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Anyone? Who created the original rEVOLution logo?


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how do you ....

arrange for ad banners on this DP site? I'm developing a line of products, have website in development and want to buy ad banners on this and other websites. Anyone know how much it costs to have an ad banner on Drudge Report site?

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

Try his media kit


That might tell you something

one other tidbit about the logo

Ernie didn't create it for this campaign. I believe he had made it a couple of years back and used it a little bit for his campaign when he ran for office.


I just emailed him...

If you want to see the graphics I created go here.


Kewl ! Very nice graphics D

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?


I'm trying to use what I have. I don't have any more money to give so design is the next thing to spread the word.

Maui for Ron Paul!

Off topic but I didn't want to start a new string...

We're on Maui for a few weeks. We're seeing many Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers. One store owner has his front windows full of RP signs, slim jims at the cash register and a TV playing RP DVDs in the back of his gift store up near Kapalua. Today at the grocery store in Lahaina I saw 3 RP bumper stickers on different cars in the parking lot. I'm wearing a dark blue RP t-shirt today and got several comments. The rEVOLution lives on. Many good comments coming our way from people vacationing here from all over the country.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

Nice, now Maui I could live

Nice, now Maui I could live with.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

More on Ernie

Ernie Hancock is a dynamo of energy and creativity for Ron Paul. He was in NH for 30 days prior to their primary and stays in regular touch with RP's campaign staff (for better or worse). He has created several additional logos, including one using the New England Patriots logo with Ron's picture under the winged hat and the words "True American Patriot" underneath. The Phoenix Meetup group has printed literally thousands of RP signs and banners, including one 12 ft x 48 ft which flies occasionally above the football stadium at ASU.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

Contact Ernie Hancock here...

Ernie has a regular radio talk show in Phoenix and also a great website at www.freedomsphoenix.com. I'm traveling so don't have his email address in my laptop. Try contacting him through his website or through Ron Paul's Meetup Group # 7.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

thanks so much

you are quite a help.

The rEVOLution logo was created by....

Ernie Hancock of Phoenix, AZ. Need any more info?

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

It is brilliant and I think he should get credit

and asked permission to use.

Thanks and yes...

Do you have his contact info? First of all, he should be recognized but I want to ask his permission to use it on some posters.