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According to the audited financial statement of the 1995 Million Man march, organizational costs ran over $2 million . I posted these number to help those organizing our march to see what real costs were in 1995. http://www.millionsmoremovement.com/mmm1995_audit.htm
It is estimated that 400,000 people showed up for this demonstration.

I am not sure what the costs would be today, but suffice to say fuel costs alone are 4 or 5 times higher then in 1995. As well, depending on whether the powers that be decide on a rally, march or freedom festival type of event with entertainment activities, most likely these cost will triple in today's dollars.

I hope these audited numbers help the organizers of the Ron Paul March to calculate the money need to make this effort successful.

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To Hell with the Cost

It is time to make a stand!

The campaign won't be paying bus fares

I think every Ron Paul supporter knows it is up to themselves to make it to the march, or not be counted.
As for entertainment, if Willie nelson is really against marijuana regulation and taxes and if the Dixie Chicks really hate George W. then they should use their talents for a good cause. I know thousands of Ron Paul supporters already have.