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Irrational posts

When somebody posts something completely irrational just to get attention, why is it that people feel compelled to reply and waste bandwidth and effort here? "Please delete my account!" was at the top of the page for WAY too long as people replied to it, giving him exactly what he wanted. How about this? When something like this comes up, why not the first 7 people to see it just flag it and get it the heck outta here?

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I guess you don't realize

that there is a large number of people on here whose only apparent purpose is to go around looking to get themselves trolled, just for the opportunity to call someone a troll. This is what they get off on. They're extremely irrational. So don't get your hopes up that they'll take your advice.

I don't care if THEY take my

I don't care if THEY take my advice or not, what I'm hoping is if that the NON-trolls and the people who really want to see Dr. Paul elected will.

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the dude abides

*sage advice*