where he was going....impacted me and I am still trying to figure it out. I have learned a great deal from reading the things David Walker has said and he has helped me better understand the specifics of what Ron Paul is warning us against.

Thanks for writing, Jeff. I have enjoyed many of your posts. I like posts that make me think. Many of us are in the process of literally cleaning the files in our minds...reorganizing, re-prioritizing, deleting, adding.....and most of all making synapses between those files...correlating, weighting, interpreting. It's almost like a ....New World Brain Order. I have been awake and searching for a long time. A lot of information. Enter a Ron Paul, and the time of just "thinking" is over...it becomes the time of "doing."

And, I thank you actually for your "rude" comment....it really wasn't so rude in that it makes me realize that if we are to have a real impact, we have to have a group much like the CFR...irepresenting another perspective...a liberty perspective.

And we need a body of educational information....for the self-taught like us...but also for homeschoolers...for sometime insertion in our locally funded schools....and, perhaps, most importantly for us as parents. You know...you don't tell this precious, trusting little face...hey, there are bad people everywhere...bad CFR, Trilateral...President, etc. No, you do what Ron Paul has been showing us when he talks about the world system. He is kind...does not incite "fear"....No, he just tells us there is a better way and that we need to commit to that better way. Now "that" we can teach our kids.


having read this post

I can say that we are definitely coming from the same place in many respects. I often wonder what percentage of Ron Paul people are the "awakened" as opposed to old school neo-Reagan types? Not that you can't be both, but one does not necessarily imply the other. I think this is a generational, educational campaign too, that needs to establish itself with our youth before it can really infiltrate institutional power.

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

Max Planck

or maybe

I see the Foundation has some lofty objectives overseas, like saving some people in Darfur.

Maybe this guy is just sick and tired of talking to the spoiled-brat brick walls who call themselves Americans, and is hoping to use his remaining energy on really desperate people who really need help. ?

Peterson Foundation

The objectives of the Peterson Foundations are not overseas concerns like Darfur. Perhaps you are thinking of another foundation

Peterson Foundation "stated" goals are more along the lines of educating people about fiscal matters, that creating money out of thin air and building huge deficits is a formula for disaster. That is David Walker's passion and what he has spent the last year trying to tell people. I do not believe he would have quit had he not felt this would or could be an "extension" of what he has been doing, and a more powerful vehicle as he will be free of the government as his boss. More ability to speak freely.

Or, he was "allowed" to resign as he was not exactly a great spokesperson to have right now. What is happening to the economy and currency is exactly what he has been on the road preaching...warning everyone.

(I'm still processing this. It doesn't make sense to me given Peter G. Peterson's background. Felt I had to reply to this comment as the poster must have gotten ahold of some bad information as far as what the Peterson Foundation is all about, purportedly)



I understand Walker's desire to leave after doing all he thinks he can to awaken America to our fiscal crisis. However, I am disheartened to learn that he has chosen to learn that he has joined the Peterson Foundation that endorses McCain. I don't understand it, and wonder if there is more that is yet to be told. Walker may have other valid reasons... I trust so, and wait to see.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

Very Sad

It is very sad news. He was one of the few honest people in the government. I am very disappointed. He was one of the reasons I found Dr. Paul. He has been saying that we are going to fall like Rome if we don't cut spending immediately. I think he is bailing out before the big crash.


David Walker is head of the GAO

he has been an outspoken critic of congressional fiscal irresponsibility.

This is very bad news

A friend just e-mailed me about this, and like you, my hopes soared. I immediately replied, thinking this was the best news I'd heard in weeks. Tempering that optimism, I ended with "I hope he is not presented with a deal he can't refuse, if you know what I mean."

After seeing who he's joined up with it seems that deal had already been presented.


Um this article is from 2005 and who is David Walker?

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

WOW. That says a lot Jane...

If you have no idea who David Walker is... well it speaks volumes about how little you know to the many who do.

And the 2005 article is about the foundation the man just joined, not about his resignation (which you would know if you did more than look at the date before dismissing it).


It also says alot that you somehow think one needs to 'know who David Walker is' to 'know something'.
There are many roads to the same point of understanding.
I am sure I could converse with you about hundreds of books,dozens of topics,that have led me to DP and RP,many/most of which you will probably not have heard of. And visa-versa.
It does not matter,frankly,if I heard about RP ten years ago or ten days ago.
What matters is that at some point,we all got to the place where we understood that something was amiss,and that this something is freedom.
This is a level of awareness we are talking about-not a tally list about who has known what for how long.
Some seem to think 'their path to understanding' is superior to others.
That is unfortunate. We all have different muses (sources of information and inspiration).
BTW: I bothered to respond b/c I did not find Jane's comment to be anything other than an earnest statement/question: Who is David Walker?
Instead of ridicule,educate.

Hear! Hear! My sentiments entirely!

Lauriem, you would make an excellent defense lawyer. Your rebuttal in defense of Jane's comment could not have been better stated. You seem to be blessed with good common sense and kindness. God bless you and God bless Ron Paul!

Jane, I Was Researching Peterson

...and "that" was the reason for the article being dated 2005. I about fell through the floor when I found that Peterson endorsed McCain and was a former Chairman of the CFR as this seems to be totally contrary to everything David Walker has said. David Walker has been touring the country trying to wake people up to the fiscal crisis. Dr. Paul has indicated a respect for Mr. Walker and many of us wished he would resign in order to become part of a Ron Paul administration. I have read everything I could find on Walker as he seemed to mirror Dr. Paul's philosophy and, Ron, has quoted him as well.

Peterson is 81 and has indeed established this billion dollar foundation to address educating people about respnsible financial policy. (Of course my first flag was that it is a foundation and we've read so much about how foundations have been used for truly nefarious purposes.) Perhaps David Walker knows exactly what he is doing. Perhaps he will influence Peterson...I do not see how he could not be totally aware of the CFR, but perhaps he will guide the billion dollars toward good.

It was announced today, February 15, 2008 that he resigned. Comptroller General of the US is high salaried job with a very long term. Undoubtedly he quit in frustsration....or perhaps he was "persuaded" to resign as he has been extremely vocal in criticising the government fiscal policy.


Comptroller General of the US

Walker was head of the General Accountability Office. He had been speaking to our representatives in congress about our fiscal problems; medicare, social security, etc., and they had been ignoring him.

So, he went on the road, presenting the reality to people all over the US. He has appeared on 60 minutes, among many other shows. He was bringing his case directly to the people.

Now I don't know what to think.