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The Situation Room - Paul receives most donations from our troops


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Just another tool the campaign didn't manage well

What an extraordinary strory. "More contributions from active military for the non-warlike Ron Paul!" What a statement, and only Ron Paul himself ever gave it the slightest mention. We couldn't expect the media to report too loudly on this.....even though Wolf seems to always give Ron Paul some mention. There should have been efforts made to bring military donators into print advertisement and 3rd party endorsements.....but no, only Ron Paul himself mentions this extraordinary strory in a debate while all the GOP wolves are standing around laughing at him. Where's the campaign people?

alan laney

wolf blitzer is a zionist traitor

and remember hanging zionist traitors is not anti-semetic


Is a slickster, trickster, "slippery tongue of liquidity dung".

Paul is the only one that military personel can trust! He's steady and consistent!

Most people prefer security over freedom

"The only reason that Ron Paul is not receiving the most votes is because of all the free media coverage that the other candidates that are still in the race get."

The reason Ron Paul is not getting the most votes is because most people prefer promises of security over the rigors of self responsibility and freedom.

And mommy government to wipe my butt from cradle to grave.

Collectivism is slavery.

Collectivism is slavery.

Ron Paul

The only reason that Ron Paul is not receiving the most votes is because of all the free media coverage that the other candidates that are still in the race get.
CNN in Dec. was talking about the coverage each of the candidates is getting and they said that for the past year (up until that date in Dec.) that Ron Paul had been mentioned in the media about 4,900 times which sounds like a lot but they said that in the same year that McCain had been mentioned over 95,000 times. Free media is selling Paul's opponents.

We are the only way Dr. Paul can over come the media blackout.
How??? Pass out slim jims, phone voters, organize our precincts districts just like we are asked to on Ron Paul's web site.

Let's go to it.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

It's very subtle, but they are comparing the two, so we...

vote for Obama. They want us to think that Obama is the closest to Paul's positions. It's great that they covered RP, but still is for a bullsh*t cause.

Collectivism is slavery.

Collectivism is slavery.


Making it look like Ron Paul and Obama are very similar, when in reality they're not!!!



There Must Be a Catch

Why would the media report this ? Maybe they want to get the competition going and move Paul to the back quickly.... before the multitues of people really wake up.

-Ramblin Randy
No More Constitutional Lip Service. They can blabber and steal Ron Paul's talking points... but they can't stand on them..!

Ramblin Randy

Ron Paul

Why cant America see that we need him


Because the majority of America is lazy and easily distracted by bright colors and naked pictures. Just look at the top 100 on youtube, and you tell me? It's not a conspiracy persay, as it is manipulation of the desires of people. You hate the we are losing manufacturing jobs, but you shop at wal-mart, you know ciggarettes kill, but you smoke anyways.

The only conspiracy is the one in all of our heads, do we feed our desires, or do we do whats best for the longevity of our state slipping state of Liberty.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

A personal example

I tried to talk to my best friend yesterday about why it's important to support the Ron Paul message and after talking for what seemed like hours she finally said, "Listen, I just don't care. I'm really selfish. As long as I'm not out on the streets homeless, I really don't think anything in politics is worth getting upset about." So there you have it. I'm still trying to sort that whole comment out in my head and it's giving me a headache.

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

because most americans no nothing about zionists

google zionist agenda youtube 911´-zionists

5 months ago this is a great piece

now it's just sad.
and 5 months ago obama wasnt such an "anti-war" candidate either.

Murray Sabrin Money Bomb:

Obama v Paul

i would love to see a discussion between one smart Obama supporter and a Ron Paul supporter. A real coversation on the candidates.

Obama would not even commit to withdrawing the troops by 2009.