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Diebold and your valuables

I work at a bank. I know Diebold well. Diebold, the company made famous by election fraud suspicion, fixes all of our vault problems at the bank. Diebold does this for all the banks in the city, and all of our banks in the nation (we are one of the 50 largest). When we can't get into a vault or a safe, we call Diebold, and like magicians, the Diebold people swoop in and unlock it. They also perform all maintenance on our vaults, safes, and boxes (setting combinations, providing keys, changing locks, calibrating clocks, etc.). They can even disarm our security systems.

Diebold employees also come to open safe deposit boxes when box owners cannot find their keys. So, the election fraud specialists can get into your safe deposit box. Not so 'safe' after all.

This begs the question: During an economic collapse, or a public debt repayment crisis, would Diebold team with the Federal Reserve to confiscate the valuables of citizens? They already use inflation to confiscate the spending power of our dollars. Is it possible that they will start taking our gold and jewelry and other valuables as well?

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