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Gentlemen, start your LTEs!

People it's time for a full-bore, all out attack on Chris Peden and his minions.

Please check out the LTEs on this page and tell me, other than the lack of substance from the Obama supporter, can you tell me what this woman is whining about? Ron Paul is a Republican period.

If that is the only thing she can criticize about him, I think Peden is in trouble.

Please write letters in support of Dr. Paul, and especially the things that make him a TRUE REPUBLICAN. You could emphasize that he is for a strong military and is NOT for disarmement, either personal or national, in any way.


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My letter

As president, Ron Paul can compromise on bills between parties and the house and senate, all four ways. He cannot compromise on the instructions of the constitution.

Compromise is a code word for security. Taking things for granted makes us scared because we are surprised when the country has changed lanes on a two way street or does a U turn in the same lane.

Two sides must agree on the purpose of legislation to compromise. If not, they can only compromise within the group. Then solutions shift toward each other. That's indirect compromise.

However, if you compromise on the very definition of law, you lie. You open the door for cheaters, liars, schemers, and psychopaths to run your country because the definitions keep shifting according to what they want to do.

The constitution is the canary in the mine. Interpreting it is changing it without amendment. It is gambling with the reality of the state itself. Please, educate yourselves about the amendment process.

If we complain from the sidelines because a politician does not do what we want, we are hypocrites and we dishonor our soldiers, our children, our communities, and least of all our Founding Fathers.

tee hee

Peden is a joke...sad for him that he believes his own lies...he probably wrote that letter!!! haha

He claims to have amassed a huge warchest from supporters, right? Well, it's kind of true, but take a look at the supporters...(scroll down)




That Chris supporter is ignorant!