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Can a voter in any state

write-in Ron Paul on their state ballot on election day? I am asking because in my state you have to meet certain criteria (military or handicapped) to be eligible for an absentee ballot. I am seeking an alternative in the event Dr. Paul does not get the gop nomination.

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Rules vary by state

In most states, a write in vote only gets credited to a person if the candidate named has registered as a write-in candidate. But before that even happens, in most states, the write-in votes are only individually tallied if they, taken as a whole, represent a plurality of votes received. In other words, in most states, if say 5% did a write-in vote for Ron Paul, and another 1% did write-in votes for other people, all that would appear on the final election results would be "WRITE-IN 6%".

So, for example, say the results at the end of the day look like

THEN, and only then, would the poll workers get to counting every individual write in vote, to see if at least 32%+1 voted for the same person, enough to win the election.

But, if the vote looks something like:

Then your write-in vote will remain anonymous forever. It will be yours to keep in your heart for all eternity, knowing you cast a ballot for the best man for the job, but in the record books it will be a faceless, nameless vote lumped under "WRITE IN".

Now, as for your other question: You may not have to vote absentee to do a write in vote. Most states that have voting machines have a provision for handling write-in ballots, but you usually have to indicate to the poll worker that you need this accommodation, and--God bless 'em for their civic service--the little old ladies working the polls usually know nothing about this little-known method for casting a ballot.


Rules in Mississippi

Help! My husband and I have joined a ron paul meet up group in oxford mississippi, We live in Batesville Ms,20 min's a way, Supper Dupper Tuesday!!!!! March 11th. We signed up to be Ron Paul Precinct leaders, We started up another Meetup group in Batesville no responce?!!!! We've contacted Jackson Ms,(3 wks ago) over and over but (no) stickers,signs,etc shipped to us yet? We offered our house as a pick up location to distribute signs ect, My husband and I bought slim jims and stickers to get us started. Oxford ms, is a college town, we only have 35 members, If you know any one that goes to OLD MISS, Please call them! tell them to join the meetup. There are no!! signs posted for any!! candidates any where. So my husband made a banner 12ftby12ft, Its on hiway 6 ,we went to our court house to get a copy of our ballot Dr Paul is on the ballot, mid way down the list YAAAYY but so is every body else even thow they have dropped out? We have Elect voting with paper trail, Thank God. This area is farm country wide open spaces. LOTs of Republicans. Lots of Hunters!!!!! My husband is Mike Simon with WWW.RonPaulRacing.com he's on his way to the airport in Memphis Tenn, an hour and a half a way . He's got an early flight to try to be at the Race Track in Daytona before the race starts,so he can help put the Ron Paul Banners on the cars. He's so excited he couldn't sleep!! Watch the race sat and sun . P.S. My husband and I have 4 grown children and nine grand children, Yes! were old, but our eyes are wide open Now!! were going to do everything we can to help save our freedom!! for our children and grand children. God Bless Dr. Paul

Thank you for this clarification. Do you

further believe a write-in campaign would be viable should rp not get the gop nomination? I like galtgulch's pledge to write-in/pledge to recruit idea which could be implemented while canvassing. Bush got < 60m votes in 2004. The independents (Bednarik, Nader, et al) got >1m votes. We've already gotten 600k votes, plus the grassroots and disenfranchised and you see possibilities especially with concerted pledging building each month until November.

God will work with you but not for you - Walter Russell

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner

I agree.

Show the numbers with a march and a write-in pledge campaign.
I agree that we must stay focused on the nomination until the convention. But we should keep vigilant, organized and improving our numbers at all times. There is no good reason to accept disenfranchisement just because we are told to by the establishment. The GOP has its agenda. We are creating ours.
With comparitively little help from the media, we will have achieved a miliion or more primary/caucus votes going into the convention. With early organization (website and tally, canvassing, open talk everywhere you go), there will be mounting excitement about a write-in for Ron Paul.
Individual states cloud the process of an actual count being democratic. But I believe there is more at stake here. And I believe the GOP could not ignore a million pledged votes to Ron Paul. (Yet I feel that by September the number would be significantly higher).
We can download state absentee ballots. Write-in Ron Paul. Take a picture of our votes and upload them to the sight a week before the general election. To do this through meet-up groups or family photos would be very powerful. I have an extended family of 11 who would vote for Dr. Paul. Individually we can convince ten to twenty family members. Everyone is fed-up! Most people just need a positive (unfortunately easy) outlet to express their frustrations with the system.
Will the votes get counted?
Yes, by us! And our precious votes won't be wasted.


Thank you for your input. We need to bump this until

a sizable momentum is achieved. Then a website can be formed to display each states absentee voter requirements (no surprises), and a real-time tally of committed rp write-in/absentee voters by state and nationally. These numbers will be the benchmark that tells us and the country just how strong we really are.

God will work with you but not for you - Walter Russell

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner