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Input wanted 4 Ringside Revolution

Ok. Some of you may have read my other posts about sponsoring MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters. The website is going to be RingsideRevolution.com. The first fighter we want to sponsor is Cung Le, a Vietnamese American that is considered to be the next Bruce Lee. On March 29th he is fighting Frank Shamrock for the middle weight title on a FREE Showtime event. Showtime has 14.43 million subscribers. This fight has been long awaited as these two fighters are some of the very best.

We have a deal with Le's agent and will be asking for contributions. We get space on his shirt, trunks and a post fight plug for $10k.

What I was thinking was to put RON PAUL on the shorts. So that during the fight, highlights, and ALL future reruns people will see his name. As for the shirt I was going to put the website. The post fight plug was gonna be "I'd like to thank the Ron Paul Revolution."

I want to make the website the launching point for infomring future revolutionaries. I was going to put various links to RP sites and sites like Freedom to Fascism, all kinds of the best youtubes vids and brief descriptions of our rights and how they are being violated.

It would be great to do this consistently. If we can fund the first fighter and get a good response we can continue with other fighters and go into the UFC.

Now that you now a lil. I would like to know how you feel about those ideas and what type of content or sites you would like to see on the site.

Here is Cung Le
Here is the fight